Dermalogica #MyFaceMyStory Campaign – Part I

For those of you who engage on social media and enjoy skincare it might not come as a surprise that Dermalogica is right now doing a global campaign under the name #MyFaceMyStory. With their extensive range of products to choose from and customised professional treatments only using advanced technology the brand’s skincare therapists get to meet many faces and simply by looking an touching skin they can read a bit of what’s going on in their client’s lives and how to approve an overall skin health.

All faces tell a story. As I don’t post my face on social media, one might think there is nothing for me to tell. Wrong. When I got contacted by Dermalogica Middle East to participate in the campaign I almost instantly knew what I wanted to address:

Products that I use in order to approve and maintain the skin connected to my eyes.

Now, this will not be a tale about dark circles or wrinkles – I don’t suffer from any of those so that’s simply not my story. What I do “suffer from” is the fact that I wear glasses on a daily basis (and since moving to Dubai that also includes sunglasses). I can be seen to wear contacts for a couple of hours, for an event or at the gym but no matter what brand I use, my eyes will never accept them as a full day alternative to glasses.

I’ve got a long and well documented (hello Face mapping) relationship with Dermalogica, the products fits my skin and as well as my budget. The science interests me and I’m very much in awe of the founder Jane Wurwand and all the positive charitable work she is doing in the name of her brand. All in all, Dermalogica gives me That Luxurious Feeling. 

It is simply due to my fascination by Jane and what she’s created that I felt I wanted to participate in this campaign – normally this is not how we do it here at TLF; we don’t play favourites with any brand, we try to present as many brands and as much information as possible. Only by then will you as a consumer have the best chance of finding a solution that works for you. Knowledge is key. Competition is what forces brands and products to be and do better.

This campaign is an exception of my rule but I want to point out the fact that Dermalogica has been sitting in my shelves for a very long time before even the thought of TLF was born.

As someone who wears glasses 24/7 I find it very challenging to care for my skin. This is not only about the sensitive eye area itself, but also all parts of the face that gets in contact with the frames! I’m talking about the bridge of my nose, the upper part of my cheeks where my sunglasses sometimes leans and the side of my head back to my ears where the frames always wears and tears on the skin. Are you interested in knowing more about how I keep these areas cleansed and sebum free? How I make sure that my highly sensitive and dehydrated skin gets some TLC? Do you wonder about clogged pores in this delicate area or are you maybe one of those people who thinks it’s not important at all to invest in special products developed for the eyes all together?

If these questions apply to you, them maybe you’ll enjoy my little mini-series on how to maintain healthy skin around the eyes! It starts right here.

My Face and My Story ♥


Campaign products provided for review consideration. 
    1. Hi Dear! That’s amazing. For a very long time, I thought I was being alone in my struggle to keep the skin healthy while wearing glasses. Like it must have been something I did wrong? It is a challenge and it become even worse when I wear contacts as my eyes are super irritated and soar. Some eyecreams will even make it worse but going without is not an option either…xx, M

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