Diptyque Les Voyages Home Travel Collection

Anyone who’s ever spent time on this site or visited @thatluxuriousfeeling on Instagram knows that I’m a happy collector of all things Diptyque. I say collector as I’m one of these weird people who loves to use the fragrances, room sprays and skincare – but- never seem to light the candles! I want to savour them since I often tend to purchase the limited edition ones and their scent is quite vivid even unlit.

One of my best friends, let’s call her N had a minor heart attack the first time she visited my home and saw all the candles sitting there, untouched, on their specific shelves hahaha. What can I say? This is just how I roll. I will light them, eventually.

Anyway. So my beautiful N thought I had been good this year and worthy of a birthday gift and what better to give me than something from my favourite brand!?

Before unwrapping like a child on Christmas Eve, let me just say a word or two about the magnificent signature gift-wrapping that is Diptyque. Three layers of the thinnest silk wrap gently folded into beautiful patterns. No visible tape and beautifully colour-coordinated to suit the customer. happens to know all about my love for Hippos and Flamingos, and had designed a package with blue “water” and Flamingoes on my birthday card. It is those small things that makes her so special. I’m the sentimental of the two of us and she knows that things like this will make me tear up!

The best surprise for 2016 from Diptyque is without a doubt the release of the Les Voyages Home Travel Collection. First of all: it is not a cheap brand and purchasing full size products is costly; secondly we all love travel size products for traveling and for the fact that they wont go bad as we have a chance to use them up and third: it is the best collection of gifts I’ve seen in a long time, that is not a Holiday Collection!

Smaller in size but with the same ingredients, design and luxurious feeling as the full size products. All very unisex and suitable for all (adult) ages. Score! 

This is what happens when you wish for something good. The collection is divided into three categories: Voyages in France, Mediterranean and Asia where the different products are supposed to reflect the area of your “visit”. It is sunny and summer, salty oceans and dreamy fields of flowers. The collection bare all the most popular products from the brand and when opening my gift I found exactly what I had wished for so badly!

All the packagings from in this collection bare some delicate aquarel-paintings with sailing boats and flowers on them. They breath travel and adventure and mimics the delicate scents so well.

First out the Diptyque Satin Oil Spray for Body and Hair. This elegant dry oil is exactly what it claims to be: satin on the skin. It sinks fast onto the skin and leaves a smooth and bright finish. It is non-greasy and just incredibly lush to work with; a little goes a long way and as it comes in a spray-bottle, the oil goes on in a fine mist with perfect dispersion.

So what’s in it then, to make it this good? Well, I’m a huge fan of all things oils, dry or wet doesn’t matter as long as the oil itself holds the highest quality possible. The Satin Oil Spray holds Urucum Oil which is rich in carotenoids and very healthy for the skin. Sweet Almond Oil and Avocado Oil makes it great for rehydrating the skin and give the hair some extra shine and Olive Fruit Oil makes the oil perfect for rubbing in without setting on top of the skin like a veil.

The Oil is part of the Voyages in France –range and is supposed to make us travel in our senses to the Mediterranean sea. It is both floral and spicy at once with a strong scent of Jasmine, a seductive sting of Ylang-Ylang and then topped with some spicy, warm notes of Saffron.  It is completely intoxicating and still not overpowering.

What I also love about this travel size 50ml (original size is 100ml) is the design: the heavy bold glass bottle with its bakelite pump lets the lush yellow oil shine through, making it so beautiful on the vanity. I believe that for those who travel heavily for work, this little gem stone will be so wonderful to but up in every hotel room, making it a little more “home away from home”.

Then the fact that this collection holds a number of the most beloved candles! I finally, finally have my own Mimosa Candle! I’ve been lusting for this one for several years (and for the room spray which is just amazing) and now it’s mine. Being a part of the Voyages in France the candle is supposed to make us feel like we are visiting a place filled with sunny mimosa flowers, hay and honey. You can detect some salty sea-notes in the distance but the whole scent is just warm and relaxing. It is vacation in the most luxurious spot ever.

I’m such a happy girl and this birthday gift was so incredibly thoughtful as it is so much ME. It means a great deal as an expat, when you finally find friends in your new little corner of the world, that makes the effort to get to know you and what makes you special. Thank you my darling for making my Birthday so special! Love U ♥


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