Drawing a line

Nurturing a love for beauty doesn’t necessary mean that you love or master all of it’s parts. Applying makeup requires good technique, knowledge of different textures and skin as well as some kind of artistic gene. I still believe that you can learn about 80% and the rest just need to come from inside you. Like playing football or an instrument. It’s a skill.

About a week ago I was invited by one of the senior MUAs for M.A.C. to get a lesson in application technique as she is well known here in Dubai for her way with makeup. It was a half day well spent as I learned so many new tips and tricks.

Did I end up buying every little item she showed me? No, I didn’t but I still got the list in my handbag! What I wanted to focus on, was some of the things I’m really lousy in and I picked how to master a winged eyeliner.

Now, I have no idea if my lack of sharp eyeliner skills may come from the fact that a “harsh” eye makeup is not as popular in Scandinavia as it seems to be here in the Middle East. Mostly, less is more when it comes to eyes and I have always been content with just wearing a dark brown or a back kohl liner just smudged in between the roots of my lashes.

When I attend even here in Dubai, it always occur to me that most of the women wear really sharp, black, thick and edgy winged eyeliner – even for daytime! It has taken me years to wrap my head around it, but I though it to be time for me to learn how to, at least, draw a feline flick and make it look decent.

I have tried with gel liner, wet liner, kohl, stylos and even dark eyeshadow. I can easily admit it: I suck at applying eyeliner. First of all, the skin on my eyelids is very thin and “wobbly”. It creases easily so whatever you apply on to it, will never go on smooth and straight. Secondly, I have a bit of hooded eyes, not much, but enough for me to have a hard time seeing where the flick should go.

Finally, the fact that I always wear glasses makes it hard to apply eyeliner as I obviously can’t wear them while applying makeup – and without them I’m half blind. This goes for eyebrows as well…

The occasions when I wear contacts I know that my eye-makeup will look so much better as I’ve seem what I was doing, but sadly, I can’t wear them for more than 4 hours or my eyes start to react.

Back to eyeliner.

The MUA showed me her preferred technique: instead of just drawing one line from the flick and all the way across the lid like you are Pixiwoo, she uses a super fine angled brush and apply the liner in four steps, connecting the parts as she goes. I felt that this way of approaching my eyelid looked achievable and so I ended up with a pot of MAC fluid gel liner #Blacktrack which is a super creamy, dense product that comes in a small glass pot.

For a precise application, I was recommended to use the MAC #263 brush, an incredibly thin, angled brush with natural bristles. Instead of dipping the brush in the pot as you go, I learned how to pick up a tiny amount, smear it out on a tissue and pinch the tissue around the bristles to make them hard and flat. Then start to paint.

For the last days, this is what I’ve been practicing. Over and over again. With some help from the divine CHANEL Sublimage Eye cream to strengthen the skin around my eyes and eyelids, I’ve slowly begun to master the art of drawing a liner. It will take me some time to get it right, to feel how thin or thick I want to go and how much flick I can get away with and still look classy. But it’s very fun to test and makeup should be all about pushing your boundaries and try new things. Nothing is permanent, you can always just wash it off! The funny thing though, is that I am quite good at applying eyeliner on others! It must have to do with the fact that I wear my glasses and I can see what I’m doing, right?

One more thing before I leave you: if you like me are new to these pots with products, remember to treat them the way you do with your glass jars of creamy eyeshadows: if the lid is off, always make sure to place them upside down on the vanity while you are applying your makeup, to avoid the product to dry out!

I can absolutely recommend these two products together as an “idiot-proof” way to learn how to work the eyeliner, and I like to go over the result with a black powder eyeshadow to create a more soft and elegant look. I think I need to head back to MAC and pick up a brown and a dark blue shade as well! ♥

  1. MAC gel eyeliner is the best product of its sort that I have ever tried. I’m one of the ladies who wear a cat eye most of the time, so I’ve been through many liquid eyeliners, eyeliners pencils, gel eyeliners and such. MAC gel eyeliner applied with an angled brush is to me the easiest way to get the feline flick! I’m so happy you like the product.
    PS It (only) took me 2 years to learn how to do my winged eyeliner, and it is not always perfect.

    1. Daphne! WOW, if this is your recommendation I feel so happy. I know that you perfect this art so well and even though we enjoy such different ways of playing with makeup I get so inspired by you. If it took you a good 2 years, then I guess I’m safe hahaha. I really feel that it is a difficult task to apply and my poor vision doesn’t exactly help! Huge HUG sweetie. M

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