Extra [Spring] Glow with Bobbi Brown

The thing with spring collections always makes me smile a little. First of all I appreciate the fact that I do have many readers and good friends from “down under”, who just said goodbye to summer season. I’m always fascinated with how it must feel to look at bright summer releases while gearing up for cozy fall?!  Secondly, as a Scandinavian I have always longed for spring (to be honest I’ve liked all changes of the seasons) but since moving to the Middle East spring means holding my breath and wait for the real summer heath to hit Dubai. And it’s not pretty. It is full on crazy HOT with a good 90% humidity coming. I secretly kind of wished that we could all rewind to the Christmas collections, haha.

However – if we are preparing for humidity and spring I for one immediately think of fresh skin, glowing features and textures that look good and moist. During spring and summer in Dubai I very rarely use products with a full-on matte finish. They tend to cake up on me. When I saw that Bobbi Brown just launched a new addition to their skincare range; the Extra Glow Collection I knew I needed to share it! I’m always intrigued by skincare-makeup. I believe it to be the future for regular consumers who don’t use full on makeup to go to work.

You want to look good, take care of your skin but almost hit that “no-makeup-makeup” look? Bobbi Brown just made it so much easier for you! I’m sorry to say that I haven’t had the chance to try these products just yet. As always under ‘Desire’ I present those shared press releases of products which I personally have added to my wish-list. This collection is a no brainer.

Hardcore Bobbi Brown fans will of course already have the classic Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm in their collection. It is known to illuminate your skin while at the same time hold long-term beneficial ingredients to re-energize and hydrate. With a totally unique combination of skin-illuminating pearls it will provide you with that subtle, fresh glow. New for the season is that the Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm now comes in two additional shades: Pink Glow and Golden Glow to match the original Bare Glow. I do own the latter but can’t wait to see which one of the other two will fit my caramel skin. I suspect I can wear them both with joy…this will be an expensive ride!  Personally I believe that the Bobbi Brown skincare range is a bit of a hidden gemstone. I definitely need to show you more of the range. Who doesn’t want plump, hydrated and radiant skin as a canvas for makeup application?

The following two products are so much me, that for those who know me well, it will come as no surprise why this collection made it into my “Desire” page. I mean: I hoard luxurious lip balms like no other person. (Maybe that is not true: Instagram is luckily filled with likeminded people, I’m not alone hahaha).

The Extra Lip Tint really need no explanation. We have seen it before and this season the classic Bare Pink is elevated to the new Bare Pink Sparkle! Something is in the water because we have just seen Dior launch a full collection of similar Glow lip balms. I definitely approve as I’m not one for matte lipsticks! The new Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint soothes and comforts lips while adding a soft pearly glow with pigment that will adapt the shade (stain) to correlate with the natural shades of your lips. Think of it as your very personalized lip balm as no one will carry the same shade as you do! Perfect for a soft, sexy look and for date night I will sport it paired with a darker, smokey eye-look.

Should I only be able to get my hands on one product from the collection, my pick would be the Extra Glow Skincare Palette (Limited Edition) because: OIL. My obsession with and firm believe in their enhancement of skin is so profound that I even wrote an article on the benefits of oil is a skin- or hair care routine.

Now, this fabulous little palette comes with three on-the-go essentials: the Extra Face oil (a huge favourite) to use for skin, cuticles, dry hair ends…for everything! The vial is large enough to provide you with a good amount of product. Then comes the Remedies Skin Salve No. 57 to instantly protect and repair chapped, dry skin. I will add it on all of my dry patches, which always tend to occur when my skin is healing from a breakout. Lastly, the Extra Soothing Balm will give you a luminous, glowing finish. I always seal my facial oils in with a balm or a cream product. Think of it as the trench coat protecting the super fancy dress beneath it. You need them both to be fully dressed and ready to face the challenges of wind and water…or humidity. This palette is a little dream.

The final product in the new SS18 Extra Glow Collection is the Highlighting Powder (Limited Edition). This product has no doubt been the most featured on on Instagram, because…it is crazy photogenic! It will for sure make your flatlay look fantastic. Now, if you also intend to use it and destroy the beautiful embossing, I’m sure it is delightful. Described as a high-impact light-reflective powder it is a dream for anyone who like the highlighter trend. I’m always a bit careful with anything highlighting in powder form as I tend to be a little bit heavy handed. For me, something in a creamy stick or fluid works better. With that being said I still believe that this product will be the first one to sell out over the counters. It suits all skin tones (the shade is called Opal Glow) and can be used on collar bones as well as your face for that special glow.

My final words will be about the packaging. I adore the light and luxurious design! It speaks to me and seen to reflect the products inside with great accuracy. Do you agree? Is skincare-makeup important to you and do you like it to come in beautiful packaging? To me, it screams That Luxurious Feeling. 


*Built on Press release March 2018 Estee Lauder Middle East 
    1. Hello Sweet Ann-Marie! I can say the same. My BB collection is not extensive; mostly base products as I really like their concealers. Now I want to try more of their skincare as well. This collection however, is really special. I always enjoy skincare-makeup! It feels fresh and beautiful. Kisses, M

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