Eye Candy for the Weekend

• Elizabeth Arden • Ceramide Capsules •

When a company like Elizabeth Arden, who has been leading the beauty industry since…forever… produces beautiful, decadent capsules filled with silky smooth serum and adds their potent CLX complex to the mix, making sure that we get loads of ceramides and essential lipids that won’t go bad in an open-jar packaging; that’s when I scream with joy and yell about unsung heroes.

These capsules, for morning- or nighttime routine are just staples. Trusted and elegant, like the brand itself. ♥

    1. Gorgeous Mika, I know what you mean; back in Europe I never had any issues with finding an Elizabeth Arden counter, but here they are not so easy to spot! I think you have them in the States, I would be very surprised to learn differently? I like both their skincare and makeup very much, it’s not the coolest brand but very effective. xoxo

    1. Hu sweetie! I’ve had these since forever, they are quite handy to travel with! I never mix them into my foundation, I apply them as a regular serum and lock it in with some kind of cream of spf on top before going in with my makeup. They feel very decadent to use! kisses, M

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