Feeling Luxurious with Filorga: Skin-Absolute Day

Back in spring, I got invited to the exclusive presentation when Laboratories FILORGA unveiled their brand new product: Skin-Absolute Day®. It was a lush afternoon tea but with this amazing twist (if you, like me, are in it for the science and not the goodie bag):

– a 45 minute product presentation with all the technical and chemical information one could possibly ask for! May I just say I was in heaven and the feeling of actually receiving something more than just marketing information was amazing. I want to start by lifting my hat of for Filorga and this way of presenting themselves and their R&D team.

What happened after that?

I usually pride myself of writing reviews after a month of usage of the product and quite obviously, we are now talking about a quarter instead. I can only say this: the product is so complex and very unique in its claims, that I have had difficulties finding all the information I wanted to have before conducting a review. It’s both positive and challenging.

What is it?

This is the ground breaking day cream that is supposed to couple up with the Skin-Absolute Night Cream that were launched back in 2014. It has taken the R&D a good two years to put the product on the market and I can understand why.

Let’s fist address the packaging. When a product sits in a specially made box the look of an expensive watch-maker; then I fall for it. Head over heals. It is sleek and monochrome as with all Filorga products. Luxurious and very fit for an open shelve I believe that both male and female customers will love the look of this. It is a jar and while some claim it is bad for bacterial growth, others state that the shelf life of a jar packaging is set to prevent any bacterias to actually get the chance of making an impact. Each to their own. I still love the heavy, lush jar.

What are the claims?

While the night cream with it’s pitch black content and Meteorites Extract concentrate on rejuvenating the skin during nighttime, the Skin-Absolute Day is all about assisting our skin layers during daytime. It is said to be a very powerful anti-ageing product, targeting an audience above the age of 35.  It claims to provide a 360 degrees effect as it targets everything from fine line and wrinkles, firming the skin while approving the elasticity and work with adding radiance and smoothing out the skin’s texture on the surface. Basically: is it anything this cream can’t do?

What about the science?

Well, as you can imagine, 45 minutes will make a pretty hefty article. I will try my best to break it down for you. First of all, the basic knowledge: Chromosomes are composed of DNA (the genetic heritage of a person). These chains can’t be too short in length or our cells will stop developing. That’s what’s called cellular ageing. 

Our energetic cells have a power station, the Mitochondrion  and while being attacked by free radicals, UV or IR it gets damaged and so the cell loose vital energy.

Scientists have known all the way back in the 1960s that energy of light speeds up the cellular functioning if it’s being transformed correctly. Photolyase is not a new invention but an repair enzyme that is proven to work in bacterial DNA.

Now, let’s start with the light. Filorga says to have invented what they call Extremozymes® which is extracted from a sea bacteria in the Californian Gulf. It says to hold the capability of using photolyase to transform daylight into chemical energy; simply put using our daylight to restore and repair DNA damages and speed up the cellular functioning. Out of all the amazing ingredients and patents in this cream, the Extremozymes® have been the only ones that I’m struggling with. In 2015, Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their extensive work on finding the source for DNA repair. The Laureates had, each in their fields managed to come up with solutions built on photolyase and thereby mapped several processes for DNA repair that are relevant for humans in the fight against cancer.

I have been searching for published research that supports photolyase as effective not only in bacterial DNA and mammals but also in fact in human DNA. Several physicians have assisted me, alongside two Biochemical analytics to find evidence based facts. The only thing we could possibly find is in fact the work of said Nobel Laureates, but then there are no discussion if photolyase in human DNA works with topical application. I really really want to believe that this is really The Thing, because if so, it is absolutely groundbreaking in so many ways beyond being a skincare ingredient! I personally haven’t found evidence enough in published research to fully back this claim (that doesn’t mean it is not existing, merely that I haven’t been able to find it!) and with that, I will be cautious in supporting this claim.

Next up is what Filorga calls Illuminating Detox Action: here we have fructan extracts combined with White Sapphire Extract to add natural radiance to the skin. The combination is supposed to attract daylight and serving us with a blurring effect, letting the skin be visible more smooth and luminous. I can absolutley vouch for this. Even after 10 days of using the day cream, my normally dull looking skin had a really wonderful light to it. Not glowing or shiny; more like lit from within. The skin looked clear and smooth. My dark patches were slowly fading and I could see a huge difference in my skin’s texture.

Filorga is known for their secret combination of Hyaluronic Acids + NCTF (jam packed with all the peptides possible).  Read more about this amazing STAR-DUO here! 

This is just perfect as it holds so much of what we need to plump the skin, reduce visible lines and wrinkles and improve the elasticity to our skin. If you have dry or dehydrated skin which can feel tight and itchy, the day cream will take care of the feeling and the look if it in no time. I’m not overly excited about creams that sits on top of the skin and seal everything in. I need my creams to be more than that and more than a simple moisturiser. This day cream is just fantastic in how it performs on my skin. It is rich and luxurious, a very little amount is needed, but once applied it sinks in so effortlessly and leaves the skin with a semi-matte look! It’s the first time I’ve seen a cream double up as a really decent primer for makeup application!

And the verdict is? 

Apart from me being cautious when it comes to supporting the use of photolyase in human DNA repair, I’m just blown away with this cream. Now, I love Filorga and think that they produces really effective and interesting products, it would be a dream come through for me to go to France and visit the R&D department hahaha! I would be like a child in a candy store. All their products comes with this special, faint scent of fresh lemons and I’m addicted to it. As soon as I use this cream my skin responds so well. I think it is a high-performance product that, together with the black night cream is a must have in your routine. I love that it clearly targets people above 35, that we can have something for our skin as it enters a new stage of ageing. I have a second jar all lined up for when my first one is done and I really really wish to test that one out together with the night cream to see if I can get even more visible results out of it! Bottom line is that with the 360 degree anti-ageing effect comes protection against UV- and IR-damage, it works both with revitalising hydration and look to restore the balance in your skin both on the surface and deeper down on a cellular level.

I give it five pearls out of five and cross my fingers for the whole photolyase miracle!


Product provided for review consideration 
  1. Thank tou for this detailed and very informative review and I really appreciate your point of view. And my verdict after reading your post is that I should give a try to Skin Absolute Day.
    One more time thank you.
    Warm regards,

    1. Wonderful Mar! I’ve lost track on the xmas-list! We need to start over lol. Well, I think it’s important to be critical about scientific claims but then also just look at the result and evaluate the look and feel without being blindsided by marketing and inci-lists. If it feel and look amazing, than it’s a HIT, right? If it don’t, then no research in the world would make me repurchase a product. Listen to your skin :). Kisses sweetie, M

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