Fillerina Lip Volume Review and GIVEAWAY

I like any occasion to celebrate and this week, That Luxurious Feeling just passed 1.5K followers on Instagram! For me, each and everyone of you counts, I stay in contact on a daily basis with  most of you and I’ve no plan to do it any other way ♥

So, to celebrate this cute milestone, I will host my very first GIVEAWAY! It is open for Dubai Only, as I’m not very familiar with all of this just yet.

First, a proper review on what’s at stake here:

Have you ever seen or heard of Fillerina® Lip Volume? 

The Swiss company, LABO (Labo Cosprophar Suisse) has all the way since 1989 produced high-quality, safe and innovative products for the Dermo-Cosmetic market. They are well known for their R&D and the way they conduct their studies.

Last year, I started to see the brand hitting shelves in our UAE pharmacies and immediately wanted to test it out. Back then, I tried the products aimed for the whole face.

Today, I’ve got one luxurious box of the Lip Volume Treatment to give away. If you are afraid of needles or just find any invasive treatment a step to far for your taste, but still wished you had a bit volume to your lips, maybe not so structured lines all over them (read: ME) or you just find your lips to be thin and loosing the plumped look, this might be a great product for you!

LABO claims that within a month of using this topical treatment you will see plumped up lips with more precise and smooth definition to their texture.

This is, as mentioned, not about injections of needles. The dispenser, shaped like a click-up pen with a tip consisting of a metal roll on device, gives you exact dosage and an easy way to applicate the serum.

What does it contain?

Basically, it comes with 6 different types of Hyaluronic Acids, all with different molecular weight and size. Now, we know that HA is a Glycosaminoglycan, a natural component of our connective tissue and found in our body. It is a hydrophilic molecule which means it loves water, attracts and hold on to the water in the air and by this action plumps up the topical part of our skin; fill out the lines, makes us look younger.

As this is a topical treatment it’s very important to know that no, the HA molecules can’t penetrate the very deepest part of our tissues, it works at the top level of our skin and once you stop applying any treatment the effect will naturally wear off.

As the HA molecule can attract and hold up to 1000 times it’s molecular weight in water, we see it used in a lot of skincare products these days (HA is in!) and for good reason as it gives a quick booster to the skin.

Application method:

The applicator holds serum enough for a month’s supply. It is suggested to use it 5 times/day for these four weeks to see a full effect and during the treatment drink a lot of water. When I tried this on myself (the face product, not the one specifically for the lips) I felt that the water made sense as an extra assistance. The lip product is tasteless and not sticky at all, you apply it in a thin layer all over clean lips, wait for the serum to penetrate correctly and then apply whatever lip product you wish to wear for the day.

Does it really work?

There are mixed reviews, all from giving Fillerina a Cult status to those saying that it is just as any other HA product on the dermo-cosmetic pharmaceutical market.

As the plumping effect is not huge and overpowering, my opinion is that the serum works best if your lips are already on the thinner side or textured to begin with. After all, this is not an Angelina Jolie treatment 😉

For the Fillerina product in general, journalist of the Daily mail (mail online) Alice Hart-Davis had a moth’s test run with really interesting results. She used an independent clinic (Santi Skin Lab in Kensington, London) to evaluate her skin before and after the treatment, using a CORTEX machine. What the Dermatologist saw was a huge difference in hydration level in the skin, it looked plum, fine lines were not as noticeable and effect was absolutely proven to be there. Given that Fillerina doesn’t claim to stimulate elastin or collagen production at all, but focuses on the hydration level only, she came to the conclusion that the result met the claims.

She also wrote that ” a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study published in the authoritative Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology conducted that the product showed ‘ a positive filling effect in decreasing the clinical signs of skin ageing and improving the face volume”.  Reading this sure makes the product look good!

One of my favourite Cosmetic Dermatologists from London, Dr. Sam Bunting on the other hand is careful in her way of endorsing the effect as she sees some possible issues if the molecule would be able to penetrate. It might be perceived by the tissue as an invasion and can as such lead to inflammation. These are only hypothetical reasoning, it is ifs and but, still her standpoint is to use Vitamin A and other well proven ingredients to encourage the body itself to produce more HA or collagen.

On me, with a round face and “old lips” I could see a slight difference, it was absolutely noticeable! I find the product easy and safe to use, it was a really nice experience. I didn’t have a lot of fine lines to begin with, except for all over my lips so I should have just started with the Lip Volume Treatment.


This is very simple: I’ve got one box of the Lip Treatment. The worth is AED289 and all you have to do is:

♣ Follow my Instagram account @thatluxuriousfeeling

♣ Leave a comment HERE or on INSTA

♣ Hashtag #fillerina in the comment

♣ Cross your fingers and keep on smiling

Disclaimer: This giveaway is open for Dubai only. The Fillerina treatment can not be exchanged for money or another product. The winner will be chosen completley at random and announced on Friday, 22nd of April, 2016 before 11.00pm local time. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administrated by, or associated with Instagram. Entrants confirm that they are 18+. All participants release Instagram and That Luxurious Feeling of all responsibility and agree to the term of use.

Entrants is responsible for following the application instructions provided by LABO.

That Luxurious Feeling will not take any responsibility for allergic reactions or the likes, as this is a skincare product and all skin reacts differently.

UPDATE: The competition is closed, the winner has been announced on Instagram and contacted personally.

A huge thank you to Fillerina UAE and tishtash PR

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