Filorga for my Birthday!

Celebrating my birthday in the arms of this Beauty Community is nothing but a pleasure. I have been so spoilt by all the wonderful, warm and kind comments that I’ve received though various channels and by the gifts that friends and brands I collaborate with have gracefully sent to me. To have someone take a moment out of their busy schedule to handpick me some custom made items or write me a card – I don’t take any of these things for granted and I feel like a kid in a candy store. I feel blessed.

Luxurious and high-tech skincare brand Laboratories FILORGA surprised me with a huge gift bag! I almost fainted at the door. Was it all for me? Could it really be that way?

The amazing team had done the research well, finding out what products from the range that I really love and would highly recommend! A job well done. Here are the products that you will most definitely see being reviewed over the course of Fall:

  • Skin-Absolute Day® – their newly launched day cream which I have tested out for about two months now. A review is already written, I’m just polishing it a bit and soon you will be able to read all about it!
  • Scrub&Mask – Not quite as harsh as it sounds like, but a stunning exfoliating treatment for overnight application. A complete saver for my skin.
  • Detox Body Treatment – new to me. To be honest, this scares me a bit. I’m usually not a believer of detox products that are applied topically. I will of course give it a very good shot! Stay tuned.
  • Optim-eyes® – when I have featured this product in previous articles and on Instagram, the comment section seem to go wild. Everyone I’ve met who’s tried this is loving the product and the results. I can only agree. It is jam-packed with all the goodies that we need.
  • Hand-Absolute® – a treatment for hands and nails. How clever is this routine, to focus on all parts of the body, not only the face? This is a strength with Filorga, the range is extensive and caters to diverse needs as well as body parts.

I can’t wait to dive in. The issue with Birthdays though (when doing what I do) is that the wish-list only contains of beauty-related items. Suddenly there are too many products to test and well, only one face to play with! It is indeed a delicate problem but none the less, it’s valid!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Team Filorga Middle East for making me feel so special. Love ♥
    1. HI!! So lovely of you to take time and read in here as well! I appreciate all fun conversations we are having around beauty. Thank you so so much my dear friend. xoxo M

  1. Haha happy happy belated birthday! I would have fainted as well if I were you *_^ you are being spoilt to the brim, my dearie! But that’s all good, right?

    There’s always a but, like you said, we only have one face to try all of them out, so they really need to get in line, right? Haha

    The line sounds lovely, I have not heard of the brand and don’t think we have it here.

    Shall wait for your review then! Happpppyyyyyy happy belated birthday, am sure it was a great celebration *_^

    Yes. It good that you don’t take all these for granted. I am always feeling blessed as well, with the love that brands shower me. Couldn’t be more happier, even though it means that more work is coming my way. But it’s all good, and valid, like you put it

    With love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ

    1. Dearie! I’m so thankful for all Birthday wishes, whomever they come from! Thank you <3. Yes, I was quite chocked when the package arrived, overwhelmed and very happy ofc. But it is the truth: the products are lining up as we only got one face to test on (I do try a lot on my husband as well) and 30 days or so in a month for cell turnover. It is what it is and I don't cheat with my reviews: the products get all the time they need to preform. I feel I owe it to those people who spends years developing a new product! Kisses, M

    1. Hello Ann-Marie! I’m so happy to see you in here, Thank you so much darling! It is so great to have connected with you and have a wonderful beauty-friend like you. Kisses. M

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