1. I used to care less about my skin. I played tennis professionally in my uni days and hate sunblocks as I sweat profusely during training under hot sun, so it drips and sting my eyes. I never put on sunblock during those times, that why I have pigmentation on my face now, many years later.

    Only after I reached closed to mid 30s that I started to realize the importance of skincare and I have been trying to keep to a skincare regime. Now that I started blogging two years back, it can be a blessing (or a risk) that I get to try out different types of skincare and have fun with it. **touch wood** so far my skin can still tolerate changing between different brands of skincare and trying them out for reviews! haha

    I love your simple morning ritual and it looks super divine! Yes, I guess I have come to learn to know my skin a little more and treat my skin a little better of these recent years. I hope it is not too late for me since I am already in my early 40s! heeeheee


    With love,

    1. Hi Sweetheart! Oh how I love that you always take your time to interact and comment. It’s so considerate of you and I enjoy getting to know you Jeann! Professional tennis player sounds very interesting! Do you still play? I don’t think it’s ever too late to care about your health or your skin. It’s a work in progress and I enjoy it tremendously. Kisses form Dubai

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