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A New Year and social media basically implodes with discussions on how to live better, be better, do better, be calmer, reach higher and so on. It’s quite interesting to watch – almost as entertaining as all gym membership cards issued globally every year in January. I’m not mocking, obviously it is fantastic that we get this chance to ramp it up a bit and start over!

For someone who seldom makes any New Years Resolutions, this January is a bit different. I have made some promises to myself; both private and professional ones and they will stay with me for now, but one thing I can share with you is that for 2017 I have to learn how to unwind. I’m not talking about sleep or spending time on the couch – I actually already do that – no I need to find small ways of forcing those gazillion thoughts inside my head to be quite for a little while so I can breathe properly. I want to be able to hear my own voice or to exist in complete inner silence. I’m not a yoga or meditation kind of girl, and therefore I’ve tried to make some lists about situations, small or big, that actually have this calming effect on my. When do I relax my brain?

The list got fairly short but one of the things I do enjoy is that amazing, and far too short hand- and arm massage you always get when you for a manicure.

I can’t have regular massages made due to some issues with my neck and sadly I tend to get very tense in my shoulders, arms and especially my hands. I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and naturally with this job even more time working my iPhone to keep up with social media. I actually goes to bed every night with sore hands and stiff fingers! It sounds ridiculous I know, but I suspect I’m not the only one with “Instagram-fingers”? That divine hand massage, hitting all of my pressure points  (in between my fingers; OUCH) puts me in a situation where something happens within me. I go completely numb in the most positive way, my mind just switches off and the massage up on my lower arms and elbows just seem to hit the mark with me. My shoulders lowers, I relax, I breathe slower and my mind stops spinning for a little while, so naturally when I got the chance to test out the Herbal Essentials Massage Gel I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it!

Here on That Luxurious Feeling we’ve already seen some articles about this brilliant but rather anonymous brand. Herbal Essentials is built up on the principles of Ayurveda and the believe that minerals, active ingredients and sensuous experiences make for a great skincare routine. What thrills me the most is the fact that all products in the range are based on pure Himalayan spring water. What’s so interesting about that? Well, we know that water comes in a variety of qualities and often enough, especially here in Dubai, the pH-level and other particles simply aren’t compatible to our skin – it will disturb our skin’s preferred pH-level and with that, strip it. Normally, I try my best to add as little water to my face as possible, for example, I never shower with hot water straight to my face.

The Himalayan water has been streaming through layers and layers of sand, clay, mud and rocks. It takes over 20 years for it to be naturally “distilled” and when it reaches the springs it is therefore highly enriched in calcium, magnesium and potassiumHerbal Essentials uses only this water, makes sure it is never touched by man and completely unprocessed when they fly it to their manufacturing facilities in Germany where it becomes the core ingredient in all products.

The Massage Gel then contains of Aloe Vera leaf juice, known to be anti-inflammatory and as such a calming addition to soothing aching joints and muscles. Filled with Grapefruit Oil and Juniper Berry Extracts the gel formulation boosts the skin with antioxidant properties as well as provide us with the most wonderful scent. Glycerin and Caffeine are also part of the product and gives fantastic hydration and boosts our blood circulation. The gel works fine for stretch marks and cellulite massage if applied and rubbed in using large circular motions.

This is indeed a massage gel, but having tried it on larger areas such as back and legs, I personally think it lacks some oily feeling and slip; the product sinks in a little too fast for my taste (some might find this positive though! No mess) but I prefer to use it on my lower arms and hands for immediate relaxation and to de-stress my brain. A tip is to have one bottle sitting at your desk at the office, and when you feel that you’ve been typing aways for far too many hours; take a break and work those trigger points in your hands, especially the muscle controlling your thumb and the muscles in your lower arm and it will prevent lot of trouble with sore neck, elbows and hands. You can even force a kind colleague to to the job hahaha. Prevention is key!

Herbal Essentials is part of the PETA Beauty without Bunnies program, they don’t test on animals, keep their products free from paraffin and parabens and the whole line is Dermatologist Approved. They ship their wonderful products all over the world via their website’s online shop but if you live in Dubai, I recommend you to visit their shop in Mercato Mall.  If you would like to know more about the brand and some other products I personally use in my routines, please read my previous articles here.

Here’s to a stress-free and relaxed 2017 and the small changes we can do in order to achieve it ♥


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    1. Hi Cutie! It is such a clean and easy to use product. I like it a lot. Thank you for always being such a great friend, supportive and interested in everything. Lots of love from me in Dubai! xx M

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