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When SHOW Beauty first came onto my radar I must admit I was quite suspicious. Founded by Creative Director Tamara Ecclestone, I immediately focused on her last name and (unfairly) doubted whether she’d be just another celebrity daughter lending her name to a brand of mediocre products.

I was so wrong.

Ms Ecclestone has, for the relatively short time that the brand has been on the market, managed to create an entire range of extremely luxurious hair styling and finishing products that caters to us savvy beauty lovers. With an eye for details, the iconic and sophisticated SHOW bottle design makes the entire process of using the range feel utterly luxurious.

Not only do we get these insanely beautiful bottles to decorate our vanities and showers with (I can honestly say that my SHOW Shampoo and Conditioner are the prettiest hair care products I’ve ever owned) the product inside matches the glamorous outside.

Right in time for the summer months, SHOW launches their new Body Shimmer Oil and I’m the first one to add it to my wish-list. First of all: I don’t advocate tanning at all. I don’t even like self-tanning products that much (I thankfully don’t need them) but I DO love a healthy glow all over my body. Secondly, its no secret that I’m oil-obsessed. I firmly believe in the may advantages that a good quality oil blend will have to your skin’s health.

The beautiful Body Shimmer Oil comes in a heavy, decadent 60ml glass bottle. Made for all skin types, this paraben-free product helps your skin to achieve a gorgeous glow while at the same time nourish and deeply hydrate it. Infused with a blend of Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil is soothes and hydrates for a long lasting result. The nutrient rich Aloe Vera and Vitamin E additions acts as both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory shield.

What I love the most is the beautiful, subtle signature fragrance that all SHOW products hold. Developed by well renowned Fragrance House Givaudan, the oil smells wonderfully of sensual Rose Petals, Almond Butter, soft White Musk, and Coconut Milk.

The entire product is feminine, luxurious and will give you luminous, healthy looking skin without you spending time in harmful sunshine. I find this very positive, as May is after all #skincancerawarnessmonth. Do yourself a favour an choose products that will protect your skin but still make your life feel extra fabulous! ♥


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  1. Ahh…so good to know that there’s an actual fragrance house behind these items and if you say the product inside matches the outside, then I know it to be true. And there’s an oil? Goodness help me, thank you as always for sharing this..

    1. Dear Marie, OMG I know right? I really thought that the brand wasn’t for me and I was so wrong! The quality is beautiful and I love the subtle fragrance. LOVE from Dubai xoxo M

  2. I have a bottle of that shimmery body oil and I haven’t opened it. I thought “eh” it’s probably not going to be something I like. So, I think I’m totally wrong! This weekend, I’m going to get that baby out and try it!

    1. OMG Janine!! hahahaha try it and let me know if you liked the new body oil? I’m super picky with anything that goes on my body because I can’t handle sticky or “wet” body products. This one worked soo well for me! I just wish it would have SPF inside LOL. Mwah, M

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