GROWN ALCHEMIST – finally in Dubai!

When brothers Jeremy and Heston Muijs founded Grown Alchemist Botanical Beauty back in 2008, it was a serious attempt to create something where nature and highly scientific research would walk hand in hand. This unique Australian brand is well known for changing the way we perceive “organic” or “natural beauty”.

With 100% natural ingredients (their own claim) I read somewhere that Jeremy Muijs still isn’t fanatic about only using organic ingredients, as he said that there are a number of fantastic plant basted alternatives with high concentration of actives, even if they are not brought up using organic methods. I think this approach is wise and it shows me what I’ve come to know as true about the brand: these men are not after to bash the whole industry or trash talk other brands in order to lift their own line, they work steadily and quietly with perfecting their own products and pretty much run their own game.

I respect that.

I’ve said many times before that I’m not someone to rave about natural and organic skincare just for the sake of it – I have seen many products that doesn’t speak to me at all and packagings that’s just amazingly boring.

Then we have Grown Alchemist. This is where it gets exciting for me. The company is all about science. From the early beginning, the founders have been consulting and working with researchers and scientists all over the world to try and understand what happens to out body, to our skin when it faces pollution, stress, sun and so on. They know the way our cells works, what assists our skin tissue and how to make sure that we prepare and maintain a good and healthy skincare routine that is in line with what’s already in our bodies. All the products works together with our own skin, communicates with our healthy cells.

With science labs in Paris, London and of course back in Melbourne, only employing top Cosmetics Chemists, they invest in R&D and what comes out of it are products that are naturally built up (not animal tested or holding any animal ingredients) but still, they contain all of the scientifically proven cornerstones that we want to have in a luxurious and active skincare line such as highly potent antioxidants to fight free radicals, collagen and elastin boosting actives, cell communicative ingredients, hyaluronic acid and of course those lovely tetra-peptides and neuro-peptides.

I have been using Grown Alchemist for years and with great results. It is expensive and I can totally see why, when looking at the INCI-list and the knowledge based routines. This is quite a sexy brand if you’d ask me! Not at all that boring natural brand but products that works, are seen at first class flights and on Fashion Weeks and of course: the packaging is just to die for! Super sleek, chic, stylish and unisex.

Now, as the brand finally launches in Dubai – available in both Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols – Dubai, I won’t hide the fact that I begged the PR representatives to let me in! I want to create awareness of this lovely brand and I think it is important to be educational and informative once we get to see a new brand popping up in our stores. Within the beauty community and Insta-world, Grown Alchemist is not new, it is a cult classic and rightly deserved one.

I got sent to me one of their best selling products, the Hand Cream Vanilla & Orange Peel and with great pleasure as I’ve tested the other hand creams before, but this particular one was new to me.

First of all, what meets the eye: the packaging. Can we just take a moment and appreciate monochrome and stylish items that looks like part of the interiors of my livingroom and office rather than a hand cream? I admit that my Scandinavian hear sings with joy at the simplicity and the fact that all package materials are fully recyclable.

Then the amazing facts printed all over the tube! It’s not only a regular INCI-list, but a comprehensive text about the ingredients and what they actually do to your skin. It is so educational and lovely, I think more brands would benefit from full disclosure. But that’s just me.

Instead of inventing the wheel twice, I’ll just going to copy the text for you to enjoy!

“This non-greasy formulation of moisturising active botanicals, naturally soothes, softens and hydrates dry undernourished hands and cuticles. BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS Grape Seed, Wheat-germ and Rosehip Oil rich in free radical fighting Antioxidants leave skin looking smooth and radiant. Cold pressed Orange Peel Oil contains powerful Antioxidants that leave skin looking supple and toned. Rosehip and Camellia Seed Oil noticeably improve skin hydration while also helping repair the appearance of skin damaged by oxidative stress noticeably increasing smoothness. Polysaccharides from Aloe Vera help the skin appear de-stressed and soothed. Vanillin from Vanilla provides uplifting and calming aromatic properties while Flavonoids and Omega 3 and 6 from Sea Buckthorn Berry visibly improve skin elasticity and softness”.

And in my own words: who can resist Rosehip and Camellia Oil? featured many times on That Luxurious Feeling for their many skin beneficial properties I was very happy to see them in an hand cream. The fact that I get polysaccharides from Aloe Vera feels great and tells me that this is a product I could recommend even to my dad (we know that male skin is thicker than females, but dad’s hands always needs that extra something). I believe it’s lovely that we get some vanillin for that sensoric experience but it doesn’t mean that the scent of this or the orange peel oil is in any way overbearing. I’m not a fan of hand creams that smell too much or leave a greasy feel on my hands. I want to be able to use the product and go straight to my computer without tainting the whole keyboard! This product really is non-greasy. 

I’ve been using it daily now for 3 weeks or so and I even had my manicurist noticing that my skin and the cuticles were in much better shape. I know that for Christmas, there is (at least on the website) a smart kit of all three hand creams available and it’s the perfect gift for anyone that wishes to venture into this brand the easy way.

Which Grown Alchemist products are your personal favourites? Mine is the Age-Repair Eye Cream: Tetra-Peptide & Centella followed by some of the wonderful masks. ♥


Product provided for review consideration 
    1. Beautiful Janine! Haha, I don’t think you’re behind at all – there’s just SO many brands out there and we can’t try them all as we only got one face to play with! What I enjoy with Grown Alchemist is that the science is central, you feel it as a customer and user. It is not about looking or smelling pretty (even though we get those benefits as well) but rather to WORK. I respect that! Kisses, M

  1. My lovely M.,
    How do you do that you always make me wanting everything you write about? I think that it’s the way how you describe everything and the honestly you put into your posts.

    So, thank you very much to add another product to my wish list. I sincerely never paid attention to Grown Alchemist but will do starting today and this hand cream really calls my attention.

    Sending you a lot of love,

    1. Wonderful Mar, what an honour! It feels so lovely if the way I write and the way I am shines through when describing brands and products. I always try to keep a positive and informative site, and with great brands and high-quality research it is quite easy to make pretty great writeups! I think GA would suit you very well. Love, M

    1. Hi sweetie! Yes it is totally stylish and unisex, as with CHANEL, Aesop and Diptyque it fits my way of living, interior etc perfectly :). xoxo, thinking of you! M

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