Hot days in the city

So everyone is raving about summer, or at least trying to find the sun (I’ve seen many of you back in Europe asking where the summer went!).

Well I can tell you: It is here in the Middle East. And to be very honest with you, I don’t care for it!

The best thing with living in a summer-all-year-around place is that the sun wakes you up every morning. It is easier to get up and go to business with some instant light. The worst thing is the heat and humidity. One might think that we would have dry heat in the dessert but NO, everything is dripping down my bra whenever I dare to step outside lol.

To keep myself mentally sane I usually wear these babies:

La Mer The Mist. I love everything that falls under the category of mists, spritzers or whatnot. I use them daily and I hoard them. Obviously, this one is a luxury product and I don’t like to use it at the beach. There are cheaper alternatives for that! I carry this with me if we are doing something special, like a luncheon outside where I need instant hydration. This product holds a special magnet inside, to constantly re-charge its ingredients. What comes out is a special negative ion-rich environment in which the botanical extracts and antioxidants will have a chance to work more actively on your skin. Easily put: the ingredients goes stronger and more potent.

Inside the mist is of course also some of La Mer’s The Miracle Broth™ which after 12 years of research and 6.000 attempt to develop something for acute skin burns, is what the whole range is now based on. It heals the skin and revitalises it. I always see a big difference after using this mist and keep returning to it despite the somewhat steep price point.

As I’m crazy for oils, the Caudalie Paris Divine Oil is a must. It saves me from having crocodile legs, dark elbows and chipped cuticles. It’s so easy to bring with me and when I’ve been at a makeup counter swatching lipsticks like a mad woman, this oil actually makes the stains go away much smoother than with soap from any public restrooms.

Bright toe nails is also for hot summer days. I love my Estee Lauder Pure Color in #06 Berry Hot. No introduction needed. You’ve seen it before here in the site and will most likely see it again.

Now, to the typical That Luxurious Feeling attire: the scarf. Everyone who knows me recognises me by my scarves. Sometimes large and in cotton, sometimes smaller and in fine silk. But I almost always wear one and for hot days like these, a silk scarf is perfect.

I like PUCCI. No, I don’t support the founder’s political and personal escapades but I do enjoy the bright geometric prints. I find them playful and characteristic; they light up any boring outfit. Usually, I go for the more kaleidoscopic prints, but I recently found this one with sea prints of fiches and corals. It’s cute and the pink and greens wears well with my summer makeup.

The wonderful Team of PUCCI in Dubai Mall surprised me with a birthday gift from Patchi. These chocolate pralines are divine and I felt like a princess for being so spoilt.

So there you have it: pralines, silk next to my skin, oils on my legs and mist all over the face. And some hot pink toe nails for the sake of it. ♥

  1. Amazing reading and thank you for making me smile at some points. I really appreciate your La Mer and Caudalie Paris tips.
    Keep enjoying your never ending summer!
    With love, Mar 💕💕💕

    1. Dear Mar, I truly hope at some point, you’ll be able to visit Dubai so I get the chance to show you this Middle Eastern pearl! It is like nothing else, a Big city, the desert, the never ending ocean, shopping and amazing food. You would fit right in, I could just leave you at a Natura Bissé SPA hahahaha. Kisses M

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