How much Kiehl’s are you?

I remember about 6 years ago, something like that. I was reading some of the more commercial Scandinavian beauty blogs and it felt like all they did was talk (brag) about brands that were only available for those who traveled frequently to NYC. It became a thing: look what I’ve got and how good it is….of course everyone else wanted to have the same products but back then it wasn’t as many large webshops offering world wide shipping. At least not that I was aware of.

Then, for a destination I can’t even recall now, I was at Copenhagen Air Port (probably one of the most stylish and well stocked airports around) and I almost scream out loud! There, in the middle of all the beauty stores in Duty Free it was: Kiehl’s! 

I got so excited, I didn’t even know where to begin and I cursed myself for not having my beauty-wish list with me. (Nowadays I always carry it in my phone so I’ll remember names and numbers on things I’ve seen and loved). I was so confused that I only ended up with one single purchase: The classic Creme de Corps. Still to this day I can remember feeling completely stupid and robbed of the opportunity hahahaha!

And let’s be honest here: all those star-bloggers hadn’t been to NYC but to the Department hall of Kastrup!


Enough rambling. As my husband has been traveling for work every week since forever, once he got to understand what Kiehl’s was and that I needed it badly in my life, he made sure to pick some items up for me. They weren’t available in Sweden.

When we moved to Dubai, one of the first things I noticed were the Kiehl’s stand alone stores! (And Boot’s lol). I can safely say that I’ve been a happy camper ever since.

Today, I won’t give you a brand presentation. I just wanted to quickly check in to share with you one of my most loved products by the brand (and a best seller for them so I’m sure a lot of you already owns it!).

Already back in 2010, Kiehl’s launched their Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Lately it has been a lot of marketing for this product but it is not a new one, it’s well loved and trusted.

Packaging first: I love everything that comes in glass bottles with droppers, you know that by now. It’s a complete marketing trick that will make us feel like scientists and I buy it every single time! 

The dark blue glass protects the delicate liquid from exposure, but one in your palm it is clear and smooth.

This replenishing nighttime facial oil is a 100% water free patented concentrate with 99.8% naturally derived distilled botanical ingredients. It is a paraben free facial oil for those of you who are concerned about that and it is straight in line with the quest that the company took on back in 2005, when what had been a Pharmacy, then started to produce Dermatologist Solutions to address specific skin conditions.

What about the claims?

They are fairly simple: Kiehl’s acknowledge the fact that it is during nighttime that our skin undergoes natural and nocturnal activity; it is most receptive to have a chance of repairing itself and so we should never miss out on our nighttime skincare routine or ever fall asleep with our makeup on!  The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is developed to regenerate, restore and replenish the skin. Simple as that!

The main ingredients then?

Evening Primerose works to help the skin barrier to repair itself and add some radiance back to the complexion.

Lavender Essential oils as you know by now, I’m prone to have a reaction to too much lavender in products. I always need to be careful but this concentrate works very well for my sensitive skin. I know that it is a debated issue: is lavender an irritant or fine to add into skincare products?

Personally, I would prefer it not to be added, but Kiehl’s claim it to sooth inflamed or irritated skin, reduce some of the day’s blotchiness and brightening my complexion. I have a number of pigmentation marks so brightening properties are always welcomed. We also know that essential oils are a bit of a topic in the world of beauty. I love them and have never experienced them to clog up my pores or irritate my skin. There are so many different ones and with different quality. As with all oils (even your olive oil in the kitchen): if it is cheap than you probably get what you pay for…

Squalene: a lubricant that can be obtained from shark-liver oil or rice bran oil and also found in our human sebum. In this particular product it is a botanical lipid with a molecular structure that mimics the nature of our skin. It is very easily absorbed and gives the oil the right kind of slip and absorption. It helps to restore the skins moisture balance, much needed for myself who is always dehydrated.

With Dog Rose extract (also known as Rosa Canina), Jojoba oil, Coriander seed oil and rosemary it is highly conditioning and nourishing for the skin.

My final thoughts?

I have used this product for about two years now and my love for oil-based serums and treatments are always growing. It is a misconception that if you have oily skin you shouldn’t use oil on your face. It’s quite the contrary and I love this product as it really helps me get my moisture balance in order. I use it about 2-3 nights a week and enjoy adding some additional cream on top to lock the product in. I can’t really see that, with the inci-list, this product would really penetrate deep down to the inner layer of the skin, for that I need stronger products, but it helps with the outer appearance of my complexion and my husband also uses it if he shaves before bedtime to heal some cuts and bumps. We both truly enjoy this little gemstone so I can recommend you go to Kiehl’s and ask for a sample to test it out. They are always very accommodating with samples and trust the products to sell themselves, instead of trying to convince you by talking your ears out!

Happy Thursday sweethearts. Make it a good one ♥

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