Jane Scrivner and the Power of the RIGHT social media attention

I’ve hesitated to write this article because it is always easy to offend someone and/or to make someone feel left out of the group. That is NOT my intention but nonetheless I’m going to say what I have to say:


The Global Beauty Community I call my home and my family is pretty darn fabulous.

I have no wish to be one of the “cool kids”, I never liked team sports or sororities but somehow, I feel blessed and proud to be a part of and to make a small contribution to our community.

For the last 6 months or so, I’ve witnessed an emerging gap between what PR Professionals in the ME beauty industry and real actual global consumers seem to think is “trending”. I often sit in on meetings where people don’t seem to recognize any of the name of those most sought after brand or ingredients that is on everyone’s lips. I find myself receiving much more adequate information from my peers online and I take pride in that; because that means that we are an including group of enthusiasts. We share information, press releases, reviews, launch dates and personal experiences over all continents and we look after each other, no matter your statistics or if you’re large on Instagram. Where some PRs seem to only focus on our figures to ever include us, claiming that is in the best interest of the brand for highest amount of coverage, I see such a cool phenomena happening right now to contradict that theory:

If a product or a brand really has something to show for; the word of endorsement on social media between us enthusiasts (not paid “influencers”) is pretty powerful. If a brand is interesting, smart, kind to its loyal customers and fan base and serve us with the best of the best, word will spread like fire and it is my absolute pleasure to be a part of that movement. It is something authentic; happening in the shadow of expensive marketing materials and budgets. I find it interesting how you no longer have to have the largest PR budget in order to see revenue peak. It is much more important what you as a brand actually have to offer us consumers.

In the light of these thoughts, recently something amazing happened. For quite some time I had seen some of the most trustworthy (in my opinion) and hardcore skincare enthusiasts in the community incorporating the brand JS – Jane Scrivner into their routines. At first I was suspicious, I’m always like that when it comes to “natural” brands. Natural doesn’t automatically equal the best. As with everything in life, there are layers to what can be considered high quality and not.

However. JS kept on coming back into my feed. It felt like everyone was using it, first one single product and then slowly building up to the point where I could see my peers buying their full skincare routines and swearing by the brand! It was quite obvious that it was not a clever PR campaign – we are quite good in disclosing if products have been given for review consideration (yes, mine have) and this is when my interest started to really peak! A “new” niche brand made by a lovely woman who has spent 24 years in the industry, sourcing ingredients and traveling all over the world and building her brand brick by brick to provide us with products that offers true visible results. How could I resist?!

Last month something hilarious happened. Jane posted a note on her Instagram account @janescrivnerskincare telling the world that from now on, the products would be available for shipment to the ME market. I didn’t see the post myself but my crazy wonderful and loving peers in the community started tagging me in the post, as to make sure that I wouldn’t miss out on this fabulous information! I obviously took notice and so did Jane herself (she must have wondered who this TLF person was!) and contacted me to kindly ask whether I would ever be interested in trying any product of hers?

I felt like a celebrity hahaha. Someone had actually noticed my interest in the brand and I was super curious to see what the fuss was all about and how the shipment to Dubai would work out.

A couple of days later the parcel arrived at my doorstep, containing not one but four beautiful Jane Scrivner products! I was quite overwhelmed to be honest, because I had not expected that kind of generosity. In the box I found:

  • A Nourishing Cleanser (Balm) with the most beautiful labeled cloth.
  • The Smoothing Hyaluronic Hydrator for immediate hydration.
  • The Skin Elixir (hello face oil)
  • The iconic O.O – Over Oil Cream

The parcel arrived in perfect condition without as much as a scratch on it and the products must have been stored in a climate controlled environment, because the cleansing balm was unharmed. I was impressed.

My question to you guys is this: which product do you think I ripped open the minute it landed on my desk to try? 🙂

So. What is my point with this article? It is this: I have such respect for the brands that treat their clients, the bloggers or us in the Beauty Community like we are valued. It is a game of give and take. Yes, I received these products and I know that me posting about them on my platforms will gain publicity to the brand. But here’s the twist: it will gain buzz with the RIGHT kind of audience. For those who really wants to know, for those who are prepared to spend their money on products developed with care and shown to provide long-lasting results. For those who don’t mind paying for shipment fees. For those who want to ace their skincare game.

This will be the way forward for TLF in 2018: I will work with those brands and fabulous PR Professionals that value me, the community with the level of engagement that we have built up amongst us and the certainty that exposure reaches the RIGHT audience. I will devote my time and energy only to those who understands quality over quantity. Don’t misunderstand me – this absolutely include large established brands just as much as smaller, new brands – those who have the curtesy to value the time, effort and passion that goes into creating TLF content.

It has taken me 2,5 years to become brave like this and I’m sure that some will disagree. But for now, let me just say thank you to my wonderful friends who opened my eyes to the JS world. I will carry the torch with pride and spread the word.

This is good stuff made for real users. JS has done a remarkable job ♥


Products provided for review consideration
  1. I agree, authenticity from large or small companies or brands is how it should be. Organic and honest excitement about products is better than fake hype

    1. Dear Luisa, from the moment we connected on IG I’ve felt that you completely understand my point of view. Always so kind and supportive, I truly treasure that. The way you describe it is spot on, let’s spread the word for 2018 that THIS is what we consumers are looking for. xoxo, M

  2. Thank you! Hugely, HUGELY appreciate your wonderful comments and thoughts, can’t tell you how happy this makes me to read and that you ‘get’ our stuff!! ♥️♥️♥️🎈🎈🍒🍒🍒

    1. Dear Jane, not only do I “get” the products, I adore the way you conduct yourself and the brand. Your attention to what matters; ingredients, true results and the connection with your customers makes me think it’s time for you to have a little clinic 🙂 I’ll come and visit! xx, Love, M

    1. Dear Rich, it is quite funny because people have read this article and apparently read entirely different stories into it! I find it amazing 🙂 some think it is about green beauty vs original skincare, some about the PR industry, some about what’s going on with Insta and social media…hahaha. To me, it was my way of venting that working with really great PR Professionals makes me spot those who are NOT professional at all. For 2018 these people won’t have my attention, no matter what brand they’re representing. My passion and integrity is too valuable to me 😉 kisses, M

    1. My wonderful friend! I’m so happy you took the time to read and that the message I tried to send out was something you can agree with. We are a fantastic community and we hold the money in our hands, what we decide to purchase makes a difference to the industry! xx, M

  3. APPLAUDING you as I finish this read my lovely friend! So well written and I feel you were in my head too as I found myself nodding along. This is why I class you as a good friend that I respect as we are so on the same page and think many would benefit from this read!

    Keeping it real is always key! I have a true confident in you as like me you like the science, background and ethos of a brand …. not the jump on the band wagon theme.

    Skincare Sisters …. doing it for themselves!! Kelly xxx

    1. My Kelly! I just saw this comment and if went straight to my heart. You are not only a friend but also a peer and I know that you understand and recognizes everything I try to discuss. Its been on my heart for quite some time now and I just can’t keep quiet. For 2018 I feel confident in closing the door to some PRs (not because I don’t like the brand, I can still purchase it) but because I think there is a lack in respect and mutual understanding in between some PRs and the consumers interest. We, the community are stronger together. xx M

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