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Real Talk. How often do you sanitize your hands before touching your face? What about washing those makeup brushes? And to take it one step further: have you ever thought about cleaning your makeup; the way makeup artists do?

No? Well, let me give you a hint: you should.

Within the beauty community we talk a lot about the importance of hygiene and the connection in between dirty tools and skin conditions. Although it is definitely a way of simplifying things to say that acne is caused by poor hygiene (it is not; there are many reasons as to why acne occurs) we do know that dirty finger nails or tools aggravates the skin and spread harmful bacteria to the pores.

What is Candida Albicans and how does it affect our skin?

This microflora is found natural in our body via our GI tract, mouth and vagina. It causes no harm until we face overgrowth of the bacteria which then leads to a yeast infection. Candidiasis is the name of the skin infection caused by harmful, overgrown Candida Albicans fungus. You will notice your skin getting red, itchy patches that sometimes turn into blisters. It’s hurtful and possibly not all that attractive to look at. While you start to scratch or pick at the infected skin; you’ll most probably add even more bacterias to the area and the risk for scarring occurs.

Candidiasis can easily be treated with an antibacterial and anti-fungal cream but here at That Luxurious Feeling we believe in taking preventive measurements rather than having to treat the skin with medical grade salves.

Here’s the connection: harmful bacterias and Candida Albicans grows freely on our makeup and tools! Cleaning your brushes once a week should be mandatory; but have you ever considered to also clean those false eyelashes (they goes on to a highly sensitive part of the skin) or what about lipsticks and creams that you might let someone else borrow?

There’s an easy solution: Pro Hygeine Collection. I constantly washes my makeup tools with baby shampoo and hot water. I thought it was enough before having the chance to look at them under a microscope. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I don’t even want to tell you what lipsticks and powder products like eyeshadows looked like.

These three products have completely changed the way I look at preventing my skin from being exposed to harmful bacteria via products and tools (not to mention my own hands).

Start with the PHC Hand Sanitizing Gel which, let’s face it, is nothing complicated. It feels refreshing and cooling, has a light scent to it and doesn’t need to be rinsed off. The antibacterial action is instant. A word of advice though: never overuse these kinds of gels! Humans tend to stay healthier if exposed to some level of bacteria. Not all bacterias are harmful! Wash your hands, be mindful to keep your fingernails clean and sanitize only when you know you’re about to put your hands in your face! Also, never ever dip your fingers into that jar of face cream. We don’t do that, remember?

Use a spatula.

The PHC Makeup Brush Cleanser completely outsmart my baby shampoo in terms of antibacterial action. I must stay though, that I don’t find it as caring to the bristles as a shampoo. It works well on both natural and synthetic hair but personally I prefer to do the pre-cleansing with baby shampoo and finish it of with a dollop of this product.

Last out: my favorite product in the collection: the PHC Antibacterial Makeup Spray. This is a must-have and incredibly well recommended by professional makeup artists. It safely eliminates bacteria from both tools, solid makeup and liquid products such as creams. This is the spray you should always use on your false eyelashes if you’re planning on reusing them! The spray inhibits any regrowth of bacteria in between use by effectively killing 99,99% of the harmful organisms within 60 seconds. Sounds too good to be true? Well, I’ve watched the results under the microscope and its splendid.

There you go! Simple. Prevention, good hygiene and common sense goes a long way to minimize harmful conditions on your skin. Try these, wash your products and tools carefully and watch how it actually makes a change to your skin’s health!

You can thank me later.♥

Love,  M


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