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Earlier this fall, social media basically exploded with the new releases by ultra-luxurious skincare brand La Mer.  Not only did the brand focus on launching one new product, oh no! They obviously needed to hit us with a Bang and by that having a full range of products entering the world – all under the parole “Beauty Beyond Skincare”.

But what exactly does that mean?

I will divide the launch into two separate articles, starting with the skincare part and then moving on to the beauty range. 

During a luxurious breakfast presentation situated at one of my favourite restaurants in Dubai – la Serre, I was one of 20 lucky members of the press to get a full introduction and mini-education by the charming and handsome Rodolphe Bories – EMEA Regional Education Manager for La Mer. Flown in from Paris armed with all the new products, basic facts and some amazing videos he walked us through the vision and science behind the new launch. First up, what all beautiful faces needs: great skincare.

We are all familiar with the classic Creme de la Mer; ultra-rich and a true icon, available in some variations to meet different needs, the company still decided to release a sister-product: La Mer Moisturizing Soft Lotion. 

Building on the technology of Super Fluids (which we can see being utilized in a lot of different areas besides beauty) La Mer wanted to focus on these ingredient’s capacity to form fluid micro structures which are able to change the shape and function of physical materials. Reprogram it, if you like.

By inventing “Super Lotions” to mimic this specific capacity, we get micro crafted super lotion capsules, like miniature droplets filled with the La Mer Miracle Broth™ and Lime Tea Concentrate™. Imagine these small moisture spheres being coated in a lightweight gel and then let each and every drop of a new skincare product consist of loads of these drops and you got yourself a whole new game – a skincare product that, with the assistance of the coating gel only releases the magical ingredients deep within your skin.

Using a mechanical process, each drop of gel get a soft lotion capsule infused at its centre. One product holds millions of these micro-sized spheres and as they are light as water, the feeling of application will easily be described as lightweight.

As you can see, even the smart packaging is trying to mimic this encapsulated technology! It’s cute. Years ago, when I started to venture into La Mer I thought the packaging looked rather cheap for such an expensive brand. For those of you who have never held these products in your hands I can assure you this: what looks like a dull, white plastic bottle is in fact something sleek and heavy, like porcelain and it feels luxurious just to hold the bottle. I was also pleased to discover that some other La Mer products recently got a new updated costume! A whole new product wardrobe for my beauty-shelves.

The lid is heavy and the pump dispenser only dispense a small dot of cream, making sure that you don’t waste any product or overload your face with the cream. As it holds its micro-encapsulated technology, a little goes a very long way and you do not need much to cover all the face, ears and décolletage. The Miracle Broth™, present in all La Mer products is highly concentrated and reduces visible irritation, redness and softens those fine lines by adding healing hydration and plumping up the skin from within.

I was a bit skeptic at first: how can a cream be super-fluid and weightless, but at the same time marketed as “ultra rich”? My experience of other La Mer creams is that they tend to be a bit heavy. Rich in the full meaning of the word.

After Mr. Rodolphe had applied some of the product onto our hands, we all seem to agree that the new Moisturizing Soft Lotion works the way it promise: it glides on like water, feels almost cold and you can detect the gel. Simply by smoothing it onto the skin it vanish, deeply penetrates within a second and leaves the skin looking glossy, glowing, plump and “rosy”. During the rest of the day, I could see a clear difference between my two hands, one coated in cream and the other one bare. The moisture level held for hours!

Moving on, I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I wasn’t completely honest when something is bothering me. As That Luxurious Feeling is all about discussing high-end beauty from a scientific point of view it is indeed a challenge as La Mer doesn’t easily disclose their ingredients by adding the INCI-list into their packagings. I’ve fond that sometimes, getting hold of an INCI-list is a bit tricky and the counter staff can’t or won’t say anything other than that “the products contains the Miracle Broth™”.

Yeah, we kind of knew that already.

It is in my own humble opinion  a good thing if consumers who are well educated and cautious on what they put on their skin can obtain proper information regarding prospective allergens or irritants, perfumes etc.


Sometimes, misunderstandings happens and I’m the first one to admit it and rectify the situation. After publishing this article, La Mer imediately reached out to me with a super professional and kind offer to assisat me with any INCI-list of all their products, that I might have any interest in taking a look at! I feel grateful and happy as it will give all of you the chance to learn even more about the La Mer products I write about. I’m currently waiting for the final, full information and will publish the ingredients ASAP in the hopes that you’ll like the cream even more by knowing what’s acctually in it!

UPDATE II: Please see my second article, presenting the INCI-list and in-depth information of La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Lotion right here!!

Luckily, as we got to have the training session with Mr. Rodolphe,  I will be able to tell you this: the Moisturizing Soft Lotion holds nutrient-rich Sea Kelp and Vitamin C, E and B12. This tells us that we get a highly antioxidant product with deep penetration that also assist the skin with uneven skin tone and discoloration. I like that very much! It also contains oils of Citrus, Eucalyptus and Alfalfa – all well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. I understand why the cream is well suited for my sensitive skin, it calms down redness and I never experience any breakout after usage, even on acnegenic areas like my jawline.

The bottom line then; would I purchase the cream or recommend it to anyone else?

YES I would and I have! I’m not a huge cream-lover, I always gravitates towards shopping for oils and serums but this product acts according to its marketing, it plumps and hydrates, it is lightweight and gives me a smooth flawless finish, perfect for makeup application. I do understand why La Mer uses the phrase “Beauty Beyond Skincare” as the second part of the new range consists of….base makeup! 

Stay tuned for part II of the #skincolordelaMer launch.♥


Product provided for review consideration
  1. Oh my what a shame they refuse to tell us what’s in this beautiful product. Just for that fact it’s a pass for me it’s like eating something without knowing it’s Contents no ma’am. Thank you for your honesty this seems like a great product that said.

    1. Dear Esnath! It took a lot of courage from my side to point this out, but the fact is – with social media and sites like this, it comes somewhat of a responsibly as well. I’m a believer in beautiful products, I trust the R&D process and I respect all brands that willingly discloses their ingredient lists and credits the research team. Kisses my lovely <3

  2. Thank you so much for another fantastic and honest review. To be honest I am not La Mer follower for my personal reasons but appreciate to read and learn more about the brand from your point of view and watching at these amazing pictures.

    One more time…Thank you so much.

    1. Beautiful Mar, yes I totally agree with you, I think we find some brands that our skin and personal opinions resonate with, and we can’t really love them all; it would be a hassle! hahaha. You’ve got the most incredible skincare collection and I have found so many products that I’m longing to try simply by looking at your posts. Kisses my love, M

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