La Mer – The Concentrate (time to splurge)

Now. Le’s talk Unsung Hero. Skincare Hero. Over all: a hero-product, shall we? For the skincare savvy reader, La Mer and its history isn’t a novelty. However, if you are new here on That Luxurious Feeling (welcome!) let me give you a quick background to the brand and its famous Miracle Broth™.

During an accident in his lab, Dr. Max Huber, a well renowned Aerospace Scientist, suffered severe burns. As no products on the market could accomplish sufficient help with the healing process and scarring, he set out to develop a blend that would work on his wounds. 6000 experiments and 12 years later the now iconic Creme de La Mer launched, infused with the Miracle Broth™ made from deep sea kelp.

Today, this “magical” blend runs throughout the entire La Mer range, making the products unique on the market.

When it comes to La Mer, it sure divides the skincare community. Some simply feel that the price point is incredibly steep (I agree) and questions whether we as consumers only pay for a fancy brand. With that, I disagree. By breaking down the ingredients of the Miracle Broth™ (yes, its a ridiculous name, nothing in skincare are miracles, we know persistence and being consistent in your routines will equal results) I’m hoping to be able to shed light on what it is you’re purchasing – and if it is a blend suitable for you skin.

As already mentioned, the Miracle Broth™ stems from deep sea kelp harvested in the cold Canadian waters and sent to La Mer’s own laboratories in NYC. The blend is highly advanced; described as follow:

“A blend of sea kelp, calcium, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, iron, Vitamins, C, E and B12, plus oils of citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower go into the broth, but its “miracle” lies in the way these ingredients are combined – a process called biofermentation. This 3-4 month process results in a whole far greater than the sum of its parts, with the power to transform the skin’s appearance.”

Let’s do a little break down of these ingredients:

  • Sea Kelp (only sourced through sustainable harvest) is believed to hold a lot of energy in their cells. combined with the other ingredients and released via a process of biofermentation, that energy will benefit the healing of our skin cells. Kelp is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and helps to regulate the texture of our skin if digested as it provides our thyroid glands with extra iodine.
  • Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium All vital parts of the body and they work to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated, which is important to heal damaged tissue and make fine lines less noticeable.
  • Lecithin is one of our natural antioxidants derived from egg yolks or soybeans. It is used in cosmetics as a natural emulsifier and can assist carry other active ingredients down the layers of tissue.
  • Vitamin C, E and B12 Oh where do I begin! Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid is a preservative and antioxidant well established to work against discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E also known as Tocopherol is the strongest antioxidant for topical application. It protects and heals blood vessels and well as tissue. It assists with damage caused by pollution and UVA. Vitamin B12 is actually found in sea kelp and is a star ingredients for food and beauty! Some of the known benefits for the skin are the assistance to reduce face blemishes, dryness or cracked skin and acne. It effectively repairs skin cells while regenerating and repairing your skin so it stays bright and clear.

The INCI-list of today’s hero product, La Mer The Concentrate continues, but this is to show you an example of the complexity of the serum and what you can expect from all products made by the brand.

So why do we need The Concentrate and why would I defend its price point? Well, there are many delicate serums on the market with similar ingredients and claims – however not with all of the compounds in one bottle. Secondly, as the name tells us, this serum is the most concentrated form of Miracle Broth™ available, where the broth is extra fermented in the lab for higher results. It is a luxury product for a luxury market but in my opinion it also delivers the results you expect from it.

With its silky, rich texture a little goes a long way. The Concentrate is made to calm your skin, whether you battle with redness, irritation, any kind of inflammation (yes it calms down those pesky zits) to give you a stronger and more resilient skin.

With a concentrated form of cell-renewing ingredients, results was visible already after two weeks of incorporating this product into my daytime routine. The skin became more flexible and plump. As the serum contains Cyclopentasiloxane (D5) a 99% purified silicone, it gives the product a unique fluidity which makes it incredibly spreadable and easy to work with. The ingredient works well as a water repellent to give your skin an extra protective barrier while at the same time working as a good delivery agent for all the “miracle ingredients”.

For those of you who like to do microdermabration, laser treatment or chemical peels I warmly recommend The Concentrate for its fast-healing and calming properties. Your skin will need all the TLC possible and you’ll get it all in one bottle. Talking of the bottle itself, note that the new, updated design features a nice seaweed kelp top (adorable) while the dropper ensure that you only use the correct amount of serum – no need to be heavy handed! I appreciate the tinted glass bottle as it effectively protects the serum from daylight.

Bottom line here: I would and will repurchase the serum (available in several sizes) as soon as I run out of it as it is a perfect staple product in any man or woman’s bathroom. Yes, the price point is high and so is the visible results as well as the luxurious feeling while applying the blend on your face. Quite hard to resist! ♥

Love, M


Product provided for review consideration 
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