More than what meets the eye

This is going to be short and sweet. When I first got to know the brand Bravura London it was via an introduction made by my lovely (skincare obsessed) friend from Hiddenharmonyworld. She is a wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration so naturally, when she used this brand so frequently I needed to have a look!

Now, this is not going to be a product review. Instead I want to discus something (more?) important: this month is Parkinson’s awareness month. You all know how I feel with dedicating certain months to a specific disease, like with our Pink October. I’m more for giving it awareness for the field of research needed for a specific group of illnesses.

However, this month highlights awareness around neurological diagnosis’s and as this is close to my heart, I want to address it.

The founder of Bravura, Amanda Elias, made a rare and brave statement on how Parkinson’s has effected their family and I especially fell for her comment: ” Please remember: if you see someone that does something out of the ordinary, it’s not polite to stare and judge” referring to when her husband is getting tremors in his arm. Neurological diseases are so much more than what meets the eye, it has nothing to do with intelligence or intellect, even though it affects some brain activities and most of all: there’s often no cure.

I always love to use skincare that has that little extra, scientifically, ethically or whatever. When I realised that my favourite acid-brand Bravura (which is vegan friendly and not tested on animals) this month will take active actions in the fight against Parkinson’s, that evening, I used the products with an extra light and happy heart!

It made it feel so luxurious and precious to me ♥

Thank you Amanda for this statement and for producing such amazing products.

Yours, truly.

  1. aww i never knew that about Amandas husband, my uncle has parkinsons and its hard for him and my aunt, i shal look forward to your review.

    btw fantastic shot hun

    Missy xo

    1. Hi Dear Missy! first of all, I’m very happy to have gotten to know you. Thank you for reading and leaving such a personal comment. Secondly: I’m very sorry to hear about your uncle, although we know that many illnesses like these doesn’t mean that you won’t have a full and rich life. It will just be a bit different.
      The reviews will go up, the brand is SO amazing! Kisses, M

    1. Beautiful Sal! I’m first of all so very happy too see you following me back, you are one of the first feed I noticed when I started my skincare journey. Secondly, Thank you for your kind and warming words. I think beauty is so much more than just “playing with lipsticks”. We are a strong community in a multi-billion dollar industry and have a lot of power to influence and create awareness, regardless if you have the funds to support, or not. Kisses from Dubai, M

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