NIOD to Harvey Nichols Dubai – and how to decode the system

My first encounter with DECIEM – the abnormal skincare company was about two years ago when I took it upon me to order their serums from Hylamide. You can view some of them at the top of TLF, presented amongst other favourite serums of mine. Yes, I ordered them all the way from the U.S which made them kind of pricey, but normally, the beautiful thing when it comes to all brands under the DECIEM umbrella is that they all hold very high-quality ingredients in a very high-concentrate mix but to a very reasonable price point! I think it is one of the owner’s life missions: to make scientifically correct skincare affordable to as many consumers as possible.

I love my Hylamide serum and when I saw one of their other brands, Hand Chemistry being sold here at Boots ME, I bought the full range and have continued to use the excellent products ever since.

When Instagram started buzzing about DECIEM launching yet another brand called NIOD I remember every skincare junkie jumping up and down. Everyone wanted to try the range. It felt fresh and new, very “medical” in the design and the ingredients listed. I think the only question mark with the range has been how to actually decode it and use it. What product goes where in the skincare regimen?!

NIOD: Non-Invasive Options In Dermal Science has finally come to Dubai. If you live here you’ll find the range at Harvey Nichols Dubai and I’m thrilled to see the company extend their presence at this market. My top picks for the time being (and for my must urgent skincare needs) are:

ELAN: Ethylated L-Ascorbic acid 30% network – used for nighttime only, this powerful highly stable ELAN (Vitamin C) product is supported with a network mix of 10% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Selenium and Zinc. It pretty much saves your skin with the support of collagen production while addressing uneven skin tone and discoloration. The product is highly antioxidant and will enhance the skin’s barrier function.

HV – HYDRATION VACCINE: supports out NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors) by making sure that the skin’s production of NMF remains stable.

I don’t really believe in inventing the wheel twice. Not when the original is outstanding. The formidable skincare expert Caroline Hirons found that her readers where confused about how to best use the NIOD range and so she did what she does best: untangled the mess for us all by interviewing Deciem’s founder!

Please read her brilliant review over here before you start to shop the range. The products are very concentrated and I want to emphasize the importance of knowing what you put on your skin before you give it a go. Just because everyone at Instagram seem to own the whole range, doesn’t mean your own skin is in need of it all. If it ain’t broken…

You’re welcome! ♥


Pictures: Al Tayer/PR
    1. Hi sweetie! Apologies for my late response. I think you really need to look into the range as it’s quite unique (as are all the brands under their umbrella) and very very effective! I’m so happy to finally have the range in DUBAI. Kisses and happy weekend! xoxo, M

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