No words needed

Let’s take a little test, shall we?

If you:

  1. Are a huge fan of La Mer skincare.
  2. Knows exactly what the miracle with the Miracle Broth™ really stands for.
  3. See the charm in a patented experience more secretive than the House of coca cola.
  4. Knows that it is at the Max Huber Research Lab the magic happens.
  5. Are in need of a serum essence with a crystalized version of the Miracle Broth™ for an even deeper penetration.
  6. Believes magical potions will make you look as flawless and young as Anna Wintour (yes please!)
  7. Thinks of serums as life savers and therefore they need to be extra potent and enriched.
  8. Have about $620 to spend on an essence

If you answer yes on all of the above, then maybe it will be worth investing in La Mer Genaissance De La Mer Serum Essence.

 And then pray to God that no one in your family will ever find the receipt. That’s all I have to say about it 🙂

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