One of the best things about Christmas…

…in my opinion is to look for that special gift. I do it all year around; go window or display shopping and catch myself thinking what a great present that item would make for X, Y , Z.

In this somewhat weird world where we beauty editors, vloggers, bloggers and specialists live, certain items gets so much attention that you sometimes forget that this might not be how “other people” would do it. One of these hypes I’m referring to is the Branded Advent Calendars. 

Every year they get more lush, more expensive and the competition is fierce. In order to get your hands on some of these calendars, you need to personally KNOW Santa. They are circulating the internet for a while and run out of stock as soon as they launch. I do understand the pressure of owning a very limited edition piece. But I don’t understand why that would be an Advent calendar?

Let me show you how I’m thinking. These two calendars, for example, by wonderful Diptyque and Liberty London they are just fabulous! The design with the Liberty print is an icon. You can assume that all products within these two are of the highest quality. So what is my issue?

Well, firstly all of these very expensive calendars already show all of the items within. Where’s the fun in that? I love a calendar that surprises me!

Secondly: when I look a little closer (as we all do) there will always be a number of items that I can’t or won’t use.

Give them away then! Yes of course I would, but that is not the point of an Advent Calendar, is it?

This is my take on it. Why don’t you spend a good amount of money buying beauty items that you know will be appreciated and well used? Less is more, they don’t need to be large and fancy, it can even be some of your deluxe sample (yeah, we do own a bunch, don’t we?) and wrap it up nicely!

Last year, this is what it looked like. My sister and I did a beauty calendar for my parents, something they could fiddle with throughout all of December. It was a pure joy to come up with the items, but even more so to see them open it.

The best part: It was social as well, because it made us chat about the gifts each day up until christmas eve!

For 2015 there is only one single Branded Calendar that I would even consider buying, and it’s done by Kerastase. Otherwise, I would rather both give and receive a home made luxurious calendar with a mix of my favourite brands, scents, items and beauty categories. Not everyone’s got the time to make one, I do get that. But for That luxurious feeling this is still my personal take on an Advent Calendar that comes from the heart. ♥

If you are now getting inspired, my suggestion is that you either look for minis, or smaller makeup items, or buy some of all the gift boxes now available, and break them up into several packages! Caudelie, Sephora, Molton Brown, Jo Malone, Ole Henriksen, Estee Launder and Kiehl’s all make splendid gifts that goes for both men and women!

Happy Hunting my little Santas xxx

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