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Playing favourites is something I try very hard to avoid. I love and endorse all the brands that goes up on That Luxurious Feeling, if they don’t cut it, you’ll not find them in here. However, those who knows me well also know that there are few brands I personally would consider working for. HydroPeptide is definitely the exception to the rule.

I found the brand quite a long time ago, by experiencing their powerful peeling system. Back then, the brand was not available in Dubai and I still remember the first time I spotted it in a salon at Mall of the Emirates. Some loud shouting may have occurred…

To keep it simple this time around, there are four core reasons as why HydroPeptide has won my heart:

  • Information. I’ve never met such a high-tech skincare brand that is so transparent and educational with the material they provide for each product. Completely free of fluffy marketing language, straight forward and precise information about ingredients, claims and usage they make it very easy to fall in love with the brand.
  • Ingredients. With over 60 peptides, antioxidant rich botanical stem cells, vitamin infused formulas and a technology based of the science of Epigenetics – heritable changes in the gene function that do not involve changes in the DNA sequence, the brand stands out. Epigenetics controls how genes are read by our cells. Genes make proteins and these are necessary to enable communication between our skin cells. As Peptides are basically a string of proteins they automatically become very helpful in active skincare. HydroPeptide also clearly communicate that no peptides can work alone. Having a fancy skincare claiming that it is the peptides that makes the difference is simply not true. The magic lies in the combination between correct peptides and other actives.
  • The Results. I have never tried a HydroPeptide product without seeing clear visible results. Usually I like to give products a good 28 days to work on my skin but these products are formulated with a high concentration of ingredients and they deliver instant results. Easy as that! (And I’m not paid to say that).
  • Variety. With about 9 different full facial systems to choose from, I guarantee that you’ll find a regimen that will be kind and supportive to your skin. Yet, oddly its not hard or confusing to choose between the products. The systems are well defined and communicated even for a skincare beginner.

Now, as you know a little bit more about the brand and my reasons for constantly returning to their products, let me introduce you to their latest innovation: HydroPeptide PolyPeptide Collagel + Line lifting Hydrogel Mask for Eyes. Try saying that fast!

The skin around my eyes is probably where I struggle the most. I’ve got super sensitive eyes, very dry under-eye area, oily eyelids and some fine lines. The only thing I don’t suffer from are those dark circles. I’m constantly searching for eye products that will hydrate, lift and restore the balance around my eyes while still be good enough to apply makeup on. Did I mention that my oily lids also are flimsy and thin? I desperately need eye care products that are capable of addressing a ton of issues. Therefore, I was so curious to try these small eye masks. Each sachet contains a pair and each package comes with eight treatments. I would say that they are a little bit of a splurge but they sure provide results.

The PolyPeptide Collagel+ mask uses Hydrogel technology infused with key collagen supporting peptides, all to lock in moisture and at the same time give you that smoothing cooling feeling. The product  claim to plump up the skin, reduce those fine lines while helping to boost collagen production. The mask helps to cool and calm down the skin, making it a good alternative after aggressive treatments.

Let us take a little look at the ingredients, shall we:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: collagen boosting peptides such as sh-Oligopeptide-1 and 2. These are synthetic peptides consisting of the amino acid lycine, glycine and histidine. As fragments of the important collagen proteins they’re used to naturally trigger the skin’s collagen production.
  • Growth Factor Peptides: cell-activating peptides such as sh-Polypeptide-1, -9 and -11 these are cell signaling proteins that mimics the growth factors in our skin. They also promote collagen production which gives us stronger and more flexible skin.
  • Caviar Extract: provides the area with some much needed antioxidants and nutrients. My skin feels balances and fresh, not dry and tired.
  • Allantoin | Aloe: known for its soothing and calming abilities it is well loved by my sensitive eyes. It reduces inflammation and as a notorious “eye-rubber” I need all the help I can get in this department.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: do we really need to present this ingredient? Known for attracting and holding water to the skin it is vital for a well hydrated and plumped up complexion.
  • Vitamin Blend: The blend of potent vitamins and antioxidants protects against free radicals while at the same time softens the skin.
  • Castor Seed Oil: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and with disinfectant properties its one of my favourite oils.
  • Kaolin: a little touch of clay to purify, soak up excess sebum (goodbye oily lids) it also sooth sensitive skin. This is why I always use any excess-product out of the sachet to smear all over the lids.
  • Niacinamide: Vitamin B3. Helps to prevent uneven skintone, work on fine lines with its skin-restoring properties.

This is a pretty cool lineup for a small eye mask, right?!

I’ve tried the masks during my pampering weekend routine where I take some extra time to indulge in my skincare routine. I honestly can’t say whether I’d like these for AM or PM regimen as they are incredibly calming and moisturizing. In the morning they will work amazing under makeup and at nighttime you’ll fall asleep with “rested eyes”. The masks are applied straight under the eyes after you cleanse and pat the skin thoroughly dry. I liked to leave them on for a good 20 minutes and of course use up all the juicy excess product! I even applied some around my mouth. I mean, fine lines can appear in many areas right, haha. All I have to say is that it is a really great mask for all skin types and ages. It is a bit of luxury perfect to gift your friend on Valentine’s Day. I haven’t worn any concealer on my under-eye area since trying these masks out. Just sayin’. ♥


Product provided for review consideration 
  1. what an interesting product! it has so many ingredients that I am sure provide real and immediate benefits! I also don’t deal with dark circles but I will turn 30 this year and I need to take extra care of that delicate eye area! reading your blog post really made me curious to try this little magic potion my darling! thanks for sharing your experience,I trust you so much ❤

    1. My amazing Bori! SEE, your comment made it straight to the site 🙂 I love you for always taking the time to read and comment. It is so generous. I honestly think that you’d be very happy with the HydroPeptide range. It has changed my view on skincare. Lots of love, M

    1. My lovely Adriana! Isn’t that the fun part of our community? How much we constantly learn from each other! Love it :), xx M

    1. Dear Jaqueline, I continue to use your full name because it is so beautiful! I’m very happy with the chance to collaborate with HydroPeptide and can’t wait to treat my readers to more articles. Sharing is caring and TLF only share the best 🙂 Kisses, M

  2. I hear you about he eye care struggles, I haven’t heard much about HydroPeptide before today, so thanks for sharing.
    I know all to well the power of peptides especially 60 can you image what those can do.
    On your under eye proble have you tried mayachia We don’t have it readily in the U.K. but if you can get hold of their latest eye product you should be into a winner if that doesn’t sort out you sensitive eye area I don’t know what will.
    Good luck with it

    1. Dear Esnath! It’s always a pleasure to present new brands and to be honest some that might not be the Flavour of the Month on Instagram, but brands that are winners in the long run ;). Obviously, by only looking at ingredients we will never know how good a product is. But it gives an idea! Kisses beautiful, M

  3. I have been looking at this brand for awhile. Like a good year. I am finally sold. Thank you for a great and informative article. I am looking forward to finally try this brand!

    1. Hello Beautiful Ann! Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and leaving a comment. It makes all the hard work worth the struggle. I’m happy you’ll try them out, I haven’t been disappointed in one single product of their range and that rarely happens. Love, M

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