Pink October: let’s try to be Toxic Free

Time run so quickly. Half of October is already behind us and we will soon be focusing on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But not just yet.

I continue my mission to create awareness of Pink October as a month when #allcancermattersI still believe that we should not only be focusing on breast cancer, but to see the bigger picture: people from all social levels, races, ages, sexes and nationalities fight cancer. Every day. And If by paying a bit extra attention during Pink October; donate if possible, spread awareness or personally help out with someone (or the families) who are battling this, then maybe it can lead to something extraordinary?

For me, it has been quite easy to channeling all this trough makeup and skincare. I searched for yet another interesting thing to try out during this month, and by coincidence really, The Organic Pharmacy (which I’ve already written about) offered me a Deluxe Manicure at their beauty salon!

There are no nail polishes on the market today, that can be considered as completely and utterly safe. But we do have some alternatives that can pride themselves of being so called “toxic free”.

The Organic Pharmacy and their Organic Glam Nail Polishes is one alternative and comes in a huge variety of shades and colour groups, ranging from nudes to metallic and glittery versions. They are all opaque and quite thick in texture, easy to apply and the most important for this article: Free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde. DPP (Dibutyl phthalate) is a known substance that have shown trace of interfering with the body’s own hormones. It is banned in all cosmetics in the EU.

When speaking to several physicians they all agree that if you are undergoing cancer treatment (or for any other reason like what you are reading) these nail polishes might be the best alternative for your body and nails. Just because you are ill, doesn’t mean you stop caring for your beauty routines. It is in fact one of the things that many patiences seem to hold on to. It’s known, safe and a ritual that can take your mind of things for a while and make you feel more like yourself.

All The Organic Pharmacy salons offers Mani and Pedi (amongst other treatments) and the Deluxe Manicure also include hand and arm massage as well as a hand bath with their signature Cleopatra Milk Bath. I had a wonderful time and felt pampered and calm. Base coat, double layers of Candy Floss pink nail polish and a top coat later, my hands looked so neat and nice. Any other day, and I would have tried out their new Fall range with deep colours, but Pink October craves pink nails!

The Organic Pharmacy, not technically a pharmacy, is one of my favourite skin care brands and I often tend to recommend them to new beginners, when people ask for great skincare. The fact that they also do a complete organic makeup range seem to go past some people, which is a shame. The products are very nice and feels “grown up”. For the nail polish, I first felt it took a bit of time before it was totally dry; but once it set I had some struggle to get it off hahahaha. No chipping and fading! It held 5 days straight which is not common when it comes to me and my nails. Big thumbs up for that! I do recommend you to stop by and have a look at the manicure or just pick up some nail polish to go. The Organic Pharmacy is also supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so if that’s what you wish to put your money on, I suggest you check out their range!

This article was sponsored by The Organic Pharmacy for review consideration. The opinions and recommendations are still my own. 

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