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OK folks, prepare yourself because this is going to be sweet! As you all know, most of December I’ve been knocked out with the worst flu in history. Christmas Eve came and went in a haze of fever and my husband was being equally miserable with his cold.

I guess this is what happens when you slow down for a minute and the busy work and lifestyle that we lead catches up on us. For most of the Fall, both of us have been keeping a high speed tempo and when your mind is constantly swirling, the quality of sleep noticeably decreases. In other words: we’ve been exhausted!

Whenever I get too little or too much sleep (yes, that also happens) it affects my appetite. I don’t eat well or regularly and I’m constantly thirsty – no matter how much water I seem to drink. All of this turns up on my skin. Not only on my face but I break out on my body and my upper arm KP is more work than usual to maintain. My complexion gets severely dehydrated and dull. I look and feel old. 

Take that and then add a vicious cold on top of that (with a pretty Rudolph red nose) and you all get the picture: my skin has been awful for weeks. But you know what? I found a way to treat it – and it wasn’t even meant to be my flu remedy; it simply came in handy!

Enter ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy.

First of all, for those of you unfamiliar with ESPA Skincare let me tell you a little bit about the brand. In the world of luxury SPA Treatments, ESPA is leading the field when it comes to applying a holistic approach to skincare and at the same time ensuring that science and nature walks hand in hand. This is not a new brand, and in 2017 this philosophy might not seem all that revolutionary, but when Susan Harmsworth started the brand, this was groundbreaking and new to the industry.

ESPA comes from London but you can find the brand in 450 SPAs in 50 countries all over the world. Whenever you enter one of their SPAs you’ll notice that they are not perfumed or scented as the treatments work a lot with aromatherapy based essential oils and the customers body and mind choose the scents that resonates with their needs. Hence, each and every room will have the smell of the luxurious treatment provided.

Susan Harmsworth came from the world of fashion; according to ESPAs website, she used to work for Vogue in London and NYC before moving on to Toronto where she came across a new way of thinking when it came to salon treatments. There, she met Therapists who had studied medicine first, she saw them adding a different way to salon treatments where the body and mind connected, science and nature played an important role and where beauty came from the inside – even the phycological balance mattered.

What we today get when we enter an ESPA SPA or purchase any of the products for home use is a natural brand that cost a little extra due to the fact that their Biochemists works hard to only distill and extract the finest raw ingredients that nature has to offer. The packaging is very attractive and unisex as the brand caters to both male and female customers and all of the products are created with a thought of giving the user a sensuous journey to relax the mind. This is highend luxury!

I love ESPA and to this day, I’ve never tried a product (carefully chosen by their well trained therapist) that didn’t work for me. I have the pleasure of living close to one of their famous facilities, The SPA at Intercontinental Dubai Marina and if you’re interested I’ve written a full article about their Facial Treatments! 

Let’s get down to business and talk about the ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy. I got one of these beautiful jars earlier this Fall but as you all know, I want to try my skincare products thoroughly before presenting them to you – and I’ve just had so many products on rotation that I wanted to wait for the right time to test drive this mask.

Clearly, December; sporting a flu was the right way to do it!

As the name says, this is a product for overnight use (although, I’ve used it while lounging on the couch having a Big Bang Theory Marathon and it worked equally fine). This is a mask designed to transform your skin over night. We all know that our skin works hard while we sleep to repair itself and with months of a poor sleeping pattern I could see my skin being exhausted. I already suffer from dehydrated skin and I have to constantly address uneven texture and my hyperpigmentation. This mask, made up of 99% natural active ingredients addresses all of those concerns.

The formula is made up of a Tri-Active™ blend, made to replenish, restore, strengthen and rehydrate the skin. Let me present the three phases for you:

RESTORE: maybe my favourite part as I could see visible effects just after two applications! Seaweed Extract infuses the skin with lots of moisture while Yeast Bioferment, Natural Sugar Complex and Chicory Root strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier while helping it restore the hydration level and boost the regeneration process that takes time while you’re asleep. With my sore nose and blocked sinuses, it sure had some issues to work with and the mask delivered beautiful results!

REVITALISE: This part would normally be my first priority as it contains Stabilised Vitamin C to address all of my dark pigmentations and uneven textured patches. It makes the complexion look less tired and dull, brightens it up while at the same time stimulates collagen production. I’m very picky with what type of Vitamin C I use and I have to have it in my skincare routine. I could see some benefits but as I’ve mostly been in bed and not exposed to any sunlight, my hyperpigmentation has also had a bit of a rest, so I have to see the full benefits once I start to run around this sunny town of ours again. The REVITALISE-part also holds Konjac Root and Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres both which addresses those fine lines with plumping up the skin and making the complexion firmer and more balanced. All of these ingredients are meant to be working topically as well as from within – it is ESPAs believe that a healthy face and body can’t only be achieved through topical applications. It takes time, work and effort and beauty comes from within. I love their “less is more” concept with clean products, highly efficient and tested science and the notion that you don’t need a 14 product-routine to make your skin and body happy.

I’ve saved the last part of the Tri-Active™ blend for last, as it is something to discuss if you like me have very sensitive skin.

RELAX: is where ESPA makes our body and mind connect via sensuous journeys. As said, the brand works with essential oils in their products and some like it, others don’t. I personally love them but they have to be high-quality oils for my skin to accept them. When I first opened the jar I got a bit scared. The scent was quite strong and I decided to try the product twice with only some small patch tests just in case my skin wouldn’t approve of it. Turns out I didn’t have to worry, the quality of the oils is amazing and I can easily use the mask three nights a week without getting any unwanted reaction.

The mask contains Cedarwood, Ylang-Ylang and Lavandin essential oils and I love the Ylang-Ylang as it always makes my home smell like a luxurious SPA. I connect with the scent. The Cedarwood makes the product feel unisex and clean, not overly feminine which I enjoy. You all know that I have a bit of a problem with too much lavender on my skin and to be honest: I know it’s the star ingredient that is supposed to make you sleep better but I would happily be without it.

What I like the very most about the mask is the texture! The company describe it as a gel-cream mask and sure, that’s how it applies but the look and feel is a dense, thick and rich mask (almost like it would contain Manuka Honey). You apply it, massage it until it becomes white and them let it sink in before going to bed. It won’t stain your pillow cases and even though it is super lush and thick, it doesn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable.

As it so happens, I have a small version of the ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum in my collection (I have been dying to purchase the full size but it is quite expensive) and this magnificent serum-in-oil is the perfect companion to my new overnight mask! It holds so many fantastic ingredients in one single bottle, that it truly deserve its own review but if you already own it, please apply it with the Overnight Treatment Therapy and be prepared to wake up happy. It won’t make the flu go away but at least it will make you feel human again ♥


Product provided for review consideration 
    1. Hi Lisa! ESPA is such a well-loved and respected brand within the international SPA business. I’m very lucky to have the chance of presenting them to you and hope you will be able to try out the brand at home or at one of their many many spa locations! Kisses, M

  1. Dear M.,
    thank you for sharing with us this brand and especially this product. Again, your words made me want to try this therapy in form of mask.

    Thank you so much.

    Sending you a lot of love and happy you´re healthy again.

    1. Hi Mar, as I said over at IG, this post was indeed for you. I truly believe that you would love the products and even more so; their FANTASTIC spa treatments. If you ever get a chance, book an espa treatment and indulge. Mwah!!! M

    1. Hi Sweetie! Yes I believe ESPA holds the most elegant and clean approach. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people from their HQ and they are they are so professional and protective of their customers. Hugs, M

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