Rainforest luxury by Rahua

Every time I get to try a product by NYC-based Rahua: Amazon Beauty it makes my heart sing. I simply must share the love with you all and encourage you to discover the range!

It is said that forever, women of the Quechua-Shuar Tribe have known the secret of how to prepare this highly potent, restorative oil called Rahua. It is pronounced as ra-wa! It is a natural part of their beauty routine and it’s claimed to be the source for their thick and healthy hair.

The Rahua Ungurahua oil is very rich in Omega-9 which hydrates the hair but have the smallest molecule which allows deep penetration onto the stray’s very core. This oil is not a coating fixture.

During the ’90s, NYC based stylist and colourist Fabian Lliguin got the chance to learn the women’s secret and with being descendent from the Quechua tribe he has devoted his life to save the rainforest and support the natives living there to earn a decent living and learn how to fair trade and harvest in a way that will preserve the jungles for years and years to come.

Fabian Lliguin started Rahua care together with his wife and now the line is extended with body care as well as hair care.

Personally, I’ve only tried the haircare range before and fallen in love with it.

When I recently got a sample of the Rahua Body Lotion for healthy and luminous skin I was intrigued. I’m actually very poor in taking good care of my body skin. Sure, I always use SPF and I like to use after sun when we have spent time by the pool or at the beach, I do use some body butter on my elbows and knees – but other than that I really need to get a grip!

So a new product by a favourite brand seemed like a great way to start.

This little piece of pure magic, with focus on pure: as with all their products, the body lotion is 100% natural rainforest grown; it is natural and organic and even more so, it’s vegan and gluten free.  As I have friends in my closest circle who need these kinds of alternative, it makes me very proud to introduce this brand to the market.

Yes, we now know what the Rahua oil does, but the lotion also contains Sacha Inchi oil which is rich in Omega-3 and assists the skin with elasticity and softness. It is jam packed with sunflower seed wax and coconut oil and castor oil. No artificial ingredients as far as you can see!

Yes, it does come with a very small amount of lavender oil, which for some can be something to keep an eye out for. I’m usually sensitive about it, but with this product, I didn’t have any problem what so ever. It is lush and luxurious for it’s ingredients, for the way the company behind it works, for the sourcing of oils and the ethical and humanitarian work that is being kept by Fabian and his wife Anna, in order to protect the natives.

I’ve used this a couple of times now, after a semi-hot shower and my skin looks very dewy and satisfied. I’m not dry or flakey but I think that this body lotion will work wonders with all it’s components for someone that need deep and instant penetration of moisture. I highly recommend it and I’m happy that the scent is so mute, it won’t overtake any perfume.

These days, there are many places where you can find Rahua but if you are uncertain where, please visit their website for more information.

Even if you only have a sample, there’s no point in skipping out on the luxury. Put it on a nice tray, light a favourite candle (in this case Voluspa Blanc de Blancs) and pamper yourself. It’s those precious moments to yourself that counts and makes the difference.


Sample provided to me for review consideration. 
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