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Already back in May, 2016 I left a small teaser for you here on the site and over on Instagram. I got to know that super-luxurious Natura Bissé were about to extend their premium line Diamond Extreme and take the experience to a whole new level!

That is – if I would consider the brand to have yet a higher level – which I don’t, as everything I’ve ever tried by Natura Bissé holds ridiculously high standard! This is premium all through the brand we are talking about. Outstanding quality that actually gives visible results. Fast and steady. Trustworthy.

Now, you know that I have a very special place in my heart (and all over my face!) for this brand and for the founding family as well as the people working in the company. They all seem to have something special, a quality of kindness and human approach as well as the urge to never take the easy road going forward. The development process for new products seems to be given good time and a substantial amount of research, nothing is being rushed and I believe you can actually see and feel that while using the brand!

One of my favourite quotes by the late founder Ricardo Fisas says it all for me, he said to “Listen Attentively” and that is an art long gone in most industries of today. Yet, this is exactly what his wife Gloria and their children are still doing – so when presenting a new addition to the line I knew that it would be something that their customers had been asking for. Because they listen.

I can hear the crowd go: “another face oil, really?” and I say: no, no, no and no. Under the catchy phrase Sleep your skin beautiful Natura Bissé finally presents a duo-treatment specifically designed for night time use, that will change the look and feel of your skin.

I’ve used this one since May, test driving it and really putting the new duo-treatment to the test! Let me introduce it to you!

Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment consists of two products that work simultaneously together to bring great results. Yes, you can use them each on their own and still enjoy the specific benefits of each product.

The over all claims for the dual-treatment are to work as an anti-ageing, antioxidant treatment to address fine lines and topical damage at the Epidermis as well as assist and stimulate cell renewal deep down at the Dermis. What is new with this is that Natura Bissé uses what they call Chronocosmetics to achieve the results.

Let’s start with that. Chronocosmetics acknowledge that the skin (as the rest of the body) follows a biological clock as well as our circadian rhythm in a 24-hour circle. We age by the biological clock but the skin cells also have an unique chance to repair and renewal during nighttime when we are sleeping.

With complex and high technology, pioneering for the industry (nope, not yet another face oil) the treatment uses the night time shift without the need for a typical sleeping pattern to restore, renew and regenerate the skin. It is technology and the delicate human clock working together!

This is how it works: after you’ve removed makeup and then cleansed (and maybe spritzed) your face for bedtime you’ll start by applying drops of the Diamond Extreme Oil in clean hands. Smooth the oil lightly all over your face and neck down to your chest and start to gently massage it in until the oil is completely absorbed.

The oil is very intense with a nourishing and scientifically developed antioxidant formula of four different oils (chia, amaranth, calendula and carrot) to act deep-penetrating as well as fast-absorbing. It is supposed to improve the skin’s elasticity while at the same time assist with the look of the skin; adding luminosity and address those fine lines. It contains high amounts of both Vitamin E and F.

The main ingredient in the Diamond Extreme Oil is Salicylol Phitosphingosine which enables the skin to be more self-sufficient in the way that the skin barrier keeps intact and it gets the chance to boost the production of collagen. It increases our cell turnover which we need in order to repair damaged skin.

With a soothing and calming effect for night time, the oil holds some lavender and this is a tricky part for some, as it can act as an irritant to highly sensitive skin. I myself always need to be careful with lavender but I feel that the concentration is low enough for me not to cause any disturbance to my skin.

What more can we find in the oil then? I personally love that it contains Progerin Reducer Complex that the company describe as this:

“Extracted from Seaweed, Progerin Reducer Complex helps to maintain levels of progerin – a protein that contributes to skin ageing – at their lowest. (…)it also acts as a protective shield to prevent the deterioration of the skin.”

I’ll say: keep that level as low as possible, please! I also want to mention that the oil in fact carries some Punicic Acid (Omega5) which, being obtained by cold-pressing pomegranate seeds is a ground breaking antioxidant. It is one of the Essential Fatty Acids that the skin needs to fight free radicals and maintain its elasticity.

When the oil is completely absorbed, you’ll use the small Natura Bissé exclusive High Definition Massage Tool to perform a nice facial massage. This improves the blood circulation and helps you lift and tone the Epidermis. It also contributes to improved collagen production and prepares the skin even more for Step 2 of the dual treatment:

The Diamond Extreme Mask. Unfortunately I don’t have a tube of the mask with me right now, so I have to borrow a picture from the Natura Bissé Instagram Account:

Maybe the packaging isn’t as extravagant as the oil itself, but my God, the mask is a power tool and what (in my opinion) makes the whole treatment so special.

After the massage you’re to apply an even layer of the mask all over your skin and neck. Both the oil and mask are developed with a non-sticky and non-greasy texture especially suited for the night time treatment it is supposed to be.

On its own, the mask can easily be used as a booster for day treatment as well: the options are many.

So why do I like it so much then? What is it with this combination that I think Natura Bissé have done so well?

As it is an anti-ageing line and a very high-end one first of all I expect the texture to be fantastic. The Diamond Extreme Mask won’t disappoint. It is silky and light, almost like a second skin as it seals in the oil to keep all the nutrients from evaporating. It is a study in pioneering technology and this is what’s so amazing with the brand: all research, development, tests and production is being made in-house (as well as packaging) and the company really strive to produce the best of the best. They don’t spare any costs of take any easy way out in order to press the price point. If they want a costly ingredient in their products and that will be visible in the price tag, the so be it! I love this. Yes, they are expensive, but they work! 

The mask is refreshing to the skin, very soothing and also gives that sensoric sensation of a bit of lavender. The key ingredients are quite special:

Marine DNA. Obtained from wild Pacific salmon with a complex way of extracting pure DNA molecules without destroying the original double-helix structure of the chain, it gives a highly polymerised product that acts as a protective shield to the skin. It assists the skin’s natural defence mechanism and its ability to fight free radicals. With its unique structure it allows for penetration to the deepest layers of our skin and with the ability to bind 10,000 times its weight in water the skin can retain its moisture balance. It is a costly process and an unique ingredient not to be confused with Hyaluronic Acid.

H.A. can also be found in the mask for intense hydrating support at the top layer of the skin.

Jam packed with Copper peptides, the mask ensures that this targeting ingredient releases encapsulated copper to specific cells to fight anti-ageing processes. Copper is needed in order to improve our elastin- and collagen production which we need to maintain firm and smooth skin. It sounds so simple but still, it is a very important addition to this treatment mask.

Important for many of us skincare addicts (and this is why I think that the company have listened attentively) The mask comes with a good amount of Retinol. Yes, the best way to fight any kinds of skin damage but for some a strong ingredient that shall be handled with care. The skin needs to get used to the level of retinol but once it is, many even prefer to use a medical-graded prescript version for nighttime treatment…

Retinol had the ability to restructure the skin and with a deep and long-lasting effect increases the productions of fibres and speeds up our cell renewal process. For me, with acne-prone skin it assists with the lumps and bumps, making my skin appear and feel smoother and calmer.

Together with Retinol, the mask holds Niacinamide; vitamin B that contains highly anti-inflammatory properties to ensure that the skin’s natural barrier will be stable and reinforced. It preserves out moisture level and, important for myself, addresses the dark spots that occur around acne scars.

With Edelweiss and Betaglucans the mask ensures that the skin gets some powerful antioxidants and regenerative assistance.

So. Dear friends. When Natura Bissé launches something new, they really goes all in! I love this combined treatment, it has absolutely everything I wish for in luxurious and high-tech skincare and the design of the glass bottle and massage tool makes it so lush to have sitting out on my vanity. I have used it for 3 months now and all I really need to say is that I will repurchase it as soon as it runs low – and it’s not exactly as I need to purchase any new skincare products for years and years hahaha.

The Mask works well to travel with, I can imagine it will be very appreciated for all business travellers, men and women, who need both retinol and a good deal of hydration preservation. Even though there is a soft scent of lavender to both products, I would definitely say that it is unisex and by no means floral.

I hope you’ll get a chance to try out this Dual-treatment as it is just beautiful – made by beautiful people for beautiful people. ♥


Product provided for review consideration. 
  1. My dear M.,
    thank you very much for your wonderful and detailed post about Natura Bisse new products. I knew that your unique words and all the information you will wrote about this special treatment, will make me fell in love with.

    I really feel that this treatment has been designed and your post has been written only for me. And this is the outstanding thing here, the versatility of your words to make that everyone feels that this article has been written for itself.

    Im so grateful to meet you and happy for all the brands you have enabled me.

    Thank you very much.

    Sending you a lot of love,

    1. My wonderful Mar, you are such a dear friend to me. I’m so happy to have you in my life with all your knowledge and positive energy. Thank you so so much for these kind and loving words, it is really amazing that you feel as though I’ve written it specially for you. Thats’s how I wish that everyone would feel when they enter my site! What a goal 🙂 I hope you’ll get the chance to try these two products as a combination. They are filled with love and care. xoxo, M

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