Sensai Cellular Performance – a new Essence is born*

Almost three years has passed since I founded That Luxurious Feeling and countless brands and products have since then passed through my office. There is a pure delight in the chance of getting to know a lot of new brands (whether they’re new on the market or just new to me) but it can also make you neglect those brands that you’d used and loved for a very long time. Venturing back to product-series that I’ve known to work well for me in the past is always rewarding. That’s why I feel extra excited to present you with the newest addition to Sensai: Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Essence.

Sensai (formerly known as Sensai – Kanebo) is the premium brand within Japanese beauty house of Kanebo. For anyone who understand and appreciate the rituals behind Japanese skincare, this brand is the pure essence of luxurious feeling. 

Japanese skincare tradition teaches us to double cleanse, double treat and double moisture. A few extra step to preserve skins youthful properties. A little more work but nothing worth having seldom comes easy.

I’ve written several articles covering Sensai and if you are new to the brand I recommend you to read the Brand Presentation before you continue learning about the new essence.

Now, one funny thing about Sensai is their habit of naming their products in a way that might lead to misunderstandings. Their famous Lotion for example, is a first step light moisture and the new Wrinkle Repair Essence is in fact a serum. There, let’s not complicate it!

What’s unique with Sensai as a brand is their proprietary ingredient Koishimaru Silk. This incredibly fine silk fibre, spun from the exquisite silk cocoon, was once only available to the Japanese Imperial Family. Scientists learned that the silk fibre held the benefit of not only adding luminosity and supreme texture to the skin; it could also stimulate skin’s own production of Hyaluronic Acid.

We know that skin’s structure changes with age and environmental influence. In order to try and recreate the same structure and resilience as youthful skin presents, Sensai invented their Cellular Performance range. As the intercellular lipid complex (our outermost layer of the skin) is there to prevent water loss and function as our protective barrier we need to make sure that the lipid structure doesn’t decline with age. Dry skin will show fine lines and wrinkles earlier and will most likely not provide you with the strong skin barrier you would wish for. By adding the correct cocktail of moisture-baring ingredients and collagen boosters you’ll make sure that your skin will look, feel and work the way that it once did. I don’t like the word “anti-ageing” because I actually like to age; but as your skin is an important organ of your body,  its a wise move to take preventive actions against ageing.

Enter: Sensai Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Essence.

Described as “the essence of Ideal Skin” this serum is the newest addition to the range. With a unique composition of Triple Collagen Approach and Skin Barrier Technology it is designed to help skin reinvent its youthful structure and function. To make sure that the lipids in our intercellular lipid complex are still active, the Skin Barrier Technology holds Diglycerin, Squalane, Glycerin and Niacinamide – all trusted superhero ingredients for moisture restoration.

What makes me more interested in the essence is their Triple Collagen Approach. In three high-technological steps it will support your collagen life cycle to plump up the skin and make it strong.

Step one: Reduce old collagen.

With a new compound of HA/COL Booster the essence start to function by rapidly accelerating the breakdown of old and ineffective collagen. By producing an enzyme that breaks collagen, it basically kickstarts the process.

Step two: Create new collagen.

With added Moon Peach Leaf Extract (extracted from the Shell Ginger plant originating in Okinawa, Japan) this ingredient is shown to efficiently stimulate collagen synthesis.

Step three: Defens against Collagen glycation.

By adding Himefuro Flower Extract (extracted from Geranium Robertianu), a natural and well trusted Japanese remedy, it is said to prevent any deterioration of collagen – known as a major cause of skin ageing.

As a recap, the essence gives you lipids to restore and protect your outermost skin layer against water loss, it provides you with a high-tech solution to create and protect healthy collagen and the patented silk will add luminosity and smooth texture to your skin while at the same time stimulate any production of Hyaluronic Acid.

What I love about Sensai is that they never over-promise. The essence is one step in the ultra premium Cellular Performance Routine. It promises hydrated, plumed and filled skin that looks and feels resilient and smooth.

It delivers exactly as promised.

Which I’m used to when applying any Sensai product. Their way of combining R&D, nature and ancient Japanese traditions seems to be a winning concept. The brand is expensive but fascinating as only one product will show results. Yes, a twelve-step Sensai routine facial might be one of my favourite treatments ever, but for those times when I only grab one single product, I end up feeling equally satisfied. In this “secret” lays their greatness. The new Wrinkle Repair Essence is incredibly fast absorbing, have a faint fresh scent to it and leaves my skin ready for the next step of hydration: the eye cream and face cream. Recommended to be applied straight onto the Cellular Performance Lotion it works well both for morning- and nighttime regimen and won’t interfere with your makeup application.

Ever since the first Sensai counter opened at prestige location in Harrod’s London back in 1979, the brand has never lost it’s place amongst the worlds most luxurious and advanced skincare and beauty formulators. Their dedication to science is outstanding and I will personally always feel pampered and beautiful in the presence of their unique products. Now I just need that matching eye cream in my routine! ♥


*Product provided for review consideration
  1. Sensai is such a brilliant brand. I have their Lip Treatment and one of their newer foundations which works a treat. I consider them light years ahead of so many Western brands. Thanks for the details in your post, I should now go have a closer look at this product:)

    1. Hi beautiful Marie! wow, I’m so happy to see you reading and leave a comment in here! It made my day. I’m especially thankful for you appreciating all the details…I’ll tell you why later. The Sensai Lip treatment was my first love and I’d die if it ever gets discontinued! Kisses, M

    1. Hi Sweetie, of course you don’t mind it! You never seem to age, it’s not fair 🙂 I’ve always thought that Sensai holds perfect formulas and textures. This one is no difference. Lots of love and thank you so much for always reading and commenting. It means so much! xx, M

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