Sleeping with Filorga

For about four years ago, I discovered Laboratories FILORGA Paris as I was searching the aisles of my local pharmacy looking for something luxurious and extra nice to dive into.

Yes, there are some high end cosmetic skincare brands that I enjoy using; but for the most part I feel it’s well invested money to spend on products with a little more medical research, a higher percentage of active ingredients and, if possible, I love it if a brand have organic, fair-trade or other admirable aspects to their line. Better ingredients, more of those costly and strong ingredients and less perfume or added colour is my style.

I came across Filorga. Compared to other brands in the pharmacy, it is expensive and the black and white, sleek packaging immediately gives you that feeling of Dermatologist brand. It feels luxurious but maybe more so, medical.

Fast forward four years and I’ve now started my journey together with this unbelievable company in terms of PR-collaborations. I could just start out by reviewing the newly launched item I’ve been testing out for the last month; but you know what?

I don’t want to do it that way. I want you as a reader to take the same road as I did, while I discovered the brand. I want to show you those products that I’ve personally bought and selected only by doing my own research and having an opened mind. This will never be a platform for pure product placement and I’m quite proud of my beauty collection! Let’s just start from the beginning and see where we’ll end up.

About the brand: Filorga has been around for over 35 years and started out as a bridge between cosmetic skincare and the aesthetic medicine industry. Inspired by professional treatments and provider of such, the laboratory wanted to create skincare with high efficiency but for the consumer to use at home.

The Medi-Cosmetique® range was a fact. With highly technological formulas inspired by the professional Meso therapy technique, and by working with ingredients encapsulated within Chronosperes  (a patented discovery by CNRS, French National Centre for Scientific Research) all Filorga’s products are designed to penetrate all layers of the skin in a safe and stable way.

What are the claims? When I first picked up the Sleep-Recover® anti-fatigue night balm it was out of curiosity. My medium-to-dark skin has a tendency to look ashy and dull and my eyes get puffy when I sleep too much or don’t get enough sleep. I suffer from insomnia and in certain time periods it’s hard work to keep my skin looking healthy and radiant. I look tired and not because my eyes are betraying me!

Four years ago I was not so keen on sleeping with a lot of products on my face. I just wanted it to be clean. The Sleep-Recover® claimed to take advantage of the night time to regenerate the skin, strengthen it and work against dullness, reduce all puffiness, give me back some radiance and enhance my skin’s elasticity while I was sleeping! A pretty good deal so that was it: I started sleeping with Filorga.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients then: with an active ingredients derived from the Silk tree it promise to reduce toxins in the skin, reduce the pigments that are causing the skin to look dull and in some extent regulate cellular repair. Silt tree is said to also increase the melatonin production in our body (not to me confused with melanin) which we all need to get some quality sleep.

Silk tree extract together with Horse Chestnut extract works as an anti-inflammatory agent which addresses the puffiness and decongestion. We want a plump and well hydrated complexion; but at the same time we need skincare who can assist with drainage of excess water and to tighten the skin without it feeling tight and harsh.

Then follows the STAR-DUO of Filorga: Hyaluronic Acid combined with the NCTF® complex. In Meso-therapy they inject vitamins into the skin. Taking inspiration from the technique, Filorga’s NCTF is a mix of over 50 star ingredients:

  • 12 Vitamins to really stimulate those vital cell functions.
  • 23 amino acids which assist and encourages the body to produce more elastin and collagen.
  • 6 coenzymes.
  • 5 nucleic bases to stimulate cellular communication (Paula’s Choice is all about cellular communication haha)
  • 6 minerals that helps compensate for the skin’s deficiencies.
  • 1 antioxidant to fight those free radicals.

NCTF® together with Hyaluronic acid and glycerin makes this mask work on every level of your skin and address all parts of the claims. I’m not a scientist so I can’t vouch for how highly concentrated each and every ingredient is, but I do know that when I read up about the INCI-list, I could easily understand while the brand has got as high price point. R&D of this kind of formula doesn’t come cheap.

For those especially interested, the Hyaluronic acid used in the balm is identical to the one used for injections and has a high molecular weight of 1.4 million daltons.  This combination stands for an intense revitalizing hydration while addressing the claims and those signs of fatigue.

What about the look & feel? As already mentioned, the whole Filorga range is very sleek and gives you a professional impression. I love that it’s made in a unisex way with luxurious packaging that sits nicely on the bathroom shelve. The Sleep-Recovery® balm comes in a bottle with an integrated twist-up cap to ensure minimum air contamination and no fingers will ever touch the formula. You twist it up and pump. Already from the beginning I felt like a little goes a long way and as I try so many skincare items, I waited a bit but then repurchased my second bottle about a year ago.

This is a balm, almost like a balmy serum (it’s designed to work with a cream on top) and it takes a good five minutes for the applied product to really sink in, even though a use a massage technique to “rub it in”. In some way, I find that nice. When products are too fast absorbing for me, I only end up feeling dry and dehydrated. I’ve got time to let my skin drink it all up. The scent is next to nothing. It gives me that whole “medical” feeling of being more effective than flowery and pretty.

so, bottom line then. Does it work? Yes, it does! It is expensive and I wouldn’t have repurchased it otherwise. On my dull skin it makes a huge visible difference. It’s supposed to target dark circles as well, but as I don’t suffer from that, I can’t give you any feedback there. I look rested and feel fresh in the morning but this is a product that shall be used in days in a row to see the full result. Many of my skincare products works well to rotate but this one needs to stay put in the routine for at lest 14 days and preferably more so. I think what I experience the most is the hydration level and the fact that the skin feels tighter and looks clear. No, it doesn’t address my mild acne and I can’t say anything about any fine lines, but I look more rested and awake after using this product. I warmly recommend it and this review is in no way, shape or form aligned with the brand or part of any PR collaboration.

If you have tried Filorga, let me know here or in the comments on Instagram what your experience have been! ♥

  1. Great in depth review! The hyaluronic acid aspect grabbed my attention immediately! I have seen this range a lot recently but didn’t know much more so good reading. I agree with you about sometimes you don’t want products to absorb immediately into the skin – but take time so you feel more hydrated. Nice to read about your skin loves as I know we both share that passion!
    Kelly xxx

    1. Kelly I’m so happy to see your reading, liking and commenting the article. I know you of all people have such knowledge and style when it comes to skincare and I value our friendship so much. Kisses from Dubai sweetheart <3 xx, M

  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful Article .
    We would like to send you more Filorga products to try out .
    Kindly and us your address .

    Best Regards,
    Maria Madadha

    1. Dear Maria, Thank you so incredibly much for acknowledge the article and liking the read! It makes me so happy and proud and I do feel that Filorga is a brand I can relate to and vouch for.
      I will send you more details via email. Have a wonderful evening and give my best to your Team. Best wishes always, M

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