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It doesn’t really matter if you spend a fortune and hours on your skincare routine, if you. when applying makeup with your bare hands, sponges or brushes are working with dirty tools. Everything that comes in contact with your skin shall be as clean as possible hence washing your hands before any application (never ever stick your fingers down in a jar of skincare, please!) changing pillow cases every second day and for the love of everything that is holy: cleanse your makeup tools!

Now, the more expensive and delicate your brushes are, you might want to treat them nicely. Don’t use any harsh chemicals, a lot of alcohol (unless you really need to sterilise them for a client) and please do not use fluid detergent. Remember that very fine bristles are rare and should be treated as such. Also, make sure you don’t lather in the whole handle and setting, as with time, the bristles will start to shred on you or you might be forced to glue the whole brush back together. Not all that funny, no.

There are so many suggestions out there on what to use to cleanse your tools. BeautyBlender come with their own set of bar-soaps and mists fitted for their special sponge.

Then of course, there are super expensive alternatives, both solid and liquid that one can utilise.

The problem is, that you should preferably cleanse all your brushes on a weekly basis, and do some touch up cleaning in between, specially when it comes to foundation brushes and brushes used on your eyes. A very expensive treatment will cost you.

This is what I use. Good old-fashioned Baby Shampoo ABC Derm Shampooing by Bioderma. It is so incredibly gentle, has the most lovely scent for something that is not perfumed, and deep cleanses my brushes like noting else. It is modestly priced and a bottle usually lasts me 1,5 years.


After washing my full brush collection every weekend. That’s a pretty good deal and so it deserves a spot as an Unsung Hero.

The shampoo even contains a bit of Lactic Acid, so I feel safe to say that all skin-residue on my bristles will be gone when I’m done.

Always rinse your brushes thoroughly and gently press out the water and form the brush into shape again. I always make sure to let them lay down and dry in a cotton cloth with the bristles hanging free over the end of out kitchen counter. It is important to let the air circulate. Don’t place brushes straight on a flat surface to dry; it will ruin their shape.

I hope this little tip is useful for someone. This is a super product and I’m quite particular with my brush-collection and as such, treat it with respect. That, and I make sure to not put any extra bacteria on to my skin as I’m battling my concerns as it is. Clean hands and tools, happy skin!

And no, we don’t lend friends our tools, but keep some extras to spare, right? Especially for lips and eyes…♥

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