Starting a Luxurious Journey

• 111 SKIN • The 3-dimensional perspective of how to heal, treat and protect skin •

With practical experience from a full career working as a Plastic Surgeon Specialist, Dr. Alexandrides decided to create a line of products where the ingredients had been thoroughly tested in the extreme environment of outer space where skin ages rapidly.

Chemical engineers with over 40 years of experience worked to create a brand that prevents and reduces wrinkles via the brand’s proprietary formula NAC Y2 while making sure that the highly effective healing system remains free from parabens, paraffins and sulphates.

The 111 SKIN journey starts here: with the most luxurious packaging and presentation. Very well representative of this high-tech skincare brand. ♥


Skincare Products provided for review consideration. All other products are private property. 
    1. Janine I don’t even know where to start with this brand. It is so luxurious and crazy scientific. I’ve already started to test out the products and OMG…they are divine. I’m in trouble! hahahaha kisses, M

    1. Moahahahaha, oh Rich! Sorry for the late reply, but still, you crack me up :). I think you’ll love the brand as much as I do. So far; I’m incredibly impressed with the results. xoxo, M

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