Sunny side up with Herbal Essentials

When you do what I do, you run into so many brands to test and quite frankly: you only got one face (or body) to test on, so there’s limited time! Over the last year or so, it seems like skincare that claim to be “organic” has just exploded on the market. I applaud the effort and alternative but I’m not one to fall for something just because it says organic or cruelty free. I’ve said this before: I need science to back a product up; research or certifications made by trusted establishments. I personally like it when “all natural” sit on the shelves of my pharmacy and holds a full inci-list. That’s just me.

In all the leading pharmacies here, you will easily find Herbal Essentials – an all natural brand full of organic essential oils and made by Himalayan spring water never touched by man and filtered down through the nature for 20 years. I’ve seen the range, looked closely to it and I will be totally honest here: I ended up buying something from a brand I already felt familiar with. Once again: only one face…

Then, by a coincidence really, I got the opportunity to test this brand out!  I’ve received a face cream (let me tell you more about that later) and the Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 30, focus of today’s review.

I can’t stress enough that I do return items if I think that they are not qualified for this site: I want you to feel that the products on here meet certain mutual qualifications. Also, I never feel obligated to write a review based on being given a free sample or to be nice to anyone. I test all products on myself for an extended amount of time and I would never put anything on my skin in the first place, that I personally didn’t feel comfortable with.

With that being said: I’m a firm believer in protecting the skin from damaging UV rays but also acknowledge the fact that we all need some small amount of sun on our skin for the body to be able to produce sufficient amount of Vitamin D. There are several different “schools” of sun protection and I won’t go into them today.

Herbal Essentials is a holistic brand who believes in the body’s capacity to heal itself and let the process come from within. The Sunscreen Oil is a fast absorbing, light oil that doesn’t leave any white residue on the skin. It’s said to be non-greasy but to be fair, I’ve never met a sunscreen that doesn’t grease a little! I’ve used this product by the pool (so I can’t attest for the feeling of saltwater) and while power-walking in sunlight. For both purposes it is a dream. When I read “oil” I immediately associated it with frying myself under the sunlight, but I can assure you it has nothing to do with that picture! All Herbal Essentials products are made in Germany and certified by the well renowned Dermatest GmbH, a German Dermatologist research centre. The sun care range follow all EU regulations and for this specific product the tests show a Broad spectrum note of 370nm and SPF results of 48.1. You get both UVA and UVB protection in a product that is independently tested by the Helio-Science in Marseille.

You are supposed to apply the oil 30 minutes before sun exposure and massage it in really good. I took the advantage of this and gave my face and body a good drainage massage. It is always important to apply  a rich amount of sun screen and rub it in properly. You will never get protection with a sloppy job! This product is kind to the skin and can be used on children as well. I am very happy with it as it doesn’t contain parabens or paraffins. No, the expiry date is not extensive, the product is fresh and clean and need to be used within months. Living in a hot and sunny climate, I can’t see any problem with that!

I will tell you this: I feel a bit stupid for not testing the range out sooner. Herbal Essentials are not cheap. For sunscreens you can find a lot of budget alternatives, but I’m very happy with how it performs and with the organic essential oils in it, the skin really gets a lot of moisture even when being exposed and put to the test. The brand is a member of the PETA “Beauty without Bunnies” program to ensure no animal testing, I think there are so many parameters that makes this so luxurious to use. I’m absolutely recommending the brand and the sunscreen and for those who are not living in Dubai, items can be ordered online through their website.

The only note I’ve got to add is: I wouldn’t use this particualr product as a base under makeup. I feel like it’s a bit too slippery for my taste. For that purpose, I have other recommendations. For workout, golfing, tanning or bathing it is amazing and deliver what is promised on the packaging.♥


Item provided to me for review consideration 
    1. Sweet Cat! You are most welcome! I also feel that cruelty free can only be a positive step in the right direction. Obviously, I do use some brands that are not listed as cruelty free by PETA but I do my best to find great alternatives that works on my skin. Kisses, M

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