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The first time I ever heard of something called a “cleansing routine” was in my teenage years. Back then, I found Lancôme to be a pure luxury. Compared to soap and water, it probably was!

I remember that the Lancôme counter always had the best offers, buy a cleaner and get a toner for free, or all the large makeup kits with cute makeup bags to go with. I got to try out the Galatée Confort – a comforting milky cream cleanser that came (and still come) in a handy pump disposer. My first impression as I can remember is that I thought it was so smooth and soft: but did it really cleanse my face? What I know now is that clean for me before then was stripped down naked as skin normally feel after soap and water…

Accompany the milky cleanser was the oh so pretty pink bottle of “Tonique Confort”, a rehydrating toner that you swapped over your face using a cotton pad. When my first two regular size bottles were finished I was happy to learn that Lancôme also carried them in super size. I was hooked, and I think I even got my mother to use these as well. I can’t remember if we had any day or night cream but for sure I didn’t have a serum to top of the routine with.

Both products contain honey- and almond seed extract: lovely products but nothing revolutionary. The white milk cleanser (although getting points for not stripping or foaming up the skin) do contain mineral oil and knowing what I know today, I would not use it on my particular skin.

But everytime I pass by the Lancôme counter I still see these products fronted as best sellers. They have been around the block for a long time now and are well loved and purchased. The product family is extended with some eye makeup remover and micellar water, but for a L’Oreal-owned company I would have thought there should be more innovation coming out of the laboratories. I’m still curiously waiting and hoping!

All pictures: neiman
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