Testing Testing: Bioderma Hydrabio range

Back in December I got the chance to test out bits and pieces of Bioderma’s new Hydrabio range. I must admit I was very excited, since I had seen the range being reviewed by some of my French colleagues and was constantly looking for it to arrive at the shelves in Dubai. I think, what allured me was the bright blue tops of the packaging and the fact it claims to be for Dehydrated and sensitive skin. That’s me, in a nutshell and the freshness of the design made me think of hydration and laboratories all at once. It got my attention.

Now, you all know that I don’t write about skincare products without having tested them for an extensive period of time. It is a bit of a dilemma: I love to try new things, and I also love to hold on to the products that I’ve used for years and know works for me. Testing and trying skincare products on a daily basis always comes with some challenges. The skin is not always up for the task.

As I’m a long time user of Bioderma I felt it was wonderful to be given the opportunity to try not only one, but three products at the same time. I stopped some of my other routines to first use them all together for a while, and then separate them to incorporate them one by one into my other, trusted regimes where I like to mix and match brands to get the result I aim for.

Please allow me to start with my favourite product: Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF 30, PA+++. This super soothing and moisturizing light weight cream goes on like a primer to me. A primer with great SPF! New to the Hydrabio range in the Aquagenium® patent which you’ll find in all products. It delivers very intense hydration properties to the skin due to a) Vitamin P and b) Apple seed extract which claim to “stimulate the activity of Aquaporins, the natural channels allowing water flow within the skin”. This wonderful product comes in a tube with a hygienically clean pump. Containing both UVA and UVB-filter it prevents skin-ageing caused by those dreadful UV-rays and here in Dubai, it feels extra welcoming with sun-protection that actually works great under makeup! I’m constantly searching for great primers and this one works well for me. It contains Vitamin E which I can never get enough of and some fine powders of pearls to give a blurring effect to the skin and cover any microlines and small blemishes. I can’t say for the lines but for my skin it gives a blurring and radiance effect quite similar to Clarins Eclat Minute, and I can use it as a no makeup-makeup base. A cherry on top: the Perfecteur holds a small amount of BHA, Salicylic acid in it, targeting those blemishes as we go! I’m very pleased with this product, the texture is light and a little goes a long way.

Then follows the Hydrabio Crème: described to be for Dehydrated sensitive and dry to very dry skin, I wasn’t sure how it would fit me. I’ve got some dry parts to my face and others combination, so I always need to watch it with creams or I will end up with a greasy complexion.

This cream quite surprised me!

The texture can only be described as a light body butter (for the face); rich and buttery. But once you start to apply it, it just evaporates in to the skin and leave it comfortable, plumped up and wonderful. The scent is next to nothing, no perfume added and of course it holds the Aquagenium® patent. I do understand why the cream says to be targeting lack of radiance because it gives my complexion a very nice look. I think the skin looks and feels the same: movable and with a smooth skin texture. Salicylic acid is in the inci-list, but not as a top 10 ingredient, hence very gentle exfoliation and I would use it both as a night- and day cream to lock in my wonderful face oil treatments. With Vitamin E in this cream as well, it’s great for fighting premature skin ageing and it resembles the Protecteur in a lot of ways; but with a cream formula and without the SPF. It’s really nice and so easy to work with.

I would have preferred it to come in a tinted glass jar for a more luxurious feeling, but know a lot of people doesn’t like glass in their bathrooms for safety reasons.

Being a complete #serumjunkie I unpacked the Bioderma Sérum first of them all, and in the end this is actually my least favourite item. Go figure! Yes, it holds the magical patent, and it comes in an airless pump bottle for hygiene and nice design reason. It holds Apple fruit extract which I applaud, but other than this, on my complicated skin, it didn’t do much difference.

I believe it might be a bit to gentle for me, my skin is used to highly targeted serums where the active ingredients often comes in a very high quantity. Therefore I’m sorry to say I couldn’t see any difference or feel my skin developing during use.

I tested it on my husband as well, who liked it well enough for the neck where he always gets severely dehydrated and dry after shaving. Obviously, products works different on different skin concerns!

I started to look over the rest of this range to see if there would be other products I would love to try, and ran in to three more. I got disappointed to see that they all had mineral oil listed as a top 5 ingredient. I will not apply that on my skin if I can avoid it (obviously, sometimes even I miss to properly read the inci list) but if you don’t have an issue with this ingredients then the Hydrabio Rich; treatment that retains the skin to moisture itself might be something to look into.

All in all, the products I’ve tested didn’t include any mineral oils and as always, I think Bioderma succeed in their effort to produce high technology, dermatologically intelligent products with a very reasonable price point. It’s no wonder the brand is so popular and visible all over pharmacies in Dubai. ♥


These products were provided for review consideration
  1. So, does the perfecteur make your foundation patchy at all? It seems like an only child type product, doesn’t play well with others. If I use a serum under this, or anything over it(besides just foundation) it clings and goes patchy, and does a whole lot of weird stuff.

    1. Hi! I’m a bit unsure what product you are referring to, but you are very welcome to elaborate and I will do my best to answer it! have a wonderful day xoxo M

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