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A while ago. when reading one of my favourite beauty blogs called Brighter, Darling I noticed that Steffanie who write the blog had a fun post up: The Beauty Lover Tag. For those of you who stay away from social media, a tag means that you can challenge or invite other bloggers/Instagramers to participate in the same game and then gather all answer under that same #, allowing you to see all the others answers and compare notes.

This is a struggle for me! I love these kind of tags but as I’ve never referred to myself or this site as a blog you won’t see me do this very often.

However: the Beauty Lover Tag felt appropriate and informative enough that I will give this a try. 10 questions, 10 answers and if you feel like participating, just tag along!

• If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup, who would it be? •

This is an easy one for me: Ms. Morag Ross! I believe that personality need to match as well as the skill of artistry to be able to apply makeup successfully on someone. With the risk of sounding like a crazy stalker fan: I’m a bit in love with Morag for her humble and natural personality. I love her clean face and way of describing her skill; the look she represents makes me feel certain that she will read my face and I won’t come out looking as a transvestite (nothing wrong with that look, just not what I myself would be after). As she is the star within our film industry when it comes to applying makeup and she knows how do to it so the camera doesn’t pick up each flaw, I would be so keen to learn her tips and tricks!

• What’s your top makeup tip? •

The base starts with your face. That’s what I have to say. Skincare first, makeup second and I never apply anything on my face without having a good peeling of my lips (no lip product in the world sits nicely on flakey lips) and a lot of deep penetrating moisture in a form of both oil and cream. I believe that you don’t need as much foundation to make the skin look flawless, if you have prepped it well. The Lip scrub by Lush is a great and affordable choice.


• What one makeup item could you not live without? •

A tinted moisturiser, preferably with a good amount of SPF. I’m not always wearing foundation, I often skip mascara (sunglasses in Dubai!) and lip balm felt like a boring answer. I do have some hyperpigmentation and uneven skin-tone which I am very conscious of. I like something to just smooth it out, I need the hydration it gives and the protection is crucial. Laura Mercier has got great options that sits wonderful on my skin.


• What one skincare item could you not live without? •

This is also super easy for me to answer: a really thick, luxurious cleansing balm. Why? Because without a clean and fresh face, all the other items I love would be useless and feel tacky. I’m a huge fan of face oils but would never apply them in a non-washed face. The number of balms I love are ridiculous.

• What are you worst at, when it comes to applying makeup? •

Hahahahaha, eyeliner! Oh it is a joke, it doesn’t matter what type of item I use; it looks like a child has done it. I’m actually quite good at applying it on other people, just not on myself. I can trust myself with the fact that a super winged eyeliner has never really suited my eyes, they have a very fine, large almond shape by themselves, that I just need to emphasise.


• What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to beauty? •

Oh my, I need to actually go with the same answer as Steffanie: the “not so every-day-friendly” way you now see makeup being done on Youtube! I can’t stand all clown-contouring and I have almost stopped looking at YT videos made by private people (if they are about applying makeup). I do enjoy some of the YT-makeup or skincare reviews! But no, people! Learn to know your own face, the undertone to your skin, where the light hits and so on, instead of trying to copy a YT-tutorial. It will never end good, trust me!

And oh! Can I also address the thing with blending? If you can’t purchase makeup brushes, then at least use your amazing hands and blend blend buff your makeup in! Please?

• What’s your favourite makeup era? •

I’m so boring, I don’t have any! I love the face of the 1970’s but sadly it doesn’t suit me. I’m a sucker for bright colours a la 1990 and classic 1920 will always be so beautiful. But again: on the right kind of face.


• What’s your guilty pleasure product? •

Well. As I see beauty as a job and not always as only an interest and it’s been a part of me since the day my parents bought me a pink vanity-dressing table, I don’t think of it as a guilty pleasure. maybe I read too much into the wording. But, I do like a decadent, exclusive and limited edition item with some wonderful packaging. That will never ever change!

• What’s your underdog product? •

No it’s not an underdog one for the beauty community, but I will say great brushes. I see such difference in result when makeup has been applied on my skin with the right tools. And I hate lip brushes, so this is not a fail-safe statement hahaha.


• What’s your favourite makeup product from 2015? •

Also an easy one: the Metal Clash Limited Edition palette by YSL. No extra words needed!

I hope you had fun reading this. If you wish to participate, please tag me on Instagram of Twitter as I would love to see your answers too ♥

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely comments and appreciation ! I enjoyed the post, and looking at the whole site ✨💕
    Now I know you don’t like lip brushes , but Shu Uemura do a very useful and clever one . It is shaped like a half semi – sphere – with a straight side and a curved side . Check it out …. 💋💋💋

    1. Dear Morag! I’m beyond thankful for You taking the time to read and comment on my site. This is why I like you so much: you represent all that is good and classy with this industry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And yes, now I need to check the brush out, see if there will finally be one for me 🙂 Hug from Dubai

  2. So glad you decided to do this tag! It definitely was a little different that the typical questions in tags you see floating around. I also have to agree I’ve nearly stopped watching almost all YT tutorials and pretty much stick to watching skin care or makeup reviews, favorites, etc. So interesting… I wonder how the beauty brands are starting to feel about this if it’s something that is definitely becoming more the consensus of viewers? (or maybe we’re just old enough to know better and the 14 year olds still drive the profit lol).

    1. Hi Steffanie!! Yes, I think you’re on to something there…that I didn’t dare to say out loud lol. I’m not 19 anymore and (with the exception of ABH) only tend to use brands that normally aren’t associated with the heavy, full on clown faces, baking and what not. Stay in touch, I love your site, your language and the fact that your very high education shines through in everything you do. Greetings from Dubai <3

    1. Heey Sweetheart! I hope you’re doing fine in luxury-land! I’m awaiting your answers as I’m sure they will be amazing to read! Have a fab week Kelly. xx, M

    1. Thanks! It was a fun tag to do. I thought it would be easy but I really needed to put some time into it. Love from Dubai! xx, M

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