The Cult Classic Cleansing Routine – Eve Lom*

One of the interesting things with getting into skincare these days, is the way brands or SAs often start to show you their groundbreaking serums, let you try the thickness of the new cream or discuss SPF. No harm with this; we all need the products. But you can’t build a house without a solid foundation, hence the first step should always be: how you cleanse your face. 

My own personal guess is that showing a new customer a cleansing product might just appear boring, a bit unsexy and let’s call it out: it is the product in the routine that is probably the cheapest to purchase. Better to lure people in with an expensive serum!

The thing is though – all of the good benefits of a full on skincare routine will be money down the drain if the products are applied onto dirty and clogged skin!

I often talk about double cleansing or even triple cleansing  depending on how many layers of dirt, sweat, pollution, makeup and SPF you’ve got going on all over your face and neck. I always start my cleansing routine with a good micellar water to gently remove mascara and water-resistant eyeliner. Then, my preferred choice of heavy-duty cleanser is a cleansing balm. There are two different options here: the balms who emulsify with water and those who…don’t. I shall be completely honest here: I’m all for using different cloths in order to remove the product but I need my cleansing balm to emulsify! I feel slightly claustrophobic otherwise.

Nowadays, there are a bunch of cleansing balms that I would personally recommend. They are all thick and lush, they break down makeup beautifully and they come with their own set of dedicated cloths. But there is only one that I consider to be “the original”:

Eve Lom The Cleansing Balm. 

This was the first premium balm cleanser I ever invested in and I have never stopped using it. What makes cleansing so special with Eve Lom is the fact that it comes with an entire routine! I can feel you all rolling your eyes at me: who has the time for that?! Well, I make time for it because not only will I get a clean result without stripping my face of the good lipids, I will also know that the canvas is in optimal shape to apply all other (rather expensive) products and let them work their magic. Time is money and this routine is a good investment. Let me teach you how to use the Eve Lom Balm Cleanser in a proper way:

  • First, scoop up a pea size of product in dry hands, warm between your fingers and apply it to dry skin. Massage it in and feel your foundation starting to dissolve.
  • Then, fill up your sink with hot water and soak the muslin cloth (always provided in the packaging). Squeeze out any excess water but make sure that the cloth remains hot.
  • Steam your face over the hot water. This will enlarge your pores.
  • Place the hot moist cloth all over your face and let it rest there while the product start to soften and penetrate your skin.

Repeat steaming the face and applying the warn cloth over your face for three times! 

  • Then re-immerse the cloth in hot water, squeeze gently and fold it into a square. Start to buff and massage your entire face, neck and décolleté in circular motions. Not only will it enhance  blood circulation, but the texture of the muslin cloth will provide a gentle exfoliating effect. The product deep cleanses and drains toxins at the same time.
  • Rinse the cloth several times to get rid of all your makeup and dirt. Don’t forget your ears!
  • Then, fill the sink up again but this time with cold water. Soak the cloth and place it all over your face to tighten the appearance of pores, veins and make sure to get a cooling effect on the face to reduce any puffiness.

I then like to use a second, light cleanser to take of any residue; such as a milk cleanser. It all depends on what feeling you are after. The cleansing balm itself is more than enough to cut through several layers of makeup.

The secret behind its multi-functioning aspects is the signature blend of four different aromatic plant oils. Clove Oil holds antiseptic properties and is known to clear skin effectively. With a good dosage of Eucalyptus Oil not only will you get a wonderful sensoric experience; it assist in draining toxins out. Some added Hops Oil tones the skin (even though this is not enough for you to skip any toner post-cleanse!). Egyptian Chamomile Oil soften and soothes the skin while also adding to the beautiful signature scent. It makes the routine so calming and luxurious! Last but not least, Eve Lom lists Cocoa Butter as their conditioner.

I have repurchased this particualr balm four times since I discovered it, and was also generously gifted one jar for review consideration. Obviously, there’s no doubt that it gives me That Luxurious Feeling. I believe it must go straight in under my Unsung Heroes Category, but it won’t stop me from saying this: The Balm Cleanser contains Mineral Oil. And sadly, it is the first post of the entire inci-list. I was genuinely disappointed to see this and wish with all of my heart that a premium luxury brand like Eve Lom will in the future consider to re-formulate the balm. Skincare-savvy customers should be treated to only the top ingredients available and mineral oil is definitely not one of them. One can only pray and wish for a more beautiful solution for the future! I will still endorse the balm as the classic cult product it is but mostly so due to its ritual and other actives. ♥


*Product provided for review consideration
  1. Ok, sweetheart, you sold me again! I love to take extra time to cleanse…it relaxes me😊 I have used a few Eve Lom samples and followed your routine pretty close, except I probably only cleaned twice in hot water, didn’t fully clean my rubbing and did not close with the cold wash. I need to give this a full trial!! Great review!😘

    1. My amazing Angel! I thought, as the routine is quite different and extensive, it would be good to highlight it! We all know that the product itself has a cult-following, but I believe the routine to be as important as the balm is. A beautiful routine that will most definitely work on other cleansing balms as well! Kisses and thank you for your constant love and support. xx, M

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on this balm. I used it a couple years ago and finished the jar. Oddly enough at that time I also used it in the morning and loved it just as much. Your feelings towards the inclusion of mineral oil is understandable, so here’s to hoping that at some point a reformulation happens.

    1. Beautiful Marie! I’m so sorry for my late reply. Thank you for always being such a great friend and for all of our fun beauty chats! You always makes me smile 🙂 And also, thank you for your comment regarding the mineral oil. It’s my personal standpoint and I still believe with a price tag like this one (and other premium brands as well) we could easily get a more sustainable and “safe” ingredient. LOVE, xoxo M

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