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I will say it as many times as it take: I don’t have one single favourite brand, I don’t use one favourite product within a certain category and I’m always ready to try new things. Although I do enjoy French and Asian skincare there are so many aspects that goes into my decision when purchasing items for my face and body.

But, I need to show you my staple. This is a well loved friend of mine: Bioderma Sensibio H2O. Formerly known as Crealine H2O. I use this micellar solution as the first step of my double-cleanse for both morning and night cleansing routine. That makes it the single most used product in my bathroom, except for toothpaste!

I got my first bottle in Paris years and years ago, a small travel size one, the same size as I always carry in my handbag. (Red lipstick smearing all over is no longer a problem).

What is a  Micellar solution or Micellar water? The name comes from tiny oil molecules suspended in water called Micelles. These own the ability to dissolve dirt and oil from your top layer of the skin and cleanse it of without rinsing. A lot of makeup artists use this method backstage and at photoshoots to wipe of makeup between takes.

Travel size 100ml. Picture:

Micellar solution is extremely gentle to the skin, it suits sensitive skin, is fragrance free and easy to use. But: it is not a cleanser! Used as the first step of my Double-cleansing routine, it takes away the heavy makeup and dirt, but only superficial.

I always cleanse twice, going in with an oil, powder or milk to unclog pores and deep cleanse my face. If I have worn a lot of makeup, a cleansing balm is my preferred choice.

There are a number of micellar solutions on the market, in various price points. I’ve tried so many and I always stay loyal to Bioderma.

Sébium H2O Micelle solution. Picture:

Emphasising the word gentle, that’s how you should use the solution. Soak a cotton pad and press it to the places where you have most makeup applied, as eyes and lips. Hold still for ten seconds, then carefully swipe the makeup away. No tugging, rubbing or pulling! that’s is not necessary,  always be gentle with your skin and especially with your eyelashes and the thin texture around your eyes. Turn the pad over and use the backside to go over the rest of the face. then move to your second cleanser.

Bioderma recently extended their range with two additional solutions for other skin types.

I’ve used the blue one for combination/oily skin as well, and can’t really sense any difference. They both work excellent on my face! The only thing I’m not crazy about in their new lineup is the 500ml bottle pump dispenser at the top. I suspect it is designed to be handy; you can soak your cotton using only one hand, very much like a professional MUA would do, but I still like the old fashion bottle better =)

Over the last three years I’ve made it my business to always see that my mother and my sister have a bottle or four as backups. It has not been available in Scandinavia but that has recently changed! Hurray. Mom use it every day and it works perfect on mature skin as well.

The conclusion here must be that I don’t have favourites except for this staple of mine. And on the note of double-cleansing: I will come back and write more about my different skincare routines, but this is a no-brainer for me, like brushing my teeth. The best part is that with a great micellar solution, you only need a very gentle and nice cleanser to really get the job done. Nothing harsh or drying on your face please!

Oh! And one additional, rather important note: this might be the most copied solution out there. Only purchase it from authorised dealers and if you are unsure of the product you’ve got, just try to turn the pink cap off. All the real, authentic bottles are made in one piece, the top never ever comes of! Thank you.


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