The Mindful Touch – Natura Bissē pushing boundaries with new SPA Experience

SPA Reviews are the most difficult to write. At least I think so. The reason being that so many products, techniques; so much information and feelings are happening at the same time when you go for a treatment. It’s hard to keep track of everything! On top of that, there is the personal touch of the people you meet; from receptionists to therapists. It is complicated and very personal how you perceive everything. Being completely objective is not possible to me as I want to feel whenever going to a treatment. I don’t accept payment for my SPA Reviews and I hope that you’ll be able to enjoy my honest thoughts and feelings.

Those who read TLF knows about my love and respect for Spanish premium skincare brand Natura Bissē. The brand, still family owned and completely devoted to adding high-technological solutions to your skincare regimen or SPA experience constantly seem to push the boundaries for the SPA Industry to what is actually possible to offer us clients. Naturally, it excites me when a brand is willing to go the extra mile to find new technologies, ingredients or textures and produce them on site in their own facilities. It is rare and very exclusive – exactly as their product range!

A little while ago, I had the huge pleasure of, once again, get to experience one of Natura Bissēs treatments inside their iconic and traveling Bubble Pure Air. Let me start by telling you a little about the bubble itself:

As mentioned, the inflatable bubble travels the world to some of the most exclusive SPAs where Natura Bissē operates. If you visit the brand’s global website, you’ll find a schedule on when and where The Bubble will be visiting close to you.

What’s unique about this innovation is that the air inside of the bubble is measured to be 99,995% pure – completely free from toxins, pollutions as well as viral, bacterial and allergen agents. Not only do you breath easily inside of it: your skin will be facing nothing but pure air as it goes through the treatment of your choice, making it more adaptable for the skincare ingredients to penetrate. If you’re highly claustrophobic, climbing into the bubble to receive your treatment might be challenging, but if you can handle it I will guarantee you: you can actually physically feel the difference in how easily it is to breath and relax! My first time in the bubble, I was surprised to see how much difference pure air could feel like. Living an urban life in a polluted and car-based city I do know that I have to protect my skin with loads of antioxidants; but I very seldom feel the air being hard to breath! (Well, unless I go home to Sweden and everything from water to air feels pure!).

The Bubble itself was first launched as a VIP experience before all the Stars walked the red carpet at The Academy Awards. It offers a complete rejuvenating effect and because I have people in my family suffering from the effect of Pollen I immediately thought that this unique treatment would be highly suitable for them. Pure air even relaxes the brain, I arrived with a headache and left feeling great!

Now on to the treatment. My second time inside The Bubble was devoted to experience THE MINDFUL TOUCH – a completely new way of treating your face or your body, that lies in line with Natura Bissēs mission to offer a 360 degree protocol where body and mind all gets treated like one. The new treatment focuses on the connection with your mind, making you feel the treatment not only in your muscles or on your skin, but inside you as well.

To simplify the treatments core, it is divided into three compartments, all of them equally important:

First; the groundbreaking use of Virtual Reality for a skincare experience! As you can see from the top picture, you will be welcomed into The Bubble with some beautiful touching rituals by the therapist before being asked to put on the cool black device to cover your eyes. It feels like laying down with a pair of completely dark ski-googles and I couldn’t help but loving it! Such a fabulous innovation. The video starts, it takes about 8 minutes and while you are being carefully guided through breathing techniques and interesting brain-teasers to achieve mindfulness, you will be looking at spectacular kaleidoscope of colours and “scientifically designed” motion pictures. The voice speaking is calm but not irritating (I’m not a Zen kind of girl and I get stressed when someone tries to use their voice to put me into trance), in fact come think about it, I’m very sensitive to voices in general but I found that Natura Bissē has been smart in choosing a voice-over that is clean, clear and easy to follow. The Virtual Reality Experience is done to set you in a state of what I like to call “thoughtful awareness”. Together with the clean air, I could feel my breathe calm down and my thoughts become more organised and serene. I no longer felt stressed but at the same time, I felt awake and aware of myself.

The second “ingredient” to THE MINDFUL TOUCH treatment is not to be found in the title, but still quite obvious: the premium range of Natura Bissē skincare products. I’ve written many articles about the products which you’ll find if you use the search engine on this site. What strikes me as unique with the brand is that as the whole idea about designing a good skincare product came from the late founder, Ricardo Fisas knowledge and personal interest in ingredients and the science behind them; the attention and investment in R&D is still central. While other brands might start with an ingredient and then find ways of using it, to me it feels like Natura Bissē has always done it the opposite way: starting by addressing a concern and then venture into the lab or searching the world for the correct ingredients to solve the problem! That’s why you won’t find one single core ingredient in all of the brand’s products. That’s not how they’ve built it!

Yes, you can clearly here that I like this brand and for good reasons: they claim their products works; and the do. It is visible and noticeable even after one single SPA treatment that your skin has had a makeover!

The third “ingredient” of the treatment is to be found in the name: the TOUCH. Technology, mindfulness, pure air and fabulous products are all super important, but it is when they are connected together with the Therapists touch and knowledge that you will start to see results. You might think “why would that be ground breaking, we all know to give ourself some facial massage”?

Well, all kinds of massage is naturally great for muscle relaxation, for draining your body from toxins and working those lymphatic systems. But did you also know that different temperatures, movements, pressures, rhythm and touch triggers your neurological system,  it stimulates neuro-chemicals in the brain and inhibits your cortisol level – which lowers your stress and anxiety.

Being physically close to someone, whether it is during a treatment, or hugging your loved ones, touch is a basic sense that the human being need and recognise well. It triggers and releases dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin; the body’s own Happy-Pills! With the right kind of mindful touch, you will have a connection between your brain and your body and at the same time be able to enjoy the skincare benefits of used products.

Do you guys see where I’m going with this? Ground breaking for the SPA Industry!

I was booked in for a 60 minutes body treatment with THE MINDFUL TOUCH with my favourite Therapist who happens to have nine years of experience with the brand. I got to choose between three different body oils to see which one seemed to resonate with my current needs. The oils are not for sale but I can still tell you that I decided to go with the DETOX Oil which is highly antioxidant and nourishing while providing a detoxing effect thanks to Alaria Esculenta Seeweed which according to the company helps to increase cellular metabolism to stimulate and detoxify skin. It also holds anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which I felt was needed for my body. The oil is recommended for us who lives in polluted environments of travel frequently! It also contained Sunflower seed oil, Grape seed oil, Salvia and Rosemary leaf extract just to name a few. It resonated with my needs.

After the Virtual Reality Experience was over, I got to remove the googles and my eyes were covered so that I could comfortably stay in my own little bubble inside The Bubble while my Therapist started the body treatment. Once again was I intrigued by the novelty:

No music!

Instead, the same lady on the voice-over continued her “lesson” while my Therapist matched the movements and touch to what was said. I was constantly reminded to breath, to concentrate and to recognise my feelings but without having the need to judge them, to try and hold on to them or the opposite: trying to push them away. A clear exercise in Mindfulness and I see more and more how this benefits me and actually do work for someone like me who is all in her brain, all emotional and with a thousand thoughts. On Natura Bissēs website, you can read that Jon Kabat – Zinn’s definition of mindfulness could be translated into something like:

“Awareness that comes from paying attention to the present moment, without judging [it]”

I knew exactly what I felt as the massage kept on going: I felt incredibly sad and ready to cry. Obviously not because of the quality of the treatment, which was mind-blowing, but because I think that’s where my head was at, that very morning.

To me personally, it is not an easy task to go and have a treatment like this. I’m not at all comfortable in my body, I have medical issues which makes my skin and muscles very sensitive and its always a scary moment when you open those disposable underwear and notice that they are in size S, while you’re not…

Let’s just say that I always carry extra with me for any treatment to avoid the embarrassment!

Back to the massage which was also something I’ve never discovered before:

My Therapist rocked and wagged me! Like in a cradle. Each body part got to enjoy her special rhythm while she gave me a deep tissue massage by using her lower arms instead of only her hands and palms. I can’t really describe the sensation other than that the technique felt different in the most positive way. The whole treatment felt floating and strong while I was kept warm and comfortable, breathing my pure air and listening to the soothing, clear voice.

I’m so sorry if this review became longer than planned but I really wanted you to experience the difference. In Dubai, THE MINDFUL TOUCH is available at only premium SPAs like The Ritz-Carlton Jumeriah, Four Seasons Dubai, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray and The Address Dubai Mall. Bare in mind though: if you want to experience The Bubble there is only one place to go right now as it is visiting the SPA at Viceroy Palm Jumeirah (and I can tell you, that incredible place won’t get you disappointed!).

I hope you’ll get a chance to try these treatments, even if you’re not located here in Dubai. They take things to a whole new level of luxury as they are both Western- and Eastern science based and well executed to connect your body and mind. ♥


Treatment provided for review consideration 
  1. Wow. This truly is as you said it, ground breaking.
    I so agree how spa reviews are hard to write about as its all about feeling but you did a damn good job! All I can say is, I want a go in that bubble. Like seriously.

    I love NB as a brand as their Diamond range has been a big part of my time working with Space NK as it was a brand I favoured very much! So glad you got to enjoy this … and make me jealous at the same time 😉 Kelly xx

    1. Darling Kelly! I’ve read your comment over and over because…WOW such kind and encouraging words! Thank you Thank youuu. I really mean it: you’re going into the bubble! First for a crystal facial and then for the Mindful touch. I very rarely dislike a treatment, but tho love love love one….it takes something very special to achieve! Kisses and thank you again! xxx, M

  2. I really enjoy the way you write it puts me into a TLF bubble !!!!
    Thank you for such a thorough explanation as I must admit I was wondering if it was just a marketing ploy and now I realise its such an immersive experience.
    Thank you xx

    1. My Favourite Genaya! I was so happy to see your comments in here! Actually, even though Natura Bissē introduced these kinds of bubbles for skincare treatments, I’ve heard that they’ve now become popular for athletes to use to assist with their breathing. It is interesting how you can actually, physically feel the difference – because I didn’t think it was possible! Huge hug my sweetie! M

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