The SPOTLIGHT Interview and 20 facts about me

First of all; I wish to say thank you for all your warm, kind, supporting and positive comments regarding the SPOTLIGHT Interview that is currently featured over at MediaSource’s front page. what might appear to be easy and laid back was in fact a hard decision for me. When I was approached by the question to figure in an interview my immediate response was to decline. You all know this about me, I shy away from any kind of spotlight. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it means a great deal to me that you all took the time to write me such sweet and encouraging comments – you sure knows who your friends are when something like this happens!

As a result of the interview, I’ve received a number of emails where there seem to be some curiosity about me (I can’t understand why, I’m no one special) and as a coincidence, there is this tag floating around in our IG community, where you all have posted 20 random facts about yourself. Yes, a lot of you have tagged me in that post and so, here goes: more is more, I guess!

  1. I’m 34 years old and live as an Expat in beautiful Dubai with my husband.
  2. The center of my world, or at least my attention is our sweet cat. She’s my precious – I’m a proud cat-moma and have always had cats in my life.
  3. I don’t smoke and I’m very sensitive to any type of smoke around me.
  4. I’m an educated college teacher, I have a Masters in Education and History and loved teaching. Education is in my blood.
  5. I also studied Chemistry, Biology and Physics at University – it started out as a bet (My husband is a Chemist) but turned out to really suit me. Go figure!
  6. I had a pale pink vanity table with a large threefold mirror in my childhood bedroom. I think it all started there.
  7. I’m afraid of almost everything: height, deep water, dark, people, spiders…the list goes on.
  8. I hate skiing, really truly hate it.
  9. I drive German cars. BMW or Audi.
  10. I’m obsessed with good food, it doesn’t have to be fancy but it needs to be well cooked with a lot of heart and flavor.
  11. I’m a great cook but useless when it comes to baking.
  12. I love watching the West Wing, Brothers and Sisters, Gossip Girl and ofc Satc. If I’m ill, Gilmore Girls is my go-to comfort zone.
  13. I’ve been drawing and sketching for as long as I can remember. I have a huge need for a creative outlet.
  14. I’m a loner and introvert. I can be very talkative but it doesn’t mean that you know me. I’m never lonely when I’m alone.
  15. Contrary to pretty much everyone else, I don’t like the Urban Decay NAKED palettes. At all.
  16. I’m not fashion – my style is very simple with high quality. I like black, dresses, high heels and always wears scarves and pearls in my ears.
  17. Rings on my fingers makes me feel claustrophobic, it’s very common for me not to even wear my wedding ring.
  18. I’m crazy proud of my younger sister, she’s a really cool chick.
  19. London is my favorite European city – the only place I would want to live if we ever relocated back to Europe.
  20. I have no tolerance with nosy, pushy, false, cruel or calculating people. I only surround myself with kind, loving, generous and gracious people with respect for borders and privacy. My friends means the world to me.



Did you all fall asleep now? This is just some small facts about me that I hope will give you some insight to who I am.

Regarding the picture at the top: I had the huge pleasure of shooting my own pictures for the MediaSource interview and this one got chosen as it is not brand- or category specific. I tried to pick some of the products that represents me the most and sometimes a picture says more than 20 written facts – at least to those who speak the same language. It will be very interesting to me to see what you can read out of this picture! Let me know over at IG or below in the comments what kind of person you detect from it! ♥

  1. I LOVED reading about you! I also contemplated if I should post this meme on my blog, but chose IG instead. I find myself agreeing with a lot of your points, especially the 20th!

    I’ve been loving your posts lately, especially the last post about SUQQU, they’re so well thought out and I enjoy your writing style a lot.

    Laura xx Laurantaina Beauty Blog

    1. Amazing Laura! Thank you so so much for all your kind comments, for following, for your love for SUQQU which we share and all your wonderful pictures. It’s been a fun tag to participate in :). Kisses, M

  2. Congrats, Dear! I really enjoy reading this. I’m not sure which of these 20 trivias that I must comment on since I mentally commented as I read each one of them,but I will pick up the 5th, because, WOW that’s really impressive. Looking forward to your vanity table pick on IG 😉

    1. Tuki! Awee thank you that’s so sweet! I’ve loved reading everyone’s list of facts, it is interesting to see how much alike we are even though we come from different places, live different lives and so on. xoxo M

  3. I loved this. Makes u so much closer, as if u live in London and not DBX. Boy,take my hat off to u with the subjects u chose to study/read.
    My passion started when I was very young as well. Watching my beautiful mother applying her make up and her perfumes. Approaching the big “6” I have seen so many incredible cosmetic houses and their changes, their progress.
    Fascinating …..

    1. Lovely Kassie, yes as we discussed yesterday, it is amazing that you’ve gotten to be a part of witnessing the most luxurious brand’s journey! I envy you this knowledge, such a treat! I bet, times were different back when your mother played with her beauty to get ready for a special event. Gorgeous! Kisses dear and thank you! M

  4. This picture tells me that you have amazing taste in products and look for excellent quality. You know your products and never sacrifice quality. I love this, it was so fun reading about you, I love your posts and your knowledge of products but most of all I love how sweet you are ❤️❤️

    1. Beautiful Karen, I’m so very touched by your lovely comment, I feel exactly the same about you and it is a pleasure to have you in my life. It is so much fun to see your love for everything with amazing quality and how you treasure your wonderful collection! Kisses from Dubai, M

  5. Love the picture and we share the love of London my spirit animal. Oh PS I don’t own a single urban decay palette so there you go, you are a typical Gemini and love that about you. Thanks for sharing and congratulations again and again on your media source interview.

    1. My twin sister! Gorgeous Esnath I loved to participate in this tag as I’ve learned so much of all the other participants! DO IT! You’re always lifting me up, so generous, kind and positive. I love that about you. Thank you. xoxo, M

  6. Love this post! I had no idea you hated UD Naked palettes and skiing! lol
    Oh these facts are a joy and love the insight …. did smile a lot!
    With wearing rings and jewellery in general I get the same feeling, I hate to wear when I am home and the thought of sleeping with jewellery on kills me! Ha.

    Kelly xx

    1. Kelly! hahahaha, YES sleeping with jewellery is absolutely a no no for me! I like to wear bracelets but the thing with rings…aaah, I need to learn! I love the UD setting sprays and the eyeshadow primers though…but no, not the palettes. 😉 xoxo, M

  7. It was great to read your answers to the tag. Where can we see your cat? You probably know from my instagram that I have two cats as well and the are the center of my life. German cars – a definite YES! Good food – YES! Rings claustrophobia – YES (I rarely wear my wedding ring too). Kisses.

    1. Gorgeous friend! hahahahaha YES, finally someone else who understands my thing with rings. No one else seem to get it?! My cat is not visable on the site as I try to keep it my business and not my private life. She hates to be photographed, i can’t take decent pictures of her but she’s my pride and joy. My baby and best friend. kisses M

  8. This was so interesting to read and lovely to get to know you better. I can relate to you about 14) I’m the same and I’m also very shy and I hate to make small talk or things like that 🙂
    Désirée (stunnydesi_loves on IG)

    1. Hi again Desiree (sorry, my computer refuses to write out your name properly). I wouldn’t say I’m shy but I’m often uncomfortable with sharing my private life or personal thoughts in “networking situations” – I rather d it in print, where I get time to evaluate what I want to say and why. It’s interesting though to see that almost all of us are Introverts! Maybe that’s why we find IG comforting and easy to manage? Best wishes, M

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you for leaving a comment and reading. I hope you’ll like the rest of the platform as well :). It seems like a lot of us in this community are Introverts, maybe that is why IG works so well for us and why we have such a lovely way of connecting to each-other.Thank you so so much for your kindness. xoxo, M

  9. My dear M. I finally have found some time to go through your so missed blog and the first stop is this post. I have read the SPOTLIGHT interview and it´s unique and fabulous as you are.

    And really appreciate to have the opportunity to read about you. I admire and adore you, love your style and sense of humor and am really fortunate to consider myself your small but tall friend.

    You´re such a great person and miss chatting with you over the Skype. Hope we can meet us soon in Barcelona.

    Sending you a lot of love,

    1. Dear Mar, you know I’m only smiling when I read this! I always miss you when you’re traveling and I know you’ve been crazy busy lately. I think you are equally as fabulous and you’re NOT a small, (hey, but very tall) friend! I love our chats, I’ll skype you during the week. Lots and lots of love, M

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