The Triple to fight Trouble

There’s really no point in sugar coating it: I struggle with my skin. It is, to use one of Lisa Eldridge’s expressions just very lazy. I need to be hands on and attentive, I need to listen and feel how my skin is doing.

Most of the time, I look worse during pms (as most of us) but to be honest, some of the skin issues are completely work related as testing new products and routines is challenging for the complexion and the more time I spend near a magnifying mirror, the worse my skin gets. I “see all my flaws” and start to pick on everything and anything.

I try my best to stay away from those mirrors and immediately I will see improvement in my skin. Only by leaving it alone!

I’ve discussed this topic before, but a challenge for me is to create a fast in-the-middle-of-it-all skincare routine most often used after any form of exercise. I know how to do my morning- and nighttime routines (yes, I do cheat sometimes but never ever sleep with my makeup on), but as said I think we all need some fast and good routines for pre-gym or any other form of exercise?

This is one of my favourite! During the summer months I’ve mostly exercised by  swimming. I love to swim and can easily do it for an hour straight just because it is calming. The problem is, that the pool water and chlorine is not at all kind to my sensitive and dehydrated skin. Not at all! I stay out of the sun, only swim when the pool is in complete shadow, but the water (sadly) need to be there hahaha. What I need after my swim is a gentle way of cleansing the skin, then lots and lots of hydration and some antioxidants while I’m at it.

TATCHA is a brand that, in my opinion, always produces gentle and delicate products. The Japanese heritage and the years of tradition that these products are made by, makes them lovely and lush. No added frills, only pure love for the skin.

Their best seller, the Rice Enzyme Powder comes in four different variations: Soothing, Classic, Gentle and Deep – all depending on what skin type you are. I own the first three of them, for sensitive, normal or dry skin as this is how my skin behaves, it alternates. In the picture you’ll see the classic one. These are water-activated rice enzyme peels that cleanse and exfoliates the skin without any harsh particles. It is the enzymes from Rice bran and Papaya, both well known for their exfoliating benefits, that extremely gently removes dirt and dead skin. I feel that after an hour in the pool I’ve got some dead skin cells to get rid of…

It’s just a handy product, you just shake the product onto your dry palms, add water and work it up to a creamy paste! Massage it in and rinse. Fast and easy.

Next up is yet another bestseller: La Mer The Mist. One of my favourite youtube-personalities (and to be honest, they are few) Tati from @glamlifeguru made me laugh so hard when she, very aptly, pointed out that people assume that “La Mer must be La Good”. I honestly don’t think all their products works for me, but they still might do wonders for someone else. The Mist however is a staple in my collection and I love it. I’ve already written about its benefits, which you can read all about here.

Pre-pool it is fantastic for rehydrating and the Miracle Broth seems to agree so well with my skin. Yes, it’s crazy expensive for a mist, but worth every penny!

Then last, but not least: surprise! Yet another best seller.

You who follows @thatluxuriousfeeling on Instagram got to follow me to the re-launch event at Nikki Beach Club when Clinique had their presentation of their Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief cream. I mean, look at the name and tell me if it isn’t juts perfect for after the gym/pool?

This is like poring a glass of water onto your skin. It drinks it up in a second. I’ve used it as an overnight mask, as a primer, as a moisturiser. It is lovely but for me, I need the creamier version is I’m going to use it for my morning routine.

As a middle-of-the-day and pre-workout pick me up, it works great!

Sorbet like and pretty, filled with Glycerin, Lady’s thistle extract, Green tea leaf extract, Aloe leaf water and Peptides it is really gentle and rehydrating to the skin. The antioxidant properties in all of the Moisture Surge products makes it so well fit for our busy and polluted urban lifestyle. As always with Clinique this product is super gentle and perfect for sensitive skin or people with allergies as it comes without any fragrance or irritants.

The very best thing though about the re-launch of this cult product is that Clinique wants to make high-end skincare more accessable for all people and therefor they’ve decided to reduce the price on this particular cream with a substantial amount! When I saw the new price tag, my first reaction was: now there’s really no excuse to by skincare at the grocery store anymore! Head over to your department store and get that luxurious feeling simply by shopping at a pretty counter, receive some samples and walk away with a glossy bag. 🙂

There you have it! I very simple 3-step routine that gets the skin in balance and holds moisture throughout the rest of the day or evening. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be so hard. But we only have one skin to work with, so let’s do our best to take care of it; the largest organ of the body deserves the attention. ♥

  1. Interesting routine M., I don’t have any of these brands but can follow this simple 3 step routine with some of the products I have.

    Love your pictures and the way you write.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi sweetheart! I think that was a bit of my aim: if I keep it simple then all of you skincare lovers surely will have some matching products of your own to create a similar routine! some enzymes, a lot of hydration and some antioxidants and peptides are not that hard to find in our collections :). Kisses, M

  2. Love this post! I’m the same if you give me a hand mirror I’m guaranteed to do more damage than good to my skin! It’s such a bad habit , but I can’t help it.

    Stacey White

    1. Hi beautiful!! YES, I can’t help it either but as of lately I’ve been forced to but the mirrors aside because it is damaging all good results from my routines and creates such a bad habit of viewing my skin in a negative way. That was not what all this beauty-related work was supposed to be about! Kisses and thank you soo much for reading and commenting. xoxo, M

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