There is a RED for every woman

When I received the news of a new lipstick-collection by Sensai I was not immediately thrilled as I am a lipstick snob. I want a great packaging, an even greater formula and some fantastic ingredients to be really impressed. I had never considered the makeup line to be all that interesting as to me, Sensai has always been equal with skincare.

And so it landed on my desk: the full collection of Sensai Silky Design Rouge; six shades of reds. It was time to test and evaluate!

These six lipstick pencils are sleek and easy to carry around with you. They double up as both a lip pencil and an actual lipstick so you don’t need to carry both on a night out.

My first impression on the packaging was a straight NO. The black sleek bullet with its simple red trim is just way too…simple for me to get That Luxurious Feeling going. Presented in a lush box with all six of them in a row certainly bumped up the score a lot, but seeing them at the counter would not make me jump up and down, eager to try them on. I would totally dismiss them.

That, my friends, is just a shame; because the product inside is nothing but freaking fabulous! 

Now, let’s get to the interesting part shall we. First of all, as Sensai is an anti-ageing skincare brand, all their products, including the makeup, are designed to fit that label.

When was the last time you talked about your lip-skincare-routine? I can tell you that this is not my finest skill: I often miss to treat my lips the way I treat the rest of my skin – according to their needs. Lips need to be exfoliated, hydrated, plumed up with fresh collagen and protected with SPF. Especially if you are a smoker, you’ll see those lines around your mouth increasing in rapid speed. It’s not pretty with “old looking”, chipped or dehydrated lips and if you add a load of lipstick onto that kind of skin base you’ll only end up with a disaster.

I never smoke, but I still got very textured and dehydrated lips. Wearing a full on, matte lipstick doesn’t work for me and I can’t do lipgloss.

With Sensai Silky Design Rouge I get a lipstick pencil that is packed with Sunflower seed oil to make it wonderful in texture and their signature Koishimaru Silk which helps the body’s own production of Hyaluronic acid. Plumed and hydrated lips on the go!

Compared to a number of luxury makeup brands and their new lipstick launches, this collection is quite anonymousIt can be seen as boring or it can be seen as very wearable. I choose the latter. The inspiration comes from the Japanese tradition of women wearing red lips and the believe that there is a RED shade for every women.

I hadn’t really thought about it that way: to me it’s always been a full on red, a tomato-red or a blue red. Nothing in between.

First of all; the collection doesn’t feature any shades with warm yellow undertone. The shades are more what we would describe as nude shades. 

The twist-up pencils are said to be matte shades, and I respectfully disagree. I would not be able to wear them if they were and they have this amazing, soft and smooth sheen to them. It is suggested, as with the old tradition of Makeup Saho to apply the lipsticks after using the Sensai Lip Base. Personally, I’ve used their Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment for a number of years and it is magical for my lips and the skin around my mouth. It’s recently been reformulated and I like the new texture but think I prefer the old one! That’s life.

Anyway: in the name of true research, I have of course tested these out for you. Here is where the magic happens.

I decided to test-drive #DR01 Soubi. This is nothing but a crimson red. A plain, full on red. The tip is not all that smooth, I like that it holds it’s shape in position while I start to outline my contour. As a lip pencil it works perfect. I find it to go on evenly and with one stroke.

As a lipstick then, it is super easy to apply. It feels like my lips must have warmed up the stick a tiny bit because the application is so easy and effortless. I’m not very good at applying lipsticks, I must do it in front of a mirror and I don’t like lip brushes at all. With this one I could do it in the car.

Now, this is my very first red lipstick ever that after the first application I didn’t need to blot! I mean. Does that really happen?! One stroke, no blotting what so ever and it just sits there?

I wore the shade without touching it up for four straight hours. I drank water out of a bottle and from a glass without leaving any stains, I had dinner, I worked and talked a lot in the phone (lots of lip movement). It didn’t budge. It didn’t bleed. It just stayed there. Looking glorious and semi-matte the whole time!

I then started to think: “oh no, it will be h*ll to get it off”. But nooo, one swipe with some Sensibio H2O and that was it.

Girls. Does it happen to you very often? That a lipstick just behaves. No drying out or leaving my lips in a bad condition. It’s a phenomenal formula and the colour payoff is great considering I only needed one stroke.

Six shades are available, from really red via brown-red, deep berry, nude pinkish red, a warm coral red and pink-red with a cool undertone. My favourites for every-day wear must be #DR2 Ebicha as it goes quite dark on me or #DR04 Koubainioi which is my lip’s version of nude.

I’m so happy to have these and to be proven so wrong.

Can someone please in the name of everything that is holy update the packaging so they start to look as luxurious as they perform!?

If you pass by a Sensai counter, I think you should give them a chance! They will perform, I promise. Hopefully, we will get to see more interesting shades as the line develop. I can’t wait to try these on my mum to see the skincare beneficial effects from the Koishimaru Silk on her lips as well. ♥


Products provided for review consideration.
    1. Daphne! You would look smashing hot in the crimson red, it’s so semi-matte and just luxurious. I’m very very impressed by these, maybe because my expectations weren’t all that high. Kisses my sweetie.

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