Three Quick-Fix with Estēe Lauder ANR

When Estēe Lauder Middle East invites you to a VIP masterclass it usually cover new launches and colours. I very rarely attend as the information or techniques are often more targeted to the regular consumer or someone who is not working with or in Beauty.

Last Friday however, the company’s International Makeup Artist Mr. Takis Mavrigiannakis flew in from Greece solemnly to teach us all about skin makeup and his philosophy when it comes to application, products and tools. What made me instantly want to attend was the fact that Mr. Takis wasn’t about to discuss a new launch, but to talk about (in my opinion) Estēe Lauder’s most fabulous products: Double Wear Foundation and Advanced Night Repair Serum (ANR). I dare to say that you can’t be a beauty-junkie and not be aware of these two iconic products. Maybe you’re not using them (not everyone has to like what I like) but you should at least know about the two ranges.

Instead of telling you everything I learnt from the evening I thought I will bring you three small tricks that actually blew my mind away. I admit I didn’t think they would work and rushed home in order to test and try for myself.

Yes, I’m that stupid!

When someone like Mr. Takis tells you to jump, you jump! With over 30 years in the profession and industry, the last twelve of them working as the top MUA for Estēe Lauder Co. and also being the Product Development Ambassador for the brand, obviously he knows what he is talking about! It is quite funny though, because this man is almost as anonymous as myself, hahaha. If you google him, you won’t find hits and hits of interviews or pictures. His resumé is extensive and prestige, but other than that it’s like searching for a unicorn. I’m truly pleased to have met him and seen him work the skin. He is a firm believer in natural looking, flawless skin with makeup that enhances what’s already there.

When I was 13 years old I purchased one of Estēe Lauder’s Blockbuster Set on sale with my christmas money (I’m not even sure my mom knew what I was up to) and inside the huge kit was of course the iconic ANR. I remember thinking that it smelled very odd and I obviously didn’t have a clue about serums and such, but it was my first introduction to what have become one of my all time trusted products. ANR will forever have a prominent place in my collection and with the range being extended, I now like the eye cream and the ampules in addition to the original serum.

Before giving you the tricks of Mr. Takis, let us decode some of the key ingredients in ANR to understand the serum better:

Bifida Frement Lysate: the company holds several patents for this product and this is included in one of them. As a Probiotic ingredient, a fermented yeast particle, it protects against UV-damage and assist the skin’s DNA repair. The bacterial extract is shown in studies to decrease skin sensitivity.

Kola Seed Extract: packed with caffeine it stimulates the skin and works as an anti-irritant agent to sooth and calm.

Caffeine: yes, again soothing and calming for the skin. Holds antioxidants and have shown abilities to de-puff under eye area and swollen skin. It gives your face a tightening and lifting effect.

Lecithin: built up of essential fatty acids, crucial for the skin cells, it hydrates, replenish and repair damaged skin. Lecithin holds the ability to penetrate the epidermis, and with that carry other substances to the right level of our skin cells. Derived from soy beans, it is a vital part of our cell membrane.

Tripeptide-32: a triple star of amino acids proline, serine and threonine it holds skin restoring abilities and acts as a moisture binding agent. It draws moisture to the skin for long time hydration.

No wonder why this serum has such iconic reputation! Don’t be fooled by its name: it is not a serum developed for only nighttime use. It is one of those products you use for everything because your skin needs it.

Picture courtesy of Estēe Lauder Middle East

Mr. Taki showed us three Quick-Fix tricks on how to use the ANR for better looking skin and makeup application. I’ve tried them all and yes, they work like a charm!

Foundation. Spice up the longevity of your Double Wear Foundation (or any other foundation) by adding two drops of ANR to the mix before applying the base. The oil-free formula won’t make you look oily and it won’t make your foundation separate or flake. The primer-effect is instant.

Blusher. In order to pick up the right amount of blusher on the brush and avoiding “clown cheeks” ad a drop of ANR onto the blush brush before swiping it over your blusher. The application technique shown by Mr. Takis was quite a revelation for me: apply blusher in two swipes only, by moving the brush over the apples of the cheek in the shape if a tilted X. It prevent us from getting a round blob at the cheek or ending up with harsh “war lines”.

Setting Spray. My Goodness. This really is a fantastic trick! After you’re done with your full makeup, including loose powder; instead of using a setting spray which often contains alcohol and will dry out the skin, take a large round and dense foundation brush, apply three drops of ANR into it and stipple it into your makeup, all over the face. It will set the makeup for long wear and seal in the moisture.

There you go! I would love to hear your comment if you try any of these smart tricks. This is not a sponsored article in order to get you to run out and purchase a bottle of ANR (but please do), this is simply my way of sharing how to best utilise our iconic serum and get some extra milage out of the product. ♥

    1. Darling! I feel the same way: it’s so much fun to see PROs showing off their secret tricks. I actually think that the ANR is such a versatile product. It suits everyone and it is easy to use. Lots of love from Dubai xx. M

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