Turning 34 with pleasure

I’ve always been an “old soul”, I never cared for being a child and a teenager wasn’t all that fun either. I’ve always wanted to be grown up. Balanced, in the know and – I guess – treated the way grownups get.

Yesterday was my birthday and I love birthdays! I never feel any stress about growing older, I feel blessed for every year I get. A couple of years ago, I lost a very dear friend of mine and I will forever mourn the fact that she won’t be turning 34 or 50 or 80.

The best part of birthdays are no doubt that you see people thinking of you. This was my first one within the Beauty community and I’ve never felt so much love and kindness pouring towards me. What an honour it was to see all comments on Instagram and to receive love from brands I do collaborations with. I felt so blessed!

Dermalogica sent me a birthday gift. The feeling when you open a package with a handwritten card is extraordinary. It goes straight to your heart. Thank you, dear Team for your act of kindness and love.

Inside the package was a Selfie prep pack containing Dermalogica’s three amazing primers. One of them, a new release to the market!

There are very few primers, in my opinion, worthy of their name. I seldom have good luck with primers and can only name about five of them, that I think is doing a good job. I’ve tested out so many as I’m in desperate need of priming and prepping my face and I need to layer them for different purposes. It’s kind of a bold move of Dermalogica to send me three primers in one go. To the woman who slay these products on a weekly basis lol.

I had the chance of testing them out briefly on an event earlier this spring (I will have a review coming up on that product launch soon) and one of these primers is already sitting in my private collection. let’s start with that one:

Skinperfect Primer: is a part of the AGE Smart® series, which my skin absolutely loves. This is quite a regular primer but with a broad spectrum protection and SPF30. I always need to carry sun protection and I like it to be sitting in my primer, close to the skin. This primer combines a small portion of silicones with Soy Protein for that smooth, velvety feeling. The skin texture enhances and it works so well to apply makeup on. I can personally attest to that after using it under BB-creams, liquid foundations and creamy compact foundations. It’s important to press it into the skin, not rub, as you don’t want any of the silicone to start pealing in your foundation. A lot of people seem to miss this step.

The primer holds some Pearl powder to add a natural tint to the face and make it appear more radiant and luminous. I think that it can be worn all of its own if you have almost clear skin but wants to prep it a bit. It also holds a powerful peptide, named Arginine/Lysine Polypeptide which acts as a sugar trap and as such support the skin’s firmness. It is an all-round primer that does what it claims. A staple of mine and very little goes a long way. For me, it works best on my forehead and cheeks.

NEW to the range is the Hydrablur™primer. The name kind of says it all: deep hydration and a blurring effect! I’ve been dying to try this ever since the beginning of 2016 when it started to leak on social media. I have enlarged pores around my nose and I’m always dehydrated, no matter how much I drink. That’s just the nature of my skin. When I wear contacts instead of glasses, it feels like those pores are sitting in my face for every foundation to gather in. I need to use a primer and prefer one for this area without silicones.

Hydrablur™ primer is super lightweight and really make a good job of blurring out imperfections and fine lines. It is supposed to have a mattifying effect so I will test it out on my eyelids as well, where I need some good oil control. It is jam-packed with hydrating properties like glycerin, silica, fruit extracts and fruit oils. I have only used it once but I was very happy with how it kept the foundation from going patchy. It’s giving me that extra boost of hydration. This is, in my opinion a very successful addition to the Dermalogica range as it is not like other primers I’ve tried from high-end cosmetic brands. I’m very happy with the results and will for sure repurchase it when I’ve finished this tube.

The last primer in my gift package pretty much swept me of my feet! I can’t understand why I’ve never tried the Redness Relief Primer before?

This is me: sensitive skin along the jawline and chin with hormonal acne that comes and goes. The bumps leaves some pigmentation marks and I always need to shield them with sun-block. This part of my face looks red and “disturbed”; it is not in balance and the main reason why I don’t enjoy showing my face without at least some tinted moisturiser.

This is the primer: broad spectrum sun protection with SPF20, thank you for that! Developed for sensitive skin to sooth and conditioning the skin. It is light and completely transparent, leaving no trace behind. As a part of Dermalogica’s UltraCalming™ series, from which I own some products and most recently the UltraCalming mist which I reviewed here, it is just perfect for my needs!

As these where a private birthday gift, I’m not sure if Dermalogica Middle East expected me to review them but they are just too god not to share. I think primers matters; just as the skincare routine they form the base, the canvas on what we apply makeup to. A bad base will most certainly ruin a good makeup. It feels about time I will be able to add some decent primers to my list, even though the Skinperfect Primer was already there.

They are all formulated without fragrance, added colour or parabens and I urge all my male skincare-junkies to also test them out. Smooth, hydrated and blurred skin is absolutley not only reserved for us ladies ♥

  1. Thank you for your review and introduction to Dermalogica, brand I’ve never heard before.

    I would like to wish you again Happy Birthday and really liked the first part when you are writing that you always have been an “old soul”. I feel identified with yourself.

    One more time…thank you.

    Mar Preisler

    1. My wonderful Mar! I found your comment!! Thank you so much for your kind words, it is so lovely to connect with you and to get the chance to know you more and more. Yes, the old soul never rest, I’m not at all stressed about getting older or even looking older. There are some things we can do with skincare, but other than that I’m going to enjoy the process <3 Kisses, M

  2. What are the odds we are exactly the same age I turned 34 too and it’s fabulous my friend the best days of our life are yet to come.
    You are truly my tribe beautiful soul. Have an amazing birthday Month 💕 And about Dermalogica what can I say it’s divine all round 👌

    1. My love! That’s freaking amazing! You are the twin-sis I always wanted, and with your beauty and truly positive spirit I couldn’t ask for a better friend and sister. Happy Bday Month to US (and Kelly and Katie). Love love <3

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