UltraCalming friend for UltraCalming days

Dermalogica always do things a little better. Take those extra steps to make everyone involved with the brand to feel seen and cared for. As a customer, I’ve never had a product I didn’t enjoy, but then again the range is so extensive I’ve “only” tried about 12 of them!

During last month’s luncheon to celebrate International Women’s Day, we were a happy bunch of influencers, editors and bloggers invited. It was such a happy and positive experience, great food and the feeling of just being women in the same field coming together and getting along! Sometimes, that’s not always the case and especially not in business.

The remarkable team behind Dermalogica Middle East had put together some personalised gifts for us (I love it when the company actually knows the condition of your skin!) and in my package were the UltraCalming™Mist.

This is so on spot I was impressed. My sensitive parts of the face, my lack of hydration, the discomfort one can feel after spending a full day in the city-environment. And oh, did I mention my love for everything that spritz!?

Let’s have a little look at this product shall we?

Claims: as part of the UltraCalming™series, this product is especially developed to sooth and restore the skin. It is said to interrupt inflammatory triggers and work as a prepping shield for the skin.

How can it do this? The mist includes Oat that has a proven effect on inflammatory stages in the skin. With Aloe it sooth, prevents redness and assist with finding the moisture balance of our complexion ( the very fine mist comes in a rich shower for a wonderful, hydrating sensation).

Inside this interesting product is also Leuconostoc (from Beeth root ferment filtrate). This bacteria is well known to be found in dairy and other foods as it holds the ability to produce Lactic Acid! This we all love. (If I see “fermented” in an INCI list I’m sure I will like it).

How do I like to use it? This mist is my go to after workout or power walks! When I get sweaty and hot, I feel bacterias coming my way and the sensitive parts of my jawline and forehead gets easily congested. I use a great cleaner to remove all grit and then, pre-cleanse, spray this product all over my face and décolletage. The soothing and calming effect is immediate and I have really felt my skin bounce back from being dehydrated. Together with drinking a lot of water, it gives that extra something! I believe it so assist my skin to soak up additional products coming, like a serum and cream. This is not a spritz I would use just to freshen up on to of makeup, or as a setting spray. Quite frankly, I find it to expensive for that, haha.

I can absolutely recommend the mist if you’ve got sensitive, dehydrated skin and like to freshen up this way. I will most definitely repurchase it to be prepared for the incoming super hot months in Dubai. ♥


Thank you Dermalogica Middle East. You are a class act! 

  1. Great review! I agree with you, they really are a great brand. I’ve tried a few products from them and sometimes my facialist uses Dermalogica as part of my facial, but I have not tried the mist yet. I have dry, sensitive skin and am a huge fan of mists. Plus with the hot and humid summer around the corner, a face mist is something I reach for often. After reading your review, I’ll definitely give this one a go. Thank you!
    ~ Cat L.

    1. Hello lovely Cat! I’m so happy to see you comment in here, such a lovely thing to greet me in the morning! Yes Dermalogica is a steady brand, what you see is what you get! I like that but also the fact they are doing great work to support women to start business and be free. Jane, the founder, has a great influence on me. Love from Dubai, M

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