Under the Mistletoe with LUSH Cosmetics

A couple of weeks ago, I had my sister visiting me here in Dubai – smack in the middle of Event Season. I must admit that the visit was what I needed the most but the timing wasn’t all that clever LOL.

Anyway, it was quite a lovely change to be able to bring family to an event, and when LUSH Cosmetics Middle East opened their new Flagship Store in Dubai, located at City Walk Phase 1, we decided to stop by to check things out.

I have a great relationship with LUSH as a brand and remember when I first started using their products, my father (who is allergic and a bit sensitive to scents) always needed to wait like a block away from the store to be able to breath! That’s the way I will always connect with LUSH, through my nose.

If you are a part of this beauty community, I know that you already know everything there is to know about this brand, but for any new visitor what you basically need to know is that all products are handmade and without synthetic preservatives. I believe that many of my friends who are vegetarians enjoy the fact that the brand is strictly Vegetarian (a lot of the products are even marked Vegan) and not only do they refrain from using products or companies that test on animals or humans, they are also actively fighting animal testing. It’s a really good thing, if you as a consumer feel the need to only use beauty that falls under these categories.

The new store then: those of you following @thatluxuriousfeeling on Instagram could see some videos and I got so excited while shopping away, that I forgot to take a lot of pictures! Beauty-Editor-brainfail.

The store is large and holds two new elements: a hair consultation room which can get locked up for privacy while you as a customer get to have a full analysis of your hair and scalp in order to be able to pick the right products for you. I loved this idea and to be honest, I’ve never tried any of the hair-treatment products before so I must come back on a day when the store is not that busy and try it out!

The other new area is dedicated to what LUSH calls the Gorilla Perfume. This part is not for me. Maybe I’m way to peculiar when it comes to scent and fragrances, but I didn’t feel that this experience gave me anything special. Instead, I focused on the BEST part of the store: the huge section dedicated to skincare. It was amazing to be able to show my sister around and tell her about LUSH skincare range as it is, in my humble opinion, quite fabulous! Their face mist is a holy grail product for many skincare junkies out there, and the freshly made face-masks might be something that everyone should try! I swear by them and know that the ingredients are always top of the line for my delicate skin.

The store is, as always with LUSH, amazing, but I’m wondering about the location? I’ve always loved the store in The Dubai Mall for it’s easy access (and lovely staff!). This store is not located together with the other shopping destinations at City Walk Phase 2 and therefore lack easy access to underground parking. It will be interesting to see if all LUSH-fans will find their way to the new store?

While we were at the opening event, we got to take a look at 2016’s Halloween and Christmas Collections. I always think that these are the cutest gifts of all! With us home, we got a wonderful package holding the Christmas Collection and I can tell you this: half of it went straight into my sister’s suitcase!

Let me present the collection and some of my thoughts:

First up, the small but amazing Sugar Plum Fairy – Lip scrub. Yes you’ve seen the original version here on the site before, as I’m never without it. It is crucial for me to regularly scrub my lips to get rid of flakiness and dry patches. My lips are not easy to keep hydrated and smooth and I need to exfoliate in order to be able to wear lipstick at all. These scrubs are my all time favourites, they work great and the price point is perfect. Not only do they exfoliate, as they hold Organic Jojoba oil and Sweet Wild Orange oil they immediately helps my lips to stay plump and hydrated, well conditioned. The lip scrub is Vegan and such a cute little gift for someone you care about.

The Rub Rub Rub – Shower Scrub continues my scrub-theme. We do like to exfoliate, don’t we? With floral Jasmine,  Sea salt and fresh Lemon juice it awakes the skin and I feel that the scent is calming and soothing. Maybe it’s just me, but I do have a thing for the cute, small black jars that all products come in. Now, this product works very well and feels great after workout, but I shall mention that it also holds SLS as the second listed ingredient, which kind of surprised me.

I must add though, HUGE thumbs up to LUSH for always disclosing their full INCI-list! Even with our wonderful gift package, all products and their ingredients were listed in a smart pamphlet.

In the background, you can see the Fairy Dust – Dusting Powder. This probably represent the only thing I don’t like with LUSH: their love for adding glitter to products. Sure, it looks pretty but I don’t want to take a bath and come up from it looking like a disco bowl – and the same goes with adding super glittery dust all over my body. This is a no no for me and sadly I couldn’t even get my sister to take it off my hands, hihi. I’m sure I will find some friend’s children who will appreciate this product much more than I did. 😉

Let’s take a look at my favourites then! My number one must have from the 2016 Christmas Collection is without a doubt the Shooting Stars – Soap Bar. Yes, you all know the drill: handmade and gorgeous, cut the size you want and weigh it like a block of cheese. IT IS entertaining to shop, but even more so to use! I don’t even know where to start here…the scent maybe? This little beauty holds Star Fruit Puree, Lime and Bergamot. You are immediately transferred to a luxurious SPA where the citrusy and zesty notes just makes you feel comfortable and fresh. Here you get a soap without any SLS and with a bunch of beautiful, nourishing oils for the skin, such as Rapseed Oil, Coconut Oil and Sicilian Lime Oil.  It is absolutely impossible not to love this soap and it is not gender specific! These beauties are also Vegan and I highly recommend you to get one for your shower!

The Snow Fairy – Body Conditioner is Vegan as well, and I can’t say much about it, as it landed in that suitcase before I could use it! It’s fair game though, as back home in Scandinavia, my sister will be getting snow and dry cold air. She needs a gorgeous body conditioner jam packed with Avocado- and Mango Butter. Don’t mistake this for a body lotion! It is a rinse-off product made to protect and keep your skin smooth and hydrated. I think it will come in handy for Sis during these winter months hahaha. (Yeah, I’m teasing her, sitting here looking at our Palm Trees).

The last product from the collection that I got was the Twilight – Shower Gel. It is filled with Lavender up to the point where I can’t use it as I do have a sensitivity when it gets too concentrated, and the first listed ingredient is SLS, which I try my best to avoid if possible. I suspect this product won’t be the most used in our home but the scent is lovely and if you enjoy lavender then I’m sure you’ll like this one!

I think it is great with all the limited edition Xmas16 collections that are dropping in. As a huge lover of everything Festive Season related, I must say I’m in 7th heaven – and it’s only started. Let me know if you have tried the new collections by LUSH and how you like the products? ♥


Products provided for review consideration 
  1. I love Lush and I can’t leave the store without buying something. I’m a big fan of their fresh masks and bathbombs (of course). Thank you for this interesting post.
    Désirée (stunnydesi_loves on IG)

    1. Hello there Desiree! It’s so lovely to see you leave a mark (or actually two!) here on the site as well. THANK YOU. Yes Lush is amazing as long as you (in my opinion) stay away from the glitter and heavily scented range! The skincare is amazingly smooth and fresh. Kisses from Dubai, M

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