Unisex beauty: BY TERRY Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder

I’m a firm believer that being interested in beauty products is a unisex deal. I have very few male friends (or readers) who doesn’t like a high quality product for their skin, hair, beard or as a fragrance. The same goes with makeup. In an industry where some of the most talented Professional MUAs are males, it would be ignorant to think that makeup products doesn’t appeal to men. They do.

Lately, I’ve seen an increasing demand on my site for products that makes your skin look like youbut better. I’ve noticed that both female and male readers comment frequently over at Instagram whenever I discuss products that blurs fine lines, help reduce the visible appearance of enlarge pores, covers pimples, dark spots or tired dark under-eye areas and so on. Maybe makeup doesn’t even have to be about color to you, but about those products aimed to make your skin look and feel healthier?

Enter: Terry de Gunzburg. Somewhat of an icon in the industry, with a career spanning over decades, she was responsible for the former YSL colour range before 1998 when she decided to open up her own lab. The eponymous brand BY TERRY was born and consumers got a whole new range of beauty with the focus on healthy skin. 

I’ll come out and say this: I have a love-hate kind of relationship with the brand. On the love-side I’ve never actually tried a BY TERRY product that I didn’t enjoy. Quite the opposite: some of them are my most re-purchased items – and they are not cheap. The negative part comes with how the brand has been acting here in the region. For a long time they where available at some not so high-end stores but the counters always lacked of stock and you could simply forget about ever finding any of the latest collections of launches. Then suddenly, they disappeared from the scene!

Now, they are miraculously back at luxury department stores such as Robinsons and Harvey Nichols and also available online at ounass.com which I applaud but still, the information around the brand is next to nothing and while doing my research for this article; no one could tell me who is responsible for the brand’s PR or marketing?

Let’s just say it like this: my LOVE for BY TERRY is not influenced by clever marketing hahaha.

Now, let me present to you one of my most used, recommended and loved product ever: the BY TERRY Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder.

This is so much more than your average setting powder. It is a multi-functional wizard! In a world where everyone seem to add filters on their selfies, this beautiful translucent loose powder is created to do the job for you. No filters needed!

First: as a woman of colour I’m completely fed up about brand’s claiming their loose powders to be translucent. Almost all I’ve ever tried (there are exceptions to the rule) ends up adding a grey cast to my skin, making me look ashy and dull.

BY TERRY has done it right: this is a completely colourless super finely milled loose powder that just evaporates when you apply it! Poof!

The powder is said to create a “soft-focus blurring effect” to your skin, effectively working on those fine lines and making your skin appear more even. How is this possible?

Well, as you can tell by the name, that the product (which to be honest holds a fairly simple INCI-list) contain two ingredients to focus on:

  • Hyaluronic Microspheres: we all know that this ingredient is the star when it comes to attract and retain moisture (water) from the air and draw it into our skin. What happens is that the molecules doesn’t only help to hydrate your skin, but they work as a natural filler to fill out those fine lines from within. Now, We also know that these microspheres can attract moisture from the deeper layer of your skin, which we don’t want to. Therefore, the product also holds overnight transformative properties to protect cellular hydration. Yes, you can actually use this powder over night! 
  • Silica Micro beads: while some doesn’t like to add silica to their skin, the fact is that it is highly efficient at keeping shine at bay and leaving the skin with a velvety-matte finish that looks equally flattering on males and females.

Now, as we do know how to use a regular setting powder, I’m not getting myself into that, but I will say this: do not bake with this product! It is way too light-weight and quite frankly, way to expensive for your to brush it off like that!

What I will talk about is the fact that this powder is designed to also be used as a blurring primer. This is where it gets really interesting. Yes, you can apply it on top of your moisturiser and under your foundation to boost it’s effect. The closer to the skin, the better! And (this is especially for all my male readers) BY TERRY suggest that you use it on top of your moisturiser to seal your skincare routine with a blurring and plumping effect even if you don’t wear any face makeup! As we all know: gentlemen also struggle with shiny skin, enlarged pores and fine lines. This is a way of getting a multi-functional product that smooths, blots and hydrates your skin, all day long.

As Terry de Gunzburg has always been all about how we can enhance the skin, not cover it up, I can’t recommend the Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder enough. I works well for all skin types, I’ve tested it on many friends, but for myself with super dry and dehydrated areas, it is truly a life saver as it prevent products from sticking to those areas and creating a patchy canvas.

It is, as mentioned, a quite pricey product and if I could have one wish; it would be for the company to update the packaging. This loose powder is beyond finely milled and I’m always scared that the lid will leak product into my makeup bag. I think we all know that this issue is applicable on pretty much all brands with loose powder products?

I am on my third jar – it is obvious that this product won’t be leaving my collection or daily routine anytime soon. Just sayin’ ♥

  1. As always your article is beautifully written and very informative not only about the product it’s self but all the other little things that matter too, marketing, ethics etc. You are very thorough and meticulous in everything you write but it’s never dry and dusty to read for someone like me, who knows nothing about these products you write about so loquaciously, and at times you have me laughing out loud with your humour!

    1. Dave, I love you fore being such an amazing friend, source of inspiration and sometimes my therapist! I wish I had your wonderful way of playing with word. Thank you again for this beautiful and kind comment. I treasure it. Kisses, M

    1. Beautiful Rich! Healthy skin is in hahahaha but sometimes I feel like it’s the wrong word you know? Like, if you have a pimple then you’re not a healthy person? Anyway, semantics hahaha. You’ll LOVE ByTerry if you get a chance to try it. I’ve never heard people disliking the products. xoxox, M

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