When Molton Brown decides to Awaken the Cult Icon

When ultra-British company Molton Brown London started their journey; more than thirty years ago, it had little to do with fancy hand washes and candles. In fact, on top of a small hair salon, the brand was born and recognized for their gorgeous and fragrant hair care products. The range is still very much present on their website or whenever you walk into any of their eye-catching shops but it is not what people associate Molton Brown with anymore.

Quite quickly, they started to make their now so famous liquid hand soaps – then designed exclusively for Grosvenor House, Mayfair London – to sit in all the guest suites. Their now iconic fragrance Orange & Bergamot was then called Bubbling Orange Grove; then later on renamed Naran Ji. I’ve always only known the range as Orange & Bergamot and even though it is the brand’s most classic blend, it is still one of my personal favourites.

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Originally created by prstigeous English Fragrance House CPL Aromas, their master perfumer Michael Pickthall designed a zesty and sparkling collection which immediately became a hit. With it’s beautifully designed bottles, people wanted to be able to enjoy the Molton Brown luxury in the privacy of their own bathrooms, not only when staying at hotels.

Today, the new master perfumer of CPL Aromas, Beverley Bayne has been assigned to relaunch the Bergamot & Orange range but awakening a cult icon and try to modernise its touch. There are several products in the range (I would definitely recommend you to look into the Bath Oil and Body Polisher) but I’ve got two of the others to focus on. First up, the New Orange & Bergamot Eau de Toilette. 

Not many people seem to register the fact that Molton Brown makes excellent perfumes with very high quality and an affordable price tag. This is my third bottle in the collection and I truly enjoy using them. The thing is, that like with the other two, this perfume is fresh and wearable without being light and tame.

Definitely part of the citrus family (chocker) Beverley Bayne has said that she wanted to keep the core of the fragrance blend but add some new, contemporary ingredients such as blossoming neroli and bright amber. 

The perfume as well as the other products in the new range follow the same composition: at the top you’re greeted with orange, bergamot and sweet orange mandarin. It starts out very citrusy. Then, as the perfume start to settle on your skin, the heart of neroli, cardamom, petitgrain and galbanum makes you explore a round, warm almost sweet counterpoint to all the juicy citrus notes. It gives the scent much more weight and gives it a unisex touch. Not too light, but fresh and gentle.

At the base of the blend there are some fine notes of musk, ylang ylang and cedarwood which made my husband show interest in the blend. We both very much enjoy the mix. You can still recognize the classic icon but appreciate the new touch.

The glass bottles are housed in the most beautiful bright yellow box decorated with the Molton Brown sigil.  I must admit I have a soft spot for all Molton Brown packaging and bottle designs as they are like looking at candy with their tempting colour palette.

Then onto my personal favourite of the entire range: the New Orange & Bergamot Radiant Body Oil. 

MY goodness, what to say other than that you all know how I love my oils. I swear by them and think you should care for the sin on your body the way you do for your face. I try to, I’m still learning to find body products that are not too rich, wet or sticky. Ain’t got time for that!

There’s no point in repeating the fragrant ingredients used to make this blend sparkle. What makes this my top pick from the collection is the fact that it is a dry oil that sink into your skin within seconds but leaves the most radiant and lush result. No residue in the palm of my hands or stains on my clothes and I use it in the tiniest amount. Made with only the finest ingredients to moisturise your skin, such as corn oil, sesame seed oil and my favourite grape seed oil you’ll get a body product free from anything nasty. I love using it at night, after my bath, and although it is described to smell like the royal courtyards of Seville (Sevillian neroli) I still find the sparkling, happy fragrance calming to sleep in. I much more prefer this blend than anything with lavender for a good night’s sleep.

I’m well aware that some might not enjoy the heavy luxurious glass bottle as it can break easily in a bathroom environment if you slip, but I simply adores it. It makes it feel ten times more fabulous and luscious to use. As Molton Brown actually holds the seal of approval from the Majesty the Queen to supply toiletries to the Royal Households, I kind of like the idea that maybe, at the same time as I’m enjoying the new body oil, Her Majesty the Queen might do the same. It absolutely adds to that luxurious feeling. ♥

    1. Amazing L, that’s such a great idea! I’m gonna steal it right here 🙂 It is sparkly and super fresh. Love from Dubai, xoxox, M

  1. Always love Molton Brown but this new body oil sounds absolutely HEAVENLY! Will definitely be looking out for this one at Molton Brown counters in Seoul! Fingers crossed they have this…

    1. Beautiful Lisa! There are two new body oils launched from the brand, the second one with an Oud accord. I absolutely love this one though, with citrus and flowery notes. Amazing for summer! KISSES, M

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