Skin Type & Condition

All my statements regarding brands and/or products used by me on my skin are strictly personal opinions and for you as a reader it might be beneficial to know some basic Complexion facts about me:

Skin Type

My skin is olive-to-dark tone depending on how tanned I am. Although my T-zone is combination-to-oily the rest of my face is more on the combination but still sensitive side. (Yes, quite a mess!). Some large pores around the nose are also giving me grief. I’m 33 years young with small fine lines around the eyes and over my lips.

Skin Condition

I’m prone to light acne and suffer from hyper pigmentation on my forehead. As not completely unheard of; even though I have oily parts of my face, I would consider my face and lips to be dehydrated. AC and hot climate is not exactly helping out.


Long, dark-brown hair, coloured to fight some grey hairs, thick and in good condition. My scalp may from time to time be a bit dry and itchy. No perm or extensions. Just me!