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Hey Guys! As we are all looking at the AW16 collections that are hitting the counters right about now, while also starting to get the first press releases for the Xmas collections ( I know, it’s crazy) I for one feel that it is crucial to create some kind of budget for the months to come. Spending time on IG and in this world of blogs and editorial material, one gets carried away so easily – we want it all. I can’t, first of all because I’m not made out of money and secondly because if I purchase every collection that I like, my husband and the cat would have to live on the street as the makeup would occupy the whole apartment!

My thoughts for investment for AW16 will most probably be fragrances and makeup brushes.

Let’s talk about the last category. I’m a creature of habit, if I like a brand I stick to it. I enjoy collecting a full collection as it looks good sitting on the vanity and I feel comfortable recognising the handles and quality.

Basically, I only use three brands for my brush kit:

  • M.A.C.

Very sleek and simple. High end but obviously there are even higher alternative to reach for. I Don’t like cheap brushes as I think with all tools you get the result they have been made to deliver. Painting with makeup is a delicate task and having great brushes helps you along the way.

When I apply foundation in liquid or cream form, these two brushes, both by CHANEL are my go to friends. I never use any other. I do own some beauty blenders but use them more to go over the final result or to add concealer. I love the work they do, but think they absorb way to much product into the sponge and as I only use high-end foundations, that’s not very cost efficient.

I bought my first CHANEL Pinceau Fond de Teint No.6 Back when the company decided to re-vamp their brushes. I didn’t care for their older version of flat foundation brush, but this No.6 was a whole different story. The handle is very comfortable, a bit chubby for a good grip but still sleek enough to create a nice silhouette. The matte, black shade and the single silver print of Chanel and a lonely 6 on the back speaks to me. It’s classy and understated.

The brush itself, with its pinched grip seems to be flat, but when you look at it in profile, it is actually rather thick and built up with three different layers of bristle. The closer the handle, the more stiff the brush goes. The tip, however, with its pointed nose is perfect for reaching the areas around my nose and inner corner of the eye. Even if it is a flat brush, it allows me to stipple with it.

All the bristles in this brush are synthetic which I recommend for liquid products. It washes really well and as I keep my brushes clean by washing them at least once a week, they hold their shape and form as if they where new.

In this picture lies the brush I’ve had for several years, together with the one that I recently purchased. Can you tell the difference?

Then, about a year ago when CHANEL released their new Les Beiges Foundation they surprised us all with yet another foundation brush! For us here, it was almost impossible to get hold of, I have no idea if it is available in the UAE at all, but I had my husband to pick it up while he was traveling to Kuala Lumpur!

Introducing Pinceau Teint 2 en 1; Fluide et Poudre No.8.

I am completely in love with this brush. First of all, the bristles are so densely packed, I feel that the product stays on top of the brushes surface. Secondly, the tapered shade and cut makes it perfect for both stippling and swirling motions. As the bristles are quite short, The connection with the handle (also matte and pitch black) is really good and I prefer to use it with liquid foundations over creamy ones.

Now, I sometimes hear people complain that all foundation brushes gives somewhat of a streaky effect. I heard Matthew Tyler, International Educations Director of Tom Ford Beauty addressing this “issue” and he claimed that yes, the streaks will always be there, but they tell us if we are over-using the amount of product! He showed us that often with foundation less is more and if you work from the centre of the face with a small amount of product, you won’t risk that much of a streak. If you then use the product to build up the coverage, it gets thicker, more streaks appears but they are easy to fix just my going over the whole face in circular motions with a kabuki-brush! And well, of course we all do that, as it evens out the foundation and gets hold of all the excess product that our skin simply don’t need.

Easy fix!

As the name suggests, this brush is designed to work for both foundation and powder. The website doesn’t reveal wether that is powder, cream or liquid powder but either way, I have never tried it for this purpose. For cream and liquid powders I always prefer the use of my own fingers as I want the heat to melt the products and push them into the skin. For powder formulas I would never use any other brush than the SUQQU cheek brush!

But I need to step it up a bit, and I have decided to start investing in a new collection of brushes. The choice is between Artis and Tom Ford. I know there are so many other brands to consider, but there two are those that appeal to me. Obviously, they are different as day and night as I need your assistance in telling me your experience with them both. I already own the Shade & Illuminate TF brush and it is just amazing and whenever I have my makeup done by Ruel, regional MUA for the brand, I just purr when I feel the brushes to my skin.

Please leave some comments here, or over at Instagram @thatluxuriousfeeling. I need all the help I can get, in order to make an informed decision ♥

    1. Wonderful Kédidja: yes I could imagine that you are using Chanel brushes hahaha. It’s not that I NEED new brushes, but it’s been a while since I explored and new qualities and techniques are coming out as the products gets more and more advanced. I want to see how to make the most of my foundations. Right now I’m leaning on trying the Artis brushes. Kisses sweetie, have a great weekend! M

  1. Wonderful review and for me very much appreciate information as I currently looking more deeply into makeup lineup and obviously brushes.

    I am sorry I cannot help you at the moment, maybe next year my knowledge and experience will improve, who knows.

    As I told you over IG, I’m following very closely all the opinions and really am learning so much.

    TF brushes are on my radar right now but with a lot of control as I don’t want my husband and Bhalu sleeping on the street.

    Warm regards,

    1. Gorgeous friend hahahaha nooo you need to be kind to Husband and Bhalu! I’ve seen you extending your skincare collection in a way now, that I’m wondering which bank you’ve robbed LOL. I think it’s hard because our community holds So much amazing information BUT instagram can also be misleading as some items become “status-must-haves” without really being worth the hype. We will do skype and see what we can come up with! Kisses M

  2. I am actually lacking on the Chanel make up brush front but have plenty Chanel makeup! You have made me want to look at them closer now as I am all for good brushes that are equally as special as the make up that goes onto them! Makes sense. Kelly xx

    1. My beautiful Kelly! I love it when you leave comments. I have some issues with commenting on other blogs but I read is all; just so you know!! The CHANEL brushes were my first “luxury”-brushes and I have collected them for years. Some of them I have in duplicates or even triplicates and the small travel brush sets that comes around Xmas, I keep as “guest-brushes” for when I have someone over and don’t want to use my own brushes (bacterias) on another face! Works great :). I hope you are going to like them, the look is so sleek and lush. Kisses!!! xoxo

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