Fix it up with ESSIE this Valentine’s Day

YES. I’m painfully aware that Valentine’s Day may just be yet another fake holiday made up to boost the consumerism. “Love should be celebrated every day of the year”….and all that shebang. Well, I disagree. Sure, show your love for your partner, family and friends on a daily basis, but My God; spend one little day of the year to light up someone else’s life! Just do it and be happy and thankful for the one(s) you’ve got to celebrate!

February 14th isn’t blocked for couples only, you know. Make a little effort and you’ll see that the smile will revert back to you.

This year, ESSIE have released one of their highly sought after Valentine’s Day Collections – of course a limited edition line made out of six alluring shades: five shimmery and one matte cream colour.

The collection is inspired by a Gilded Goddess and her quest for love. To quote ESSIE: “Love is a battlefield! Armor up with the new Limited Edition Valentine’s Day 2021 collection”. Although the inspiration behind the collection or the communication around it doesn’t impress me (hey, why does it have to be a goddess searching for love? Men like love too) the shade range definitely speaks to my heart!

My weird way of wearing nail polish comes straight from years living in Dubai where I had to be “business” during meetings and prepared to hang by the pool on all other occasions. I always opted for a strong statement-colour on my toes and something more sophisticated on my hands. Seldom have anyone seen me in a red or black manicure, even though it looks so glam on others.

For the Valentine’s Day 2021 collection, I wanted to get all six shades! They are straight up gorgeous. I have never been into the super matte polish-trend. I love my nails glossy and shimmering. ESSIE sure delivered.

For manicure, I opted on two different choices:

Glow and Arrow: this is my absolute favourite! A cold-toned, quite sheer polish with cool pinky lilac undertones and a multidimensional pearl on top it just makes it understated but pretty. I was thrilled to see it as I used to own a similar shade by YSL before they decided to discontinue it. Glow and Arrow can be worn as it is with two coats, or as a top coat over a more colourful polish. I prefer the first alternative.

• Heart of Gold: a taupe rose gold (almost a warm shade) with an added cold-toned silver pearl finish. To my somewhat darker skin tone it matches perfectly. I may assume that it might be a bit challenging to wear if you have fair-toned skin. It is discreet but might look a bit meh without a little help. I picked it because it goes well tighter with a lot of my jewellery.

For my pedicure, I had a hard time deciding on one color. The collection also features a truly smashing bright coral; perfect for poolside gatherings in the sun! My choice for Valentine’s Day 2021?

•  Love is in the Air: ok I admit it. I fell as much for the name as the color. It reflects my current state of mind so perfectly. This deep, sexy and vampy dark plum. shade is all about warm undertones but what I really love about it is that the added complex shimmer goes tone-on-tone pearl! It’s so alluring and female.

I’m always happy with ESSIE and their range of colours. Did you know that they’ve released over a 1000 shades and counting? Now you guys know what nail polishes I’ll be sporting for the weekend. It’s all in the details.

Happy Valentine’s ♥


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